The BEST episodes directed by Yu Harima

The Infamous New Members
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#1 - The Infamous New Members

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 1

Daigo Shigeno, whose father is a professional baseball player who was also active in the major leagues, is in the second year of junior high school. He goes to a private school with Mutsuko Sakura, a childhood friend and teammate from the boys' baseball era. Daigo and Mutsuko belong to the baseball club, but there are only 6 members, and 4 including Mutsuko are girls. In April, when the new first grader is greeted, captain Daigo is eager to recruit new students to make up for the shortage of members. Around that time, at the entrance ceremony, first-year sports-recommended students were all in line ...

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Nice Game!
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#2 - Nice Game!

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 19

A reversal drama of rebirth in Fubayashi, and a powerful batting line in Oonaka that attacks Yayoi who overcomes the failure of the elbow and throws power! The final match between Fubayashi Naka and Oonaka, led by Daigo, will reach a dramatic end. After such a fierce battle, Daigo returned home and exhausted his energy and physical strength. Daigo looks exhausted, but finds a piece of paper on the desk and changes the color of his eyes. It was a memorandum from my father, Goro, who saw the death battle with Oonaka from the stand.

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#3 - Rerise

Tokyo Revengers - Season 1 - Episode 10

While the battle between Toman and Moebius led by their current leader, Hanma Shuji, is raging on, Draken ends up being stabbed by Kiyomasa. Mikey tries to get to Draken who is gravely injured, but Hanma keep getting in his way. Mikey then asks Takemichi to take care of him instead. While they're waiting for an ambulance, Kiyomasa and his thugs get in their way. In order to protect Draken, Takemichi challenges Kiyomasa one on one to settle things with him once and for all.

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Dead or Alive
142 votes

#4 - Dead or Alive

Tokyo Revengers - Season 1 - Episode 20

During the Bloody Halloween, Mikey ended up in a 1v3 fight against Kagetora with his limbs bound. After Kazutora hits him in the head with a pipe, Mikey ends up on his knees. The Valhalla members see this as a chance to finish off the Invincible Mikey and try to get to him. Draken and Takemichi try to save Mikey, but they're too far away. But then, a rather surprising person came to Mikey's aid.

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Lock On!
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#5 - Lock On!

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 21

In Fubayashi, who was hit by a shortage of members again. Daigo called out to Chiyo, Chisato's older sister, who has experience in baseball, but she was easily refused. With the addition of the recommended admission group Short Chiba, we could barely secure the ninth member, but Anita and Chisato did not give up joining Chiyo. One day, Anita sends a meaningful letter to Nishina's shoe box. While expecting (?) Nishina headed to the courtyard after school ...

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180 votes

#6 - Revive

Tokyo Revengers - Season 1 - Episode 7

Takemichi goes back to the past and tries to stop the upcoming conflict between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Moebius, but Mikey and Pah-chin refuse to change their minds. Meanwhile, Osanai barges in with members of Moebius to launch a surprise attack. Pah-chin challenges Osanai to a one-on-one, but Osanai is two years older than him and beats him to a pulp. Despite this, Mikey doesn't interfere and just keeps watching it happen...

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