The BEST episodes directed by Yoshihiko Iwata

Light's Signpost
30 votes

#1 - Light's Signpost

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 8 - Episode 17

Tokoha and Taiyou cardfight each other, with Taiyou wanting to win to get Kazuma back in the tournament. After a long and arduous battle, Taiyou manages to win, thus bringing Kazuma back into the fray and Tokoha once again knocked out.

Dragon of Awakening
1 votes

#2 - Dragon of Awakening

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 8 - Episode 48

In the semi-final, Saori fights coldly with hatred that resembles murderous intent. The dragon is now "awakening" to overcome the cold and smoldering wall of flames and seize the world he seeks.

Inari, First Love, First Change
24 votes

#3 - Inari, First Love, First Change

Inari Kon Kon - Season 1 - Episode 1

Klutzy and shy Kyoto middle-schooler Inari Fushimi can't bring herself to open up to her crush. She stops by the local shrine seeking solace and support, but will what she finds there solve her problems... or just cause new ones?

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The Crimson Mercenary
61 votes

#4 - The Crimson Mercenary

Guin Saga - Season 1 - Episode 3

After the match between Guin and Istavan is postponed, Rinda and Remus are separated by the Count in an attempt to break their spirit. When the Sem launch a night raid on the keep it gives both Guin and Istavan a chance to escape; however, in order to save Rinda, Guin must first face off against Vanon's personal bodyguard and the Black Count himself.

The Red-Haired Woman ~stupid woman~
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#5 - The Red-Haired Woman ~stupid woman~

Saiyuki - Season 3 - Episode 8

At the ikkou's inn of the evening, Gojyo flirts with the waitress, inviting her to drop by their hotel after her shift; but all he gets for his trouble is a smack from Sanzo's harisen. As she hurries off to bring Goku a refill, Gojyo gripes that he can't possibly pick up girls when he's surrounded by these three, and they retort that it's hardly their fault. The guys get downright catty, even Goku, who suggests that he's not nearly as popular with the ladies as he thinks (Hakkai: "Now, now, Goku, let's not tell him the truth."). Gojyo won't hear of it; I'm hot, and that's a fact, he purrs. Sanzo snipes that it'd be interesting to get proof of that 'fact' someday. [ watch out what you wish for, blondie...] ==Gojyo shrugs them off, drops into his seat and tries to light a smoke, but his lighter's not working...and then a hand reaches in with a match to give him a light. He tracks up the arm and his jaw drops: it's a beautiful redhead in white, a stunner by any standards. [I'd put her at just a little older than Gojyo; early 30s, maybe.] --What, she smiles, you don't like matches? ==The hanyou's literally speechless; even Goku stops eating to stare. And at second look we can all see that both her red hair and her wine-red eyes match Gojyo's. They have a drink at the bar, Gojyo looking as smug as the proverbial pussycat; she suggests they go somewhere quieter, and off they go, the beauty wrapped around his arm. ==They really left, comments Goku in surprise. 'That woman's hair...' says Hakkai, and Sanzo confirms that, yes, she too is a Taboo Child. As they walk, we see a youkai duck out of sight. Gojyo remarks that quiet is fine and all, but they're almost to the outskirts of town. She says she prefers places without many people, but Gojyo smells trouble, and scoops the babe over his shoulder. We're surrounded, he tells her, and calls up the shakujou as --you guessed it--armed demons leap in from all directions. Even one-handed, he makes short work of them,

Can't Finish!! A Supernatural Food Fight!?
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#6 - Can't Finish!! A Supernatural Food Fight!?

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 13 - Episode 10

The magical girls visit Miyaji Academy and look for traces of the Cardfight Club that Aichi founded and belonged to. But what they find is Nakagami and friends from the Foodfight Club instead!