The BEST episodes directed by Yon Motskin

Wide Awake
331 votes

#1 - Wide Awake

Saving Hope - Season 2 - Episode 13

Alex is surprised twice in one night – first when she realizes she's been tricked into a blind double date, and again when she has to rush her mystery man to the ER. Meanwhile, Charlie works to help a soldier move past a traumatic experience, and Maggie discovers a patient has a contagious illness that could put her pregnancy at risk.

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True Legacy
345 votes

#2 - True Legacy

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 9 - Episode 12

The owner of a popular food truck is murdered, his body left for his fiancee to discover. What some dismiss as a simple street rivalry leads to a powerful political family who'll do just about anything to maintain their dynasty

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Hollywood Con Queen
45 votes

#3 - Hollywood Con Queen

Generation Hustle - Season 1 - Episode 1

Dreams and deception collide when a brilliant con artist impersonates high-profile Hollywood producers to scam aspiring young artists. After the FBI teams with a dogged investigator to hunt this fraudster across the globe, a twisted tale, reminiscent of classic caper movies, ensues.

Cult of WeWork
29 votes

#4 - Cult of WeWork

Generation Hustle - Season 1 - Episode 5

Is Adam Neumann a brilliant salesman or a greedy false prophet so charismatic that he convinced an entire generation to follow him to the promised land? The last of Silicon Valley’s so-called “unicorns,” WeWork’s extraordinary rise and fall is told through the eyes of some of the multi-billion-dollar company’s earliest disciples.

19 votes

#5 - Baekeland

Generation Hustle - Season 1 - Episode 6

Young, aristocratic billionaire William Baekeland charms his way into an exclusive group of wealthy world travelers – only to disappear with their money. Is he a brilliant imposter who spins fabulous lies and invents fictional personas to con the rich or just a kid who went too far trying to escape his past?