The BEST episodes directed by Yohei Shindo

Always Hold On to Your Trump Cards
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#1 - Always Hold On to Your Trump Cards

Gintama - Season 10 - Episode 19

As Sadaharu fights to quell the rampaging ley lines, the gang puts it all on the line to take down Utsuro.

Jump and Power Creep Go Hand-in-Hand
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#2 - Jump and Power Creep Go Hand-in-Hand

Gintama - Season 10 - Episode 10

Under the leadership of the Kabuki District's Four Devas, the residents are beginning to drive out the enemies inside the town. However, they still have to deal with Ougai, the leader of the Dakini force.

Dun Dun
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#3 - Dun Dun

Gintama - Season 10 - Episode 25

Now back in Edo, Gintoki doesn't know how to face his old friends, and so he decides to try and avoid running into any of them. However, that won't be easy.

Cancer Cell II (2)
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#4 - Cancer Cell II (2)

Cells at Work! - Season 2 - Episode 8

"Stop it, Cancer Cell!" White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) and his comrades confront Cancer Cell, but Regulatory T Cell obstructs their fight against the enemy! Meanwhile, Ordinary Cell, who had risked his life to save lactic acid bacteria, finds himself in the clutches of harmful bacteria! What fate awaits this world and the cells that live in it?

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