The Best Episodes Directed by Victor French


#1 - Secrets

Fame Season 3 - Episode 9

When Dwight shows up to school with severe bruises on his body, Danny appoints himself as Dwight's bodyguard when he, along with the rest of the school, believe Dwight is a victim of bullying. Meanwhile, Miss Grant is not pleased when rumored drug trafficking brings an undercover cop to the School of the Arts, posing as a dance student.

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1 votes
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Ebenezer Sprague

#2 - Ebenezer Sprague

Little House on the Prairie Season 2 - Episode 3

Laura Ingalls is stunned to learn that her amiable fishing friend is none other than Walnut Grove's new banker, miserly Ebenezer Sprague, and heartbroken when he accuses her of becoming his friend to secure a loan for her family.

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111 votes
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The Campout

#3 - The Campout

Little House on the Prairie Season 2 - Episode 9

The Olesons get themselves invited onto the Ingalls family campout, after Nellie complains that it will give Laura and Mary an advantage for the school holiday project of leaf-collecting. The two man bond while fishing and their wives try to improve their relationship, but the children continue to clash. However, when Nellie falls into a river, her later false account of what happened brings out the same Mrs. Oleson. Back at the school. the result of the leaves project gives some satisfaction to Laura and Mary.

star 8.44
94 votes
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The Monster (1)

#4 - The Monster (1)

Highway to Heaven Season 2 - Episode 10

Julian Bradley is a young artist with a facial deformity that is treated badly by the town folks. Julian meets a blind girl named Rachel and they fall in love, but an operation that could restore Rachel's sight may also destroy Julian's hopes for love.

star 8.27
12 votes
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The Monster (2)

#5 - The Monster (2)

Highway to Heaven Season 2 - Episode 11

Scotty must defend Julian after he is accused of assaulting Rachel....and it appears the odds are not in either man's favor.

star 8.12
13 votes
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Dust Child

#6 - Dust Child

Highway to Heaven Season 1 - Episode 11

Family and friends of a Vietnam veteran (James Whitmore Jr.) won't accept his Amerasian daughter.

star 8.04
23 votes
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The Bully Boys

#7 - The Bully Boys

Little House on the Prairie Season 3 - Episode 9

Rev. Alden's pleas to "turn the other cheek" is put to the test when a family of ruffians move to Walnut Grove and cause trouble.

star 8.03
58 votes
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The Election

#8 - The Election

Little House on the Prairie Season 3 - Episode 20

As a prank to make him look foolish, the older boys of Walnut Grove school nominate the object of their practical jokes, gentle Elmer Dobkins, to run for class president against popular Mary Ingalls and wealthy Nellie Oleson. While Mary and Nellie wage their campaigns with promises of popcorn and gum balls, Mr. Dobkins witnesses his son being teased by the older boys and, when he finds out why Elmer was nominated, angrily orders him to pull out of the election. But, when election day comes and the race seems too close to call, a cruel act and children tired of being bullied decide the outcome.

star 7.98
51 votes
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The Wiving

#9 - The Wiving

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 6

Jed Hockett, a farmer, orders his three boys to go to town and return with prospective brides.

star 7.85
13 votes
The Talking Machine

#10 - The Talking Machine

Little House on the Prairie Season 2 - Episode 13

Laura and Nellie are rivals for the affections of a classmate's heart. The two polar opposites are after Jason, the new kid at school who is into inventions. Both of them have crushes on Jason, but Jason - who is into inventions and electricity - only has feelings for Laura...

star 7.83
97 votes
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#11 - Quarantine

Little House on the Prairie Season 3 - Episode 13

Mr. Edwards and Doc Baker help a nearby town with an epidemic case of mountain fever. When Mr. Edwards returns, a quarantine is placed on Walnut Grove. Alicia, Mr. Edward's adopted daughter comes down with the disease. Mr. Edwards tries to help his daughter. Laura, not knowing about the disease, goes to visit Alicia and Mr. Edwards. Laura ends up taking care of the both of them while they recover.

star 7.82
57 votes
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If I Should Wake Before I Die

#12 - If I Should Wake Before I Die

Little House on the Prairie Season 1 - Episode 6

After her friend dies, Miss Amy, an old lady, convinces the Ingalls and Doc Baker to help her stage her own death. Amy thought this was the only way to get her family to come and see her.

star 7.75
149 votes
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One Winged Angels

#13 - One Winged Angels

Highway to Heaven Season 1 - Episode 15

Jonathan has a tough time on this particular assignment. He is supposed to get Libby and earl to fall love with each other but Jonathan runs into one problem before he can accomplish the assignment he falls in love with Libby. Mark tells Jonathan that God may have wanted Jonathan to fall in love again so he wouldn't lose touch with what it's like to be a human being and feel how painful falling in love can be.

star 7.75
23 votes
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#14 - Troublemaker

Little House on the Prairie Season 2 - Episode 17

When Miss Beadle can no longer handle the older students' bullying, she is fired. Her mean-spirited succecssor immediately clashes with Laura, and unfairly blames her for several incidents in the classroom.

star 7.68
65 votes
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Plane Death

#15 - Plane Death

Highway to Heaven Season 1 - Episode 14

Mark hopes that he and Jonathan don't have assignment so they can visit Charlie Down who worked on the police force with Mark. What was supposed to be a happy time with a friend turned into finding out why he went missing for five days. Charlie down worked with border enforcement to try and stop drugs. Mark and Jonathan soon discover where Charlie is they find out that Jack Harm shot Charlie because he found cocaine in a model airplane.

star 7.67
29 votes
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Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind

#16 - Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind

Highway to Heaven Season 2 - Episode 14

Jonathon and Mark are assigned to help UFO watcher Harvey Milsap gain custody of his recently orphaned grandson, Adam. Harvey's across-the-street neighbor Mildred Kelsey, who is furious when Harvey fools with his radio equipment while her soap is on, slowly but surely falls in love with him.

star 7.67
16 votes
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Children's Children

#17 - Children's Children

Highway to Heaven Season 2 - Episode 23

An overzealous TV reporter files a report on a home for teen-age mothers. The report threatens the very existance of the home. Also, a high school senior seeks advice from Jonathan on how to handle his future education, his angry father, and his pregnant girlfriend and unborn son.

star 7.58
10 votes
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Circus Man

#18 - Circus Man

Little House on the Prairie Season 1 - Episode 19

A traveling circusman, O'Hara, comes to Walnut Grove and tries to get everyone to believe he has magic healing powders. However, he is really found out when Mrs. Oleson almost loses her life when she tries his healing powders instead of having an operation.

star 7.52
72 votes
Song of the Wild West

#19 - Song of the Wild West

Highway to Heaven Season 1 - Episode 5

The guys' latest assignment is reunite a broken family. Evelyn Higgins left her husband Tim and baby daughter Sarah in search of a career in music and Tim never forgave her for it, even going as far as telling their daughter that her mother has died. Evelyn had a fairly successful career after changing her name to Patsy Maynard, but guilt and sorrow over her past life have led her to become a lush and a has-been who can only get gigs playing small honkey-tonk bars. She is set to play one such place right outside her old hometown and her daughter eagerly comes to see her, having no idea that the singer is her mother. Sarah shares her mother's love of music and wants to be a professional country singer, against the wishes of her father who fears losing his daughter the same way he lost his wife. Jonathan and Mark go to work in the bar/casino where Patsy sings. Through a little investigative work, Mark discovers that the owner of the place is a crook who is rigging every game. Jonathan fi

star 7.49
36 votes
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Injun Kid

#20 - Injun Kid

Little House on the Prairie Season 3 - Episode 15

Joseph Stokes is the son of a Sioux Indian who moves to Walnut Grove with his widowed mother. They stay with his grandpa, Jeremy. Jeremy doesn't like Joseph because he is embarrassed that his daughter married an Indian. At school, Joseph is being bullied. Jeremy finally accepts Joseph when he sees his grandson face the bullies

star 7.46
55 votes
Child Of Pain

#21 - Child Of Pain

Little House on the Prairie Season 1 - Episode 20

When it is found out that a young boy, Graham, is being beaten by his alcoholic father, John, Caroline takes care of the boy while Charles stays with John to try to get him to stay sober.

star 7.41
95 votes
An Investment in Caring

#22 - An Investment in Caring

Highway to Heaven Season 1 - Episode 22

Jonathan must get neighbors to help Helen keep her home from getting in the hands of corporate developers. Jonathan asks the neighbors to buy some stock and hope that it rises high enough so they to will lose their homes. Also Jonathan tries to get a man that used to work for the developer to make sure that his wife's death will mean something.

star 7.35
19 votes
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That's Our Dad

#23 - That's Our Dad

Highway to Heaven Season 3 - Episode 5

Bill Cassidy is a model TV dad of the hit series, ""That's Our Dad, a show known for its closing (where he ""adopts"" two orphaned children at the end of each show). At least on-screen Cassidy is the model TV dad. Off the set is a little different story. Bill is an egotistical jerk who verbally abuses his co-stars and crew members ... and even the children he was said to have adopted. His off-screen attitude is put to the test when two orphans, who happen to be fans of ""That's Our Dad,"" and especially Bill Cassidy. The two track down Bill and ask if he'd consider adopting them ... especially because they have taken the closing segments to heart. When Bill refuses to speak to them, and later tells them to get lost, the children enlist Jonathan and Mark's help in talking with Bill and setting his attitude straight.

star 7.33
13 votes
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Thoroughbreds (1)

#24 - Thoroughbreds (1)

Highway to Heaven Season 1 - Episode 24

Jonathan and Mark reunite Lizzy MacGill Garth Armstrong (they haven't seen each other since they were kids) Garth is set to marry Elaine who he doesn't like very much because his father wants him to marry someone rich. Lizzy and Garth compete together in a horse competition and find out who is the best horse rider but they also find that they love each other. Garth to finds his daughter's wishes by asking Lizzy to marry him. Only to encounter some trouble ahead.

star 7.20
14 votes
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The Satyr

#25 - The Satyr

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Season 2 - Episode 9

Buck and Twiki come across the survivors of a failed colony, a young widow and her son. The woman tells Buck that the other colonists all fled the planet as the result of a plague. Buck is confused by the woman's refusal to leave the planet despite being repeatedly being menaced by a goat-man named Pangor; but he soon discovers the truth about the plague when he contracts it and begins to turn into a goat-man himself.

star 7.19
72 votes
The Wild Boy (1)

#26 - The Wild Boy (1)

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 6

A traveling side-show comes to Walnut Grove. The main attraction is a wild boy. The wild boy escapes and becomes friends with the Wilders. The boy turns out to be Matthew Roger and the reason he acts wild is become he is given morphine.

star 7.07
93 votes

#27 - Denial

Dallas Season 5 - Episode 14

Jock's death devastates J.R., Ray and Lucy the most. J.R. seeks consolation with Serena but feels very depressed and neglects Ewing Oil business. Bobby takes over most of the operations. Miss Ellie is pressured by family lawyer Harv Smithfield and by Bobby but refuses to allow Jock's will to be read and to have Jock declared legally dead. Sue Ellen meets a new man named Tom. Ray refuses to go into another deal with Punk Anderson. Donna and Ray drift apart because of Donna's success. J.R. tells Sue Ellen he will never let her take John Ross away from him, despite the recent divorce.

star 7.04
22 votes
Bless the Boys in Blue

#28 - Bless the Boys in Blue

Highway to Heaven Season 2 - Episode 3

When Mark wishes that Jonathan be a mortal cop "for just a little while", "The Boss" takes him up on his wish with the result that Jonathan must relinquish his angelic powers...which, considering the dangers of being a police officer, may not be a good idea.

star 6.83
17 votes
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Matt Dillon Must Die

#29 - Matt Dillon Must Die

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 1

A mountain family in an attempt to avenge the death of one of their own capture Matt.

star 6.48
56 votes
The Wild Boy (2)

#30 - The Wild Boy (2)

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 7

Mr. Edwards keeps Matthew at his place, but Nancy Oleson tells on him. A judge comes and rules that Matthew be placed in an institution. Then Mr. Edwards makes a statement that everyone is crazy sometime. He convinces the judge to allow the boy to stay with Mr. Edwards.

star 6.45
61 votes
The Fires of Ignorance

#31 - The Fires of Ignorance

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 17

Henry Decory is a schoolteacher who makes a strong statement for compulsory education for frontier children as a stubborn father feels that books and education are a waste of time and tries to keep his son Tommy out of school.

star 6.45
40 votes
Brides and Grooms

#32 - Brides and Grooms

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 19

Farmer Jed Hackett (Harry Morgan) decides it's time for his three sons marry the women they brought back from Dodge City.

star 6.44
39 votes
The Hiders

#33 - The Hiders

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 15

When a young teenager from a group of squatters decides he can do better than stealing, he changes his ways. But the leader of the squatters will try to manipulate the young man with the people that has treated him the best.

star 6.15
40 votes
Little Lou

#34 - Little Lou

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 5

A tiny circus performer, Lou, decides to look for work in Walnut Grove after his wife dies while giving birth to his baby girl. A prejudice Mrs. Oleson uses her power to make sure that the dwarf doesn't find work. She even threatens Mr. Anderson that she would close her account at the bank if he hired Lou. To keep the infant alive, the dwarf must steal food. Mrs. Oleson decides to press charges when she finds out who stole the food. When Nancy falls in a well, Lou risks his life to save the girl. That's when Mrs. Oleson decides that being small has its advantages and decides to drop all charges.

star 6.08
60 votes
May I Have This Dance?

#35 - May I Have This Dance?

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 21

No longer a mama's boy, Willie announces his engagement and plans to marry his sweetheart. All this upsets his mother greatly, who makes several attempts to get her way.

star 6.03
56 votes
A Child With No Name

#36 - A Child With No Name

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 18

Laura gives birth to a baby boy. The baby is fine and healthy for a while. Then for no apparent reason the baby dies. To ease her mind of the death, she blames Doc Baker for what happened to her baby. Doc's reputation declines so much that he must leave town to find work. Just before Doc Baker leaves, Rose comes down with small pox. Doc must stay quarantined with the Wilders for two weeks. Watching the Doc save Rose's life causes Laura to rethink her attitude about Doc Baker. Laura and the rest of the town convince him to stay on.

star 5.88
62 votes
The Older Brothers

#37 - The Older Brothers

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 14

The Older Brothers is a gang that used to have a notorious reputation. First they hold up Mr. Edwards but end up losing the money. Then they try to get ransom money for Mr. Edwards but that doesn't go very well.

star 5.55
55 votes
Sins Of The Fathers

#38 - Sins Of The Fathers

Little House on the Prairie Season 9 - Episode 13

When Mrs. Carter's mother dies, Sarah Carter's father comes to town. He tries to get the Carters to come with home back to New York. He wants the Carters to have a better life. The Carters tell him that home sweet home is in Walnut Grove. After a while, Sarah's father begins to understand while the Carters feel this way.

star 5.48
56 votes