The Best Episodes Directed by Toshio Kiuchi


#1 - Conclusion

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 48

Surviving a devastating attack from Kouji's Genesis Dragon, Excelics Messiah, Chrono makes one last attack to win the fight. At that moment, Chrono sees a vision of a little dragon, and then Chrono's Depend Card turns into that dragon: Chrono Dran. After finally revealing his name to Chrono, Kouji tells all that he knows to him. He informs Chrono that the Depend Card allows its holder to call a unit from Planet Cray to Earth and manifest itself as that card. Kouji also reveals that there is another person like Kanzaki who already has many Depend Cards to fulfill his own ambitions: Ryuzu Myoujin, a former member of the Vanguard Association and former friend of Chrono's father, Ribe Shindou. After telling Chrono what happened to Ribe, Kouji takes his leave. In the end, Chrono discovers that it was Kouji who had been secretly giving him more Gear Chronicle cards all along.

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Tokoha's Treasure Chest

#2 - Tokoha's Treasure Chest

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 9

While working with Chrono in setting up for a Vanguard tournament for children, Tokoha reunites with a woman named Akane Kiyosu. The two have known each other since their youth and have a sister-like bond, but they have grown distant as time passed. One day, when they were young, Tokoha and Akane buried a time capsule in a park; they both put one present into the capsule that they kept secret from each other to this day. When Tokoha sees that the same park is now undergoing construction, she learns that Chrono had dug up the capsule as part of a quest from Akane, who then takes that capsule. Tokoha later learns and is distraught from the news that Akane has taken a post overseas and will be leaving Japan tomorrow. The next day, during the children's Vanguard tournament, Tokoha resolves to see Akane at the airport and have one more cardfight with her as a farewell gift. As they both recall their memories from the past, Akane reassures Tokoha that her departure is not the end but rather a new beginning. After Tokoha wins the fight, Akane gives her the present that she placed in the time capsule: a gold medal. Akane then leaves, and while on the plane, she opens the gift that Tokoha had left in the capsule: a special card of herself drawn by a young Tokoha.

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Chrono vs. Tokoha

#3 - Chrono vs. Tokoha

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 17

Tokoha puts on a smiling face, but she has grown frustrated and despondent by people referring her as "Mamoru's little sister", having high expectations of her for being related to a pro cardfighter, and not seeing her as an individual. She has also refrained herself from entering competitive tournaments as a result. After finishing a quest with Kumi, Tokoha tries to cheer herself up by getting her favorite croquette bread, but Chrono buys the last batch. So, she challenges him to a fight with the winner acquiring the bread. Chrono inadvertently irks Tokoha when he mentions she is Mamoru's little sister, which causes her to get angry and make a crucial mistake in the battle. He apologizes and explains what he really meant was that he acknowledges Tokoha as a strong fighter like her brother. Despite Chrono winning, he decides to give the bread to Tokoha, who now feels more confident in herself.

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Kouji vs. Mamoru

#4 - Kouji vs. Mamoru

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 24

Mamoru invites Kouji for dinner where they play a game of Vanguard while discussing about Chrono, the incident at the team tournament, and their different beliefs in Vanguard; Mamoru believes in having fun while Kouji is more focused on winning. Meanwhile, with only a week until the regional tournament's entry deadline, Tokoha and Shion help Chrono complete as many quests as possible to gain the necessary amount of points to reach grade 3. However, Chrono ends up missing out on a lot of quests in order to help a young lost boy. All hope seems lost until Mamoru, knowing Chrono's circumstances, creates a special quest, which Chrono, Tokoha, and Shion immediately accept, that will award enough points for Chrono to level up to grade 3.

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Zoo Branch

#5 - Zoo Branch

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 6 - Episode 9

TRY3 and the unlikely team of Naoki, Shingo, and Luna take part in the Zoo Branch's G Quest. The preliminary round of this quest has teams cooking a dish that must have one specific ingredient (pineapple). Teams can search for ingredients in the branch's natural farm, but they must fight guards cosplaying as Megacolony units to obtain them. At the end of the round, TRY3 emerges victorious, meaning that one of their members will face the special guest, Christopher Lo. Before the last fight, Naoki tells TRY3 that the Planet Cray really exists and to ask Kamui for more information. Full of confidence after finding a new goal to achieve, Tokoha fights and defeats Chris in the final match of the quest. However, at the awards ceremony, more Megacolony units appear and say the true G Quest of the Zoo Branch has now just begun.

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Vanguard Girls' Meet

#6 - Vanguard Girls' Meet

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 6 - Episode 16

To help Luna's relationship with Am, Tokoha and Kumi get them together and have a fun day just for the girls. Later on, Tokoha and Am have a cardfight after a disagreement over their favorite food toppings, and Kumi and Luna join in the fight. By the end of the day, Luna and Am's friendship deepens, but Am is reminded of a terrible accident that happened when she was 5 years old.

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GIRS Crisis

#7 - GIRS Crisis

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 6 - Episode 26

Just as Chrono delivers the finishing blow to Kamui, GIRS Crisis commences. By having fighters from all over the world flood the GIRS system with Stride Force and crashing it, Kouji and his companions are able to pinpoint the spot where Stride Force is still being gathered, which is deduced to be Ryuzu's main base of operations. Shortly after the members of TRY3 celebrate their victory over Q4, Kouji informs them that they will soon infiltrate Ryuzu's lab. However, Ryuzu prepares for them...

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Rive and Ryuzu

#8 - Rive and Ryuzu

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 7 - Episode 12

Shin tells Chrono about his past with Rive. Back then, Shin was part of Team Nippon along with Mark Whiting and Rive, who was also the team's mentor. Together, they won the national Vanguard tournament and were invited to the world championship. Around the same time, Rive was also spending time with Ryuzu, which Shin did not like because it was taking time away from training. One day, Shin met Ryuzu and had a cardfight with him; if Shin won, then Ryuzu would not be allowed to see Rive. Although Shin won, Rive still kept meeting with Ryuzu. Eventually, Shin realized the likely reason why Rive kept seeing Ryuzu: they both agreed on and pursued the idea that Vanguard can be used to make the world a better place. Rive tells Shin about the existence of the Gear Chronicle clan and said that it was the key to change the world, which was the last memory Shin had of him.

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Miracle Card

#9 - Miracle Card

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 38

After Team TRY3 is reunited, Kouji informs the trio about how the United Sanctuary Branch uses their harsh training programs to strengthen cardfighters and how these people are participating in them of their own volition. With TRY3 still believing the branch's ways are wrong, Kanzaki decides to fight the team by himself. As Kanzaki makes his counterarguments to TRY3, he reveals that a certain fight he had was what influenced him into becoming the elitist he is today. After mentioning something about a "miracle card" that he encountered, Kanzaki defeats TRY3. Later, it is revealed that Kanzaki's true goal is using the branch's training programs to fulfill the conditions of making that miracle card appear before him again and then claim it.

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Chrono vs. Ryuzu

#10 - Chrono vs. Ryuzu

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 7 - Episode 22

While on his way to face Ryuzu, Chrono comes across Kouji, who is injured from his battle with Ryuzu. After confirming that Chrono Dran returned to Chrono, Kouji urges him to go on. Chrono does so and begins his cardfight against Ryuzu. In this fight, Chrono and Ryuzu both feel all damage inflicted, thus risking their lives in this final showdown.

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Kouji Ibuki

#11 - Kouji Ibuki

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 3

Chrono takes on a quest from someone who wants to fight and test out a new deck. When Chrono goes to the specified meeting place, Vanguard Colosseum, he is greeted by a young man, Kouji Ibuki. He brings Chrono into a special room that is equipped with a Grand Image Reality System (GIRS), which is able to bring Vanguard fights to life through advanced holographic images. Chrono and Kouji engage in a cardfight with Chrono gaining the upper hand early. But Kouji soon reveals his sinister persona by toying with Chrono while exposing his weaknesses, comparing him to a child. Desperate to turn the fight around, Chrono attempts to stride Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon. At the same time, Mystery-flare Dragon begins to appear in the real world, with only children being able to see it. However, the dragon disappears before it could fully emerge. Meanwhile, the GIRS shuts down, thus stopping Chrono and Kouji's fight. Kouji leaves without ever revealing his name to Chrono, who is left feeling completely frustrated.

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