The Best Episodes Directed by Toshimasa Suzuki

A Vow to Kamogawa

#1 - A Vow to Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 7

After Madoka knocks some sense into both of them, Dizelmine and Villagiulo agree to work together to resolve the threat to their planets, announcing their unionship at the Intergalactic Conference. The next day, Dizelmine and Villagiulo settle things with Lan and Muginami before setting off. As the Novumundus crew discuss what caused the Voxes to act on their own, Madoka, Lan and Muginami return to the place where Madoka and Lan made their vow to meet again, this time to make a vow not to use their Voxes as weapons ever again. As Yoko demonstrates a new section of the tablet her team are deciphering, Asteria sees a disturbing vision, revealing to Yoko that she herself was responsible for the tragedy that befell Earth 20,000 years ago. .

star 9.95
59 votes
Kamogawa Balloons

#2 - Kamogawa Balloons

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 8

As Madoka, Lan and Muginami feel someone is watching them, they are told they will have to move out of their storeroom at the request of the Student Council as the Jersey Club isn't an official club. Deciding they should make the club official so they can keep the storeroom, Madoka recruits a first year student named Reiko Miki, although she turns out to be a bit clumsy. Meanwhile, Yoko meets up with Machiko, who tells her to free herself from the Jersey Club she created in the past. The next day, Madoka learns that Reiko joined the Jersey Club as she wants to pilot a robot like the others. Madoka uses the Tanada Night Festival, in which large Vox balloons are inflated, to explain to Reiko that they are no longer using the Voxes to fight and she should think about what would make her happy. To this end, Reiko decides to quit the Jersey Club in favour of starting up a robot club, although the Jersey Club are allowed to keep the storeroom for a bit longer in the end. Meanwhile, as Asteria ponders the contradictions concerning the 20,000 year old tragedy, Moid steals the stone tablet, converting it into a small shape and presenting it to Dizelmine, revealing to him the memoria imprinted on his body.

star 9.95
58 votes
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A White Kamogawa

#3 - A White Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 9

Madoka has her hands full as, on top of her usual Jersey Club requests, she has to sort out her post-graduation plans and organise a party for Kirius and Array, who are to leave for their home planet. Meanwhile as Nomundus investigate the whereabouts of Moid, Asteria tells everyone about her involvement in the 20,000 year old tragedy, revealing her real name to be Maycun, a former queen of Le Garite. After a full day of fulfilling requests, Madoka comes down with a fever. As Lan and Muginami look after her, they worry about how to tell her that they intend to return to their home planets once they graduate. As Madoka recovers and joins in the farewell party, Asteria contacts Villagiulo for information on Moid and comes to realise something about him whilst Dizelmine undergoes a Vox Control Particle Experiment under Moid's suggestion. After Kirius and Array take their leave, the Le Garite fleet suddenly appears above Earth and fallen De Metrio ships land upon Kamogawa.

star 9.95
58 votes
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Betrayal Over The Skies of Kamogawa

#4 - Betrayal Over The Skies of Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 10

As Le Garite ships open fire against De Metrio's forces, Villagiulo decides to confront Dizelmine personally to find out the reason for his betrayal. Meanwhile, as Madoka, Lan and Muginami decide to take up their Voxes once more to investigate, Hiroshi and Yoko see them off. As Izo, Array and Kirius help keep Dizelmine's guards off of Villagiulo, Dizelmine reveals his craft is a new form of Vox and overpowers Villagiulo, who is saved by the arrival of Madoka and the others. As Madoka tries to get an answer out of Dizelmine, his anger heightens and his Vox changes form, firing off a wave of dark energy across Kamogawa, whilst a circle of Rinne flowers appear around the planet. Dizelmine then proceeds to laugh maniacally and crush Villagiulo's cockpit before opening of the skies, causing a mass of darkness to start covering the Earth.

star 9.95
58 votes
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Another Day in Kamogawa

#5 - Another Day in Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 12

Madoka and the others find Dizelmine on the beach, where Yurikano is standing by him. The Rin-ne they are in soon changes as a result of their will changing Dizelmine's heart. As the place soon starts to close up, Madoka insists on taking Yurikano and Dizelmine with her. They soon arrive back in the real world, singing their triumphant Jersey Club anthem which quells the black phenomenom into beautiful flowers which drift off into space. Upon leaving the Rin-ne, Dizelmine ends up as a younger age, much like Asteria did, whilst Yurikano reunites with the KISS members and Moid mysteriously vanishes into thin air. After Madoka graduates from high school, she tells Yoko about what happened ten years ago when Midori saved her from drowning, believing it to be a message from her mother. Meanwhile, the Jersey Club form branches on Le Garite and De Metrio, with Madoka, Lan and Muginami helping out all over the universe.

star 9.95
58 votes
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May This Voice Reach Kamogawa

#6 - May This Voice Reach Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 6

As Madoka and Yurikano wake up and discover they have switched bodies, Muginami ends up taking Yurikano away before an explanation can be made. As Kirius, Izo and Array engage in battle with the Le Garite forces, Lan, Muginami and Yurikano are saved from the crystal anomoly by the arrival of the Vox units, although Midori leaves Yurikano behind after learning it is not really Madoka. As Madoka is forced into an escape pod headed into outer space, Yurikano hijacks a Le Garite Ovid and meets up with Kirius, Izo and Array to fight off Le Garite until Villagiulo and the De Metrio forces arrive. As Lan and Muginami arrive to break up the fight, Madoka inadvertantly activates an emergency broadcast in her pod, in which she broadcasts her deduction that Yurikano is in love with Dizelmine which led her to feel saddened by his fighting with Villagiulo. Just as Madoka is about to drift off into space, Midori manages to rescue her and takes her straight to Dizelmine. Madoka and Yurikano then return to their original bodies, unbeknownst to Dizelmine, who admits his feelings to Yurikano before her. As the truth is brought to light, Yurikano decides to let go of her feelings so that the universe can be safe, before disappearing into the Rin-ne once again, promising to one day meet with Madoka again.

star 9.92
60 votes
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He is Izumi's ♥♥♥!?

#7 - He is Izumi's ♥♥♥!?

He Is My Master Season 1 - Episode 7

After a series of weird events, Izumi gets the chance of a lifetime to become an idol, will she take the opportunity?

star 9.88
58 votes
Beyond the Seas of Kamogawa

#8 - Beyond the Seas of Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 11

As the darkness continues to spread across the earth, Madoka, Lan and Muginami wake up seperated in a strange place similar to where she first met Yurikano. They each come up against a vision of Dizelmine's Vox and fight angrily against it. Meanwhile, Asteria confronts Moid, who reveals he manipulated Dizelmine into opening the Rinne, revealing his motives before receiving a prompt punishment from Yoko. As Madoka sinks into despair over being unable to defeat Dizelmine, she gains encouragement from Midori and is shown a vision of Dizelmine and Villagiulo's past, before managing to find Lan and Muginami. After regaining their resolve, the three resume their battle against Dizelmine, aiming to make him remember the goals he shared with Villagiulo.

star 9.87
60 votes
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Welcome, Kamogawa!

#9 - Welcome, Kamogawa!

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 1

As Madoka contemplates her career options, Lan is on a space station being experimented on by her brother, Dizelmine. Just then, the station is attacked by the De Metrio army, led by Muginami, forcing Lan and the Le Garite army to retreat. The next day, as Pharos appears in Kamogawa again for an intergalactic conference, Madoka finally reunites with Lan, who takes her to Pharos asking her to pilot Midori again. As Muginami is seen approaching Pharos, intending to stop Madoka from piloting Midori, Lan engages her in battle, believing she intends to kill Madoka. As Madoka objects to the fighting, she manages to get Midori working again and enters the fray.

star 9.84
61 votes
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The Kamogawa Experiment

#10 - The Kamogawa Experiment

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 3

As Kamogawa prepares for an intergalactic conference, Asteria calls Madoka, Lan and Muginami about a Vox Particle Control Experiment, the same that Dizelmine attempted on Lan. She explains about how she wants to try to use the power of the Voxes in a peaceful way to put Villagiulo and Dizelmine off their plans. Madoka agrees to undergo the experiment, and although the initial attempts show no reaction from her, Asteria manages to prompt a reaction from Madoka by embarrassing her. However, as they attempt to stop the experiment when Dizelmine and Villagiulo attempt to contact them, Madoka's levels continue to rise, causing a strange red phenomenom to appear in the sky, which starts forming strange creatures. Meanwhile, Madoka is haunted by visions of what appears to be Yurikano, warning her not to open the Rin-ne flower. When Madoka regains her sense, she finds all the creatures had been destroyed and more Rinne flowers have appeared.

star 9.84
61 votes
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A Reunion in Kamogawa

#11 - A Reunion in Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 4

As Diezelmine and Villagiulo arrive in Kamogawa for the conference, Asteria arranges for them to be trapped in an elevator to have their discussion, which seems revolve around Madoka and the Voxes power. Meanwhile, a Le Garite Ovid crash lands into Kamogawa, its pilot revealed to be the De Metorian princess and Villagiulo's sister, Yurikano, who was rescued by Dizelmine following a war but had lost her memory. Recognising her as the girl she saw in her vision, Madoka tries to see if she knows anything, but to no avail. Wanting to give Madoka a chance to prove herself, Lan manages to sneak her and Muginami aboard Dizelmine's ship back to Le Garite.

star 9.83
60 votes
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Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach

#12 - Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 2

Madoka rushes to try and stop Lan and Muginami from fighting, though has trouble piloting Midori in the process. Just then she hears Lan and Muginami's true thoughts about how they hate having to fight against each other. As Madoka fails to understand why Muginami and Lan must fight as they go into hiding, she once again loses control of Midori. Madoka tries to search for the whereabouts of Lan and Muginami, even going as far as to call Villaguilio. Meanwhile, both Lan and Muginami find themselves drawn towards the Jersey Clubroom, where Madoka eventually finds them. Seeing Lan and Muginami continue to struggle with their feelings, Madoka gets them to kiss and make up; literally. Putting their quarrels behind them, the three decide to reform the Jersey Club together.

star 9.78
63 votes
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Enju - Enju

#13 - Enju - Enju

Rozen Maiden Season 2 - Episode 2

Shinku claims that Barasuishou never meet any of the dolls of the Rozen Maiden. Since Barasuishou is the seventh doll, this appears to be a sign that the Alice Game would be ending soon. Shinku's strange behavior continues, and Jun continues to worry about her. Jun and Tomoe also visit the doll shop of a doll maker named Enju.

star 9.61
33 votes
Orbiting Above the Summer Skies of Kamogawa

#14 - Orbiting Above the Summer Skies of Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2 - Episode 5

As the girls arrive on Le Gartie's ship, Dizelmine explains why he kept Yurikano's presence on the ship a secret from Lan. Later, Dizelmine brings Madoka to where Yurikano is, putting her in an experiment to implant her mind into Yurikano's body. Realising what Dizelmine intends to do, Lan divises a plan to distract the Le Garite troops whilst Muginami goes to rescue Madoka. As Madoka and Yurikano's consciousses meet again, Madoka feels Yurikano shouldn't need to sacrifice herself for other people and decides to fight her to get her to tell Dizelmine and Villagiulo how she truly feels. As the Le Garite ship starts to become covered in a strange red substance, the Vox units launch whilst Yurikano wakes up in Madoka's body.

star 8.95
88 votes
Kamogawa's Last Line of Defense

#15 - Kamogawa's Last Line of Defense

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 11

As Madoka approaches Pharos, Midori reacts to her presence and transmits her thoughts to Lan and Muginami, asking Tadoroko to try and get her ban lifted. As the two begin their attack against the enemy, the fleet focuses their attack on Lan whilst Muginami comes up against Villagiulo and a section of the fleet goes to attack Pharos. As Yoko reveals some of her research on the ancient people to Asteria, she manages to convince her to lift Madoka's ban, allowing her to fly up and assist her friends. As the enemy fires at Kamogawa, Kirius, Izo and Array stand to protect it. Just as the girls gain an advantage, Yoko gets critically injured when an enemy Ovid lands in the school, causing Madoka to become stressed which in turn causes the Voxes to once again go out of control and bloom Rinne flowers.

star 8.69
89 votes
Welcome to Kamogawa!

#16 - Welcome to Kamogawa!

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 1

As a girl named Madoka Kyono rescues a girl from drowning, she finds her school uniform missing and later returned by a strange girl. Later that night, Madoka is questioned by her sister about something. The next day, Madoka once again meets the girl, who introduces herself as Lan and asks Madoka to pilot a robotic aircraft at an offshore base. As Madoka touches the aircraft and experiences a flashback of sorts, a robot from outer space appears and attacks the base. Lan reveals herself to be an alien sent to protect Madoka and the aircraft, the two of which are linked together. Madoka agrees to pilot the aircraft, which responds to her emotions and changes into a robotic form to fight against the enemy robot, defeating it using Madoka's knowledge of club activities.

star 8.65
93 votes
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The Swimmers of Kamogawa

#17 - The Swimmers of Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 4

Muginami transfers into Madoka's class, which causes worry for the organisation. Later, Youko and one of the organization's representatives talk to Madoka's teacher about her piloting Midori. Youko agrees to let Madoka continue piloting Midori on the condition that she is allowed to continue living at home and attending school. Soon afterwards, Madoka and Muginami participate in an open swimming contest whilst Lan keeps watch on a boat. Spotting her, Muginami decides to play a prank on Lan and tip her into the sea, unaware that she is unable to swim. Realising her mistake, Muginami helps Madoka rescue Lan and performs CPR on her. Afterwards, Madoka invites Muginami to join the Jersey Club, much to Lan's annoyance. Both Muginami and Lan decide to help out at Madoka's family restaurant, with their individual traits attracting many customers. After becoming jealous after Madoka allows Muginami to live with her, Lan also decides to transfer into Madoka's class, join the Jersey Club and start living with Madoka. Meanwhile, a glitch in security allows Array to escape imprisonment and rejoin his allies, who are making a deal with another enemy.

star 8.64
92 votes
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Lan Blooms

#18 - Lan Blooms

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 3

As Madoka rushes to fight against the enemy Ovid to protect her town, Lan becomes conflicted about a legend Madoka doesn't know of, the fear of which prevents her from being able to pilot her own Vox Lympha. As the enemy, Kirius, tries to ask Madoka to come to her planet, she refuses and the fight resumes. Feeling Madoka is in danger, Lan overcomes her fear and pilots the Lympha, but finds herself up against the other enemy Ovid. As Lan expresses her guilt towards dragging Madoka into this, Madoka lifts her spirits, enabling her to overcome her fears and transform Lympha into its fighter mode, allowing her to come to Madoka's aid, forcing the enemy to retreat. Afterwards, Madoka and Lan decide to name their Vox units Midori and Orca respectively.

star 8.64
92 votes
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The Man Who Came to Kamogawa

#19 - The Man Who Came to Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 5

A man named Villagiulio comes, who Muginami reveals is an ally of sorts. However, Villagiulio soon turns against Muginami for taking the Vox unit for herself, causing Madoka to become angry.

star 8.64
92 votes
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Departing Katsuura, Heading to Kamogawa

#20 - Departing Katsuura, Heading to Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 9

As the Jersey Club works on a preparing a cultural festival, Izo becomes inspired by a samurai drama to challenge Madoka to a duel and travels to Kamogawa, prompting Array and Kirius to try and stop him. As Izo is mistaken by some of the other students for Madoka's boyfriend, he is told how Madoka was inspired by Yoko to join the Jersey Club after her mother died trying to save someone. After hearing the story, Izo decides to leave before Madoka arrives.

star 8.64
89 votes
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Until We Meet Again, in Kamogawa

#21 - Until We Meet Again, in Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 12

As reaction of the Voxes causes a large energy field to appear in the sky, Madoka subconsciously speaks with the ancient princess of La Garite, Yurikano, who tells her to follow her own path. Motivate, Madoka regains control of Midori and, along with Lan and Muginami, changes the energy field into a beautiful flower. As Madoka learns that Yoko is still alive, Midori suddenly shuts down and is targeted by Villagiulo. However, he is stopped by the arrival of the Le Garite army, prompting Muginami to leave with him in order to save him. Two weeks following the incident, Lan's identity as the Princess of Le Garite has since been revealed and she is due to return to her home planet. Going up to a 'Hill of Vows', Madoka and Lan make a promise that they, along with Muginami, will once again meet in Kamigawa before parting ways. As Autumn comes, Asteria reveals her insignia to Yoko whilst Madoka receives a letter from Muginami

star 8.34
90 votes
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Farewell, Kamogawa

#22 - Farewell, Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 10

On the day of the cultural festival, Lan and Muginami have to keep a mission given to them a secret from Madoka. Whilst looking around the stalls they helped with, the girls come across Asteria who has Madoka escort her around the festival. As Madoka starts to become depressed at the thought of Lan and Muginami making new friends, she learns from Asteria about the assault Lan and Muginami are making and decides to go after them.

star 8.32
89 votes

#23 - Age

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 26

The Silver Tribe, the Bronze Tribe, and the Iron Tribe fleet travel to Elysion. Peato Ou helps repair the Argonaut. Prome Ou and Dhianeila reunite. The Silver Tribe decides to go through the portal along with the Bronze Tribe and the remaining Nodos. Before leaving, Prome gives Dhianeila the power of the Golden Tribe held by the Silver Tribe. Dhianeila decides to remain and work to restore the galaxy. Dhianeila becomes queen and unites all of humanity. The crew of the Argonaut, use the Golden Tribe's power to end all war and destruction. Finally, the Argonaut returns to Oron to fulfill Age's wish. Four years pass, and Oron has been completely restored to its former glory. Dhianeila stands on the shore of the ocean and longs to see Age again. As she begins to leave, a portal appears above Oron and a beam of golden light descends to the ocean surface. Within the light, Age appears, saying that by restoring the planet, Deianeira created a path for him to return. He extends his hand to Dhianeila, who rushes to him with tears in her eyes. At the moment their hands meet, they are engulfed in a blinding light. The portal above Oron disappears and the camera pans away to reveal countless galaxies.

star 8.31
13 votes
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The Wind, Fire, and Water Above Kamogawa

#24 - The Wind, Fire, and Water Above Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 6

Madoka, wanting to take revenge against Villagiulio, stands against him in a battle. However, Muginami ends up activating her Vox unit and standing in Madoka's way, telling her that she's only being selfish in trying to take revenge on her behalf. As Madoka argues with her, a mysterious occurrence causes a mysterious flower known as Lagrange to rain from the sky.

star 8.30
91 votes
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A Lolita in Kamogawa

#25 - A Lolita in Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 8

Asteria Lizamarie de Roschefall, the granddaughter of Novumundos' chairman, comes to question Madoka about the incident that occurred whilst confronting Muginami. As Asteria speaks with Yoko about the Voxs, Lan tells Madoka about the Vox Legend, in which an incident involving Voxes nearly destroyed the world 20,000 years ago. After speaking with Yoko, Asteria decides to ban Madoka from piloting Midori, prompting Lan and Muginami to lock themselves in the hangar as protest. However, Madoka decides to accept the ban, since it wouldn't separate her from Lan and Muginami. Afterwards, Asteria goes to see Villagiulo, refusing to hand over the Vox units.

star 8.30
91 votes
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Kamogawa Spirit

#26 - Kamogawa Spirit

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 2

Madoka’s excitement over her triumphant victory is short-lived when she is told by Pharos officials to be ready for the next battle. Feeling like she’s been tricked into becoming a Vox pilot, a furious Madoka plans an escape.

star 8.27
92 votes
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Cloudy Skies, Followed by Kamogawa

#27 - Cloudy Skies, Followed by Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne Season 1 - Episode 7

As Madoka becomes conflicted about Muginami's actions, she comes to realise that she hasn't taken Muginami's feelings into account and decides to try and make up with her.

star 8.25
92 votes
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The Cemetery Belt

#28 - The Cemetery Belt

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 6

With news of the battle at Titarros spreading across the galaxy the Argonaut has been completely alienated by the other planets and now cannot rely on the Spaceway as a means of transport. Without help, they have no other choice but to follow the princess’ orders and have faith in Age. The Silver Tribe is already making their move and this time they are sending to Nodos and this time the battle will take place in an asteroid belt better known as the "Cemetery Belt".

star 8.14
14 votes
Cadoques High, Aerial Division

#29 - Cadoques High, Aerial Division

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 2

Kal-el falls in love with Claire, a girl he meets at the lake. He has joined the Centezual class at flying school, and asks to be her flying partner. But Fausto of the Van Whyl Class picks a fight with him.

star 8.00
12 votes
A Sea of Stars

#30 - A Sea of Stars

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 4

Fausto's plan causese Claire and Kal-el to be stranded. Their plane lands on the water and they wait to be rescued, but the rain falls and it starts to thunder. Meanwhile, Ariel is very worried about them, and remembers the day when her father Michael brought Kal-el to their home.

star 7.91
11 votes
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Love Song

#31 - Love Song

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 11

Noriaki and Benjamin decide to take over for the downed observation plane. Kal-el and Ignatio draw away the enemy fighters to protect them. And then Kal-el sees Claire standing on the deck of the badly-damaged Luna Barco.

star 7.89
9 votes
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#32 - Elysium

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 24

Something unbelievable has happen, all those lost in nothingness have returned to the universe. Also Deianeira has done what the Silver Tribe could not do and discovered the Golden Tribe's home planet Elysion. So now they must find the path to Elysion, through an abnormal magnetic storm; the true value of the journey is about to be tested.

star 7.83
12 votes
The Ruined Planet

#33 - The Ruined Planet

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 1

There was once a people who called themselves the "Golden Tribe" who possessed many powers, including creating planets and seeing into the future. They then called on primitave beings, telling them to explore the universe. Three races were able to reply to their call; "Silver Tribe" the "Bronze Tribe", and the "Hero Tribe". Long after, when the Golden Tribe were about to move on to another universe, a new race replied to their call. This new race, humankind, was referred to as the "Iron Tribe". Now the Iron Tribe is on the verge of extinction, when they are finally able to discover the Ruined Planet of “Oron”, the planet that holds the man who will become their saviour. They reach the planet only to find a boy that calls himself Age, but soon after this they are suddenly attacked by the Bronze Tribe.

star 7.82
22 votes
The Retributive Troops

#34 - The Retributive Troops

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 17

With Mehitaka’s contract with the Silver Tribe terminated, he now decides to help Princess Deianeira, who is going to free his home planet from the Silver Tribes clutches. The split fleets are on route to the planet Nessus, when a terminal planet decides to resist the Iron Tribe.

star 7.75
12 votes
When The Light Falls

#35 - When The Light Falls

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 15

Currently engaged in battle, the Bellcross (in Mental Chaos) and Arutemia are fighting in the starway and causing a fair deal of damage of along the way. With Commander Nilval back in control of the fleet, their previous dire situation is beginning to improve. When all of a sudden something unexpected has occurs and it seems that a star is about to explode. Is there even a ray of hope to get them out of this despair?

star 7.71
14 votes
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Island of New Journeys

#36 - Island of New Journeys

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 1

The Flying Island Isla sets out on a journey to find "The End of the Sky." Kal-el, a young pilot trainee, is there at the launch ceremony. Despite the festive atmosphere of the ceremony, Kal-el is glaring with hatred at Nina Viento, the Governor of Isla...

star 7.71
14 votes
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Name of the Bird

#37 - Name of the Bird

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 8

The Sky Clan's trick succeeds and Isla is deprived of its defences and subjected to bombing. Kal-el and the other students who are left behind decide to take off in their planes and fight. But the enemy preying mantis squad shoots them down one by one.

star 7.64
11 votes
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The Battle in the Space-Time Continuum

#38 - The Battle in the Space-Time Continuum

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 13

The Bellcross is engaging Neruneia in a heated battle when all of a sudden a third Nodos joins the fight, known as Alemantas. How will the Bellcross end up, in this battle against the flow of time? With the Silver Tribe retreating to Mars Meleagros plans to use this opportunity to attack, with the remaining fleet.

star 7.60
15 votes
The Torch of Destruction

#39 - The Torch of Destruction

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 12

Lord Meleagros’ fleet has made it to the Solar System and as they reach Jupiter they are welcomed by the largest Bronze and Silver Tribe fleet, ever witnessed, in the history of mankind. The Altoria fleet is being forced back by the overwhelming Bronze and Silver Tribe, so the Yunos brothers now plan to something unthinkable and destroy the moon “Io”, which will engulf the battlefield however something more cataclysmic occurs.

star 7.57
14 votes
The Wind Revolution

#40 - The Wind Revolution

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 3

Kal-el invistes Claire to the dorms. Ariel welcomes her with delicious curry, and Claire opens up to the other classmates. A month after school began, they begin to practice rifle shooting and flying in formation: things they would need in dogfights.

star 7.57
14 votes
The Nodos

#41 - The Nodos

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 5

This episode continues where the last one left off, five Bronze Tribe nest have appeared and are about to attack the Argonaut and Titarros in order to destroy them both. Meanwhile Age is on the planet, pursuing Karukinus, who doesn’t seem to have any obvious killing intent. The mind-blowing battle between Nodos has begun, but with the amount of destruction caused in what seems to be a test, what inconceivable thing will occur when it’s time for the real thing?

star 7.56
16 votes
The Agreement of Death

#42 - The Agreement of Death

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 22

After the negotiations between Princess Deianeira of the Iron Tribe and Purome of the Silver Tribe went well, the Argonaut is now on a journey to search for the birth place of the Golden Tribes "Elysion". The battle between the 3 Nodos rages on and if the situation weren't bad enough with Cerberus on the verge of Mental Chaos, Karukinus decides to rejoin the battle however this may end with a Nodos completing a clause in their contract.

star 7.50
12 votes
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The Heroic Tribe

#43 - The Heroic Tribe

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 3

Age is being educated about the history of mankind, including the Bronze Tribe’s invasion less than a century ago that led to the fall of mankind and the loss of their home planet "Earth". While Age is exploring the Argonaut, the uneasy crew members watch idly, still in shock after witnessing the awesome power of the Nodos. While the Argonaut is on its way to Altoria, they are again attacked however this time it’s not the simple Bronze Tribe ants’ nest they are up against.

star 7.44
18 votes
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The Agreement

#44 - The Agreement

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 7

The battle between the Bellcross and Melnayer continues, the Argonaut and its mechs fend off the Bronze Tribe, but Yuti Raa persuades Mehitaka, another Nodos, to transform into Artemia and destroy the Argonaut. The princess has the Argonaut go to active warp to escape; Bellcross blocks Artemia’s immense energy blast to help it escape. They get back to the Starway but another Bronze Tribe nest is there to welcome them. However, the nest is destroyed by the planet’s defence fleet, whose female captain is an old acquaintance of Captain Mobead. After much discussion, the female captain decides to join the Argonaut in its quest.

star 7.44
18 votes
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The Raging One

#45 - The Raging One

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 14

With the power of Alemantas now concerntrated in the present, the Bellcross ends up engulfed in the power, as it explodes however it also has an adverse affect on Lekti. The Bellcross decends into metal chaos and unleashes its fury on the nearby Neruneia. Meanwhile Meleagros' fleet has taken the battle to Mars, which doesn't turn out to be a wise decision. In order to save Age and the Yunos' family honor, the Princess Deianeira has finally decided to step in.

star 7.43
14 votes
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The Four

#46 - The Four

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 23

While Deianeira directs the Argonaut to Elysion, Age meets with Lekti and Mehitaka in Cereberus' nothingness. With his knowledge from the Golden Tribe, Age tries to convince Lekti they can get out. Will the Age be able to get the three of them out? Or will an unexpected arrival free them?

star 7.42
12 votes
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The Forgotten Child

#47 - The Forgotten Child

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 2

After the destruction of his ship which he refers as “Mom”, Age is invited onto the Iron Tribe’s ship the “Argonaut”. A huge ceremony is held in Age’s honour however Age disturbs the ceremony with his antics that better resembles a monkey, leaving everyone to question whether it’s rise to rely on him. They soon learn again how awesome a power Age is as they are attacked, once again, by the Bronze Tribe.

star 7.38
21 votes
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The Girl Who Calls the Wind

#48 - The Girl Who Calls the Wind

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 5

It has been four months since Isla left, and they are nearing the Holy Spring. The trainees endure harsh infantry training under the hot sun, and decide to spend the night camping. The camp is very cheerful, but Claire is somehow gloomy, and trying to stay away from Kal-el.

star 7.36
11 votes
The Planet Titarros

#49 - The Planet Titarros

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 4

Following the attack from the Silver Tribe, the Argonaut docks at the planet Titarros to re-supply. To avoid any unnecessary chaos about news of the Nodos, they try to hide Age’s presence. Iolaus is having feelings of jealously from all the attention Age is getting from Princess Deianeira, so he’s angry when he out he has to take Age to the planet surface. Instead of remaining inconspicuous, Age confronts Karukinus another Nodos vessel.

star 7.36
14 votes
The Flashing Nodos

#50 - The Flashing Nodos

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 8

The Azu-Azu fleet is holding off the enemy giving time for the Argonaut to escape from the Silver Tribe however their plan turns into a dire situation when Mehitaka/Arutemia appears on the battlefield. While this is going on, the Bellcross is still battling the Melnayer and the Bellcross seems to have the upper hand, but the battle rages on, onto a planet close by. After the destruction of the Hirugoto star, the Argonaut tries to active warp but the Silver Tribe is there to block their path.

star 7.33
15 votes
The Return

#51 - The Return

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 9

Due to the help of the princess, the Argonaut was able to active warp and escape from the Silver Tribe, however the princess had to risk her own well being to do so, rendering her unconscious. Age continues to battle Karukinus, as the Bellcross and Age seems to be winning however Mehitaka disappears from the Azu-Azu fleet to aid Karukinus. The Argonaut and Azu-Azu fleet use mankind’s hidden Starway in order to return to their Home Planet, "Ruui"; nonetheless will Age ever return to them?

star 7.33
15 votes
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The Final Labor

#52 - The Final Labor

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 25

As Deianeira tries to figure out what happened to the Golden Tribe they are attacked by the Silver Tribe rebellion, which is led by Rom Rou. Just as things were bad enough Rom Rou is using the Cereberus, which is currently in mental chaos, to finally end this. In order to save Yuti (Cereberus) all 5 Nodos must enter battle and trust in their Heroes to not also fall into mental chaos, thus fulfilling their Contracts.

star 7.33
15 votes
The Nodos of Darkness

#53 - The Nodos of Darkness

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 20

The battles have come and with the poor organization of the Iron Tribe fleets, they quickly lose the upper hand nonetheless the situation only gets worse when the Silver Tribe's Nodos, Cerberus joins the battle. Will the Iron Tribe be able to survive as both their Nodoses join the battle, against the Nodos of Darkness?

star 7.27
11 votes
The Planet Kodomos

#54 - The Planet Kodomos

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 21

With the Flagship and it's fleet utterly destroyed and all the other fleets being surrounded, all seems lost. Princess Deianeira decides to continue to Kodomos, the home planet of the Silver Tribe, to try and find out why the Silver Tribe hates the Iron Tribe so much. Meanwhile Age and Bellcross, Mehitaka and Arutemia continue to fight Yuti and Cerberus. Do they have what it takes to defeat the two and can they keep from entering Mental Chaos?

star 7.18
11 votes
Skies of Courage

#55 - Skies of Courage

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 10

Ariel decides to quit being a pilot because of her wounds. Kal-el awakens when Ignatio tells him that Clair is quitting because of him. And then an alarm sounds across Isla. The students are ordered to launch, and be a decoy for the observation planes.

star 7.18
11 votes
The Hero of Solitude

#56 - The Hero of Solitude

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 10

With Age’s return, all the representatives of mankind are gathering together seeing that history is in the mankind, now that they have their Nodos. Now with the Nodos securely in the Iron Tribe's possession Princess Deianeira’s brother, Lord Meleagros is going to declare war against the Silver Tribe and all he needs is for Age to be a part of his fleet. Meanwhile Karukinus has just recovered from his injuries only to receive the order for all the Silver Tribe’s Nodoses to find and destroy the 5th.

star 7.14
14 votes
Your Name

#57 - Your Name

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 9

Two days after the Sky Clan bombing, a funeral is held, and Chiharu is sobbing because she lost Mitsuo. Kal-el and Claire meet at the grave that night, and Claire says something unexpected.

star 7.10
10 votes
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Overcoming the Fates

#58 - Overcoming the Fates

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 16

The Argonaut has finally reached their destination, Earth however recovering on the ship is Age and surprisingly the enemy Nodos, Mehitaka. What will happen once the two awaken? The council of the Silver Tribe are in deep discussion about the actions of the Iron Tribe and what actions they must seize upon them.

star 7.08
12 votes
The Invasion Between The Planet Systems

#59 - The Invasion Between The Planet Systems

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 19

Following their appalling victory on the Bronze Tribe's mother planet Taro the fleets are now heading towards the Silver Tribe's mother planet Kodomos, just as the Golden Tribe predicted. Trouble may occur for the fleets as they are up against the Silver Tribe, an enemy they do not know about. Meanwhile the Nodoses are discussing the labours of their contracts and the conflicting labours they each have.

star 7.08
12 votes
The Star of Brilliance

#60 - The Star of Brilliance

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 11

Of his own decision, Age is now a part of Lord Meleagros' fleet to recapture their homeland Earth and Deianeira seems to be the most affected by this. The battle begins and there are some concerns about Meleagros' method of doing things; as he is only using Age to achieve his personal goal. The Silver Tribe are also planning on what action must be taken towards this threat; because when more than two Nodos fight, chaos and destruction are the only outcomes.

star 7.07
15 votes
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The Victorious Day

#61 - The Victorious Day

Heroic Age Season 1 - Episode 18

The Iron Tribe is currently attacking the Bronze Tribe's mother planet, Taro however something seems to be amiss as the Bronze tribe is fighting with all they have, even without help from the Silver Tribe. It looks as if the Silver Tribe has abandoned this planet, which is doomed to destruction for the Iron Tribe's victory.

star 7.00
11 votes
The End of the Sky

#62 - The End of the Sky

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 12

The Sky Clan agrees to a peace treaty with Isla, but they want Nina Viento, the wind girl. Ignatio gives Kal-el a chance to meet her, and he tells her how much he loves her. Isla finally reaches the end of the sky.

star 7.00
7 votes
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The Sky Where You Are

#63 - The Sky Where You Are

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 13

Isla returns from the end of the sky, and Kal-el tells the assembled crowds at the welcome ceremony that he is Karl la Hire, the son of the emperor. He asks for their help in his plan.

star 7.00
8 votes
The Holy Spring

#64 - The Holy Spring

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 6

Isla reaches the Holy Spring, said to be the center of the world. The students are awed at the sight. The town celebrates arriving at the Holy Spring, but the next day, the knights shoot down and capture a pilot of the "Sky Clan", and there are dark clouds on the horizon.

star 6.82
11 votes
A Glorious Death

#65 - A Glorious Death

The Pilot's Love Song Season 1 - Episode 7

The knights quickly find the Sky Clan Fleet, which will attack anyone who enters the holy spring. Leopold sends his whole force to attack their antiquated wooden fleet, but to the rear of the island, Chiharu and Mitsuo find an enemy ultra-heavy bomber...

star 4.76
41 votes