The BEST episodes directed by Tony Gerber

Arms Dealer: The Notorious Mr. Bout
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#1 - Arms Dealer: The Notorious Mr. Bout

Storyville - Season 2014 - Episode 20

Storyville follows Viktor Bout, Russian entrepreneur, arms smuggler and, strangest of all, amateur film-maker. Until three days prior to his 2008 arrest on charges of conspiring to kill Americans, Bout kept his camcorder running. He documented a life spent in the grey areas of the arms industry, crossing the line morally, if not legally, many times over before he was eventually undone by a post-9/11 crackdown. Dubbed by some the Merchant of Death and portrayed by Nicolas Cage in Hollywood's Lord of War, Viktor Bout gained notoriety as the world's most famous arms dealer. With unprecedented access to Bout's home movies and US surveillance material gathered during the sting operation to bring him down, this film is a portrait of a garrulous, adventurous individual, intent on exploiting the murky loopholes of the arms industry. Interviews with his wife, family and former business partners describe moments both comical and harrowing in a career which ended in a 25-year prison sentence.

Man vs. Volcano
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#2 - Man vs. Volcano

National Geographic Documentaries - Season 2011 - Episode 20

Journey into the mouth of Mount Nyiragongo, Africa's most active volcano, and stand on the shore of the world's largest lava lake. Join an international team of scientists as they climb to the volcano's peak and then rappel directly into its mouth. Their goal: to collect a fresh sample from the deadly yet mesmerizing lava lake at the volcano's heart. Standing in their way is a 1300 foot sheer vertical drop, crumbling rock walls, and a roiling lava lake prone to sudden overflow.