The Best Episodes Directed by Tomoaki Ohta

A Woman Who Awakens

#1 - A Woman Who Awakens

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 22

Ellis and Nadie's travel and bounty hunting activities eventually lead them into a place of ancient ruins, where Ellis' power is greatly increased by a large Inca Rose atop a stone pillar. This is when Rosenberg finally makes his move.

star 9.85
27 votes
A Woman Who Digs

#2 - A Woman Who Digs

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 9

An attempt to evade bounty hunters has the heroines trapped inside an abandoned silver mine. There they meet a woman who is digging to find a silver cross, something that everyone in her family wants except for her.

star 9.85
26 votes
A Woman Angered

#3 - A Woman Angered

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 16

In response to Nadie's desertion, Blue-Eyes has her bank account frozen. This forces Nadie and Ellis to seek temporary employment in a taco restaurant along the way. After seeing Ellis being harassed by customers, Nadie tells her that she should not be suppressing her displeasure when she feels that way. When L.A. appears before Ellis and tries to provoke her, this advice comes in handy.

star 9.81
26 votes
Swaying Unbalance

#4 - Swaying Unbalance

Hatsukoi Limited Season 1 - Episode 3

A school sports tournament is about to be held. The class are discussing who wants to take part in the several competitions. When Enomoto recommend Dobashi for the girls' 100 meter sprint, Dobashi earns payback by recommending her for the class's cheer duties. When nobody wants to become a male partner for Enomoto, Kusuda volunteers himself to do the job. Unfortunately these two do not get along--Kusuda is a boy whom Enomoto dislikes because of his less good looks, and Enomoto decides to do the sewing of the cheerleader costumes and the lyrics for the cheer song by herself. She works every night on them to a point of exhaustion. Even so, on the day before the tournament, despite she said such mean things to him, Kusuda helps her out, even puts a good word for Kei in front of their homeroom adviser; and Kei somehow sees him as a potential boyfriend candidate. And he seems to like her too because he took a photo of Kei, in the only finished cheerleader outfit, and sleeping, and made it into his cellphone's wallpaper.

star 9.55
33 votes
The Girl In The Crystal

#5 - The Girl In The Crystal

11eyes Season 1 - Episode 2

Kakeru and Yuka are in the Red Night dimension again and this time they meet a strong young woman named Misuzu Kusakabe, who saves them from a horde of the evil blob like creatures, and find a girl trapped in a crystal. They are attacked by some other strong creatures and then find themselves back in the normal world. Can they discover the mystery behind the Red Night and why only certain people are taken there?

star 8.47
94 votes
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Pool on the Hill

#6 - Pool on the Hill

Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow Season 1 - Episode 17

Satsuki calls Sui, warning her that there might be something fishy about the film crew. The next day, they hear the project has been called off, putting Enishi in a tough spot as he had paid them a lot of money. Satsuki later calls him, telling him that the director was a scam artist trying to pay off his debts. As Enishi and Takako argue over the incident, they fall into the pool together and reconcile. After Sui explains her situation to the neighbourhood association, she commends Enishi for his defense of Takako.

star 8.45
66 votes
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Compensation for the Dream

#7 - Compensation for the Dream

Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow Season 1 - Episode 23

As Ohana contemplates what she should do if the Kissuiso closes down, Sui asks her to go to Tokyo alongside Takako, who wants to try and reclaim the money Enishi lost. Meanwhile, Satsuki encounters Kō, who reveals that he hasn't dumped Ohana and wants to know more about her. Satsuki then takes him to her office where she shows him footage from the cancelled film so he can see how she works at the Kissuiso. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Ohana and Takako manage to locate and apprehend Inashi. Afterwards, Ohana and Kō run into each other.

star 8.45
67 votes
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The Place Where It All Began

#8 - The Place Where It All Began

Blood+ Season 1 - Episode 3

David has given George a deadline to hand over Saya back to the Red Shield. George takes Saya to his family grave to show what exactly happened to her one year ago.

star 8.05
131 votes
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Melodious Cipher

#9 - Melodious Cipher

Haruchika – Haruta & Chika Season 1 - Episode 1

High school brass band club members and newly reunited childhood neighbors Haruta and Chika decode a mysterious message hidden in the music of Bach and become rivals in love.

star 6.97
29 votes