The Best Episodes Directed by Tim Minear


#1 - Home

Angel Season 4 - Episode 22

Lilah returns from the dead to offer Angel and his friends full ownership of Wolfram and Hart.

star 8.14
553 votes
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#2 - Darla

Angel Season 2 - Episode 7

Lindsey finds himself drawn to Darla as her mental state deteriorates.

star 8.14
715 votes
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#3 - Bushwhacked

Firefly Season 1 - Episode 2

Serenity is pulled in by an Alliance cruiser while investigating a spaceship that was attacked by Reavers. Simon and River must hide to prevent capture, while something is wrong with the lone survivor of the attacked spaceship.

star 8.12
5270 votes
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The Message

#4 - The Message

Firefly Season 1 - Episode 14

A dying request from an old army buddy turns treacherous for Mal, Zoë, and the rest of the crew.

star 8.10
4221 votes
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Getting Closer

#5 - Getting Closer

Dollhouse Season 2 - Episode 11

Topher races to reconstruct Echo's original personality and memories when Adelle realizes they are the key to averting a devastating future. Meanwhile, Echo and Bennett's shared past and the identity of The Rossum Corporation's mysterious leader are revealed.

star 8.04
1836 votes
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Through the Looking Glass

#6 - Through the Looking Glass

Angel Season 2 - Episode 21

Angel, Gunn, Wesley and the Host are sentenced to death by the villagers. They are brought before the princess of Pylea, who they are shocked to discover is Her Royal Highness Cordelia. Soon, Cordelia discovers one of her duties as princess is mating with a creature called the Groossalugg.

star 7.94
684 votes
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#7 - Omega

Dollhouse Season 1 - Episode 12

Alpha’s reign of terror continues as his obsession with Echo endangers Caroline’s survival. Ballard’s search for the Dollhouse comes to an end, forcing him to make a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, one Doll is permanently deactivated while another’s shocking past is revealed.

star 7.93
2037 votes
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#8 - Lullaby

Angel Season 3 - Episode 9

As Darla goes through a difficult labour, Holtz pursues Angel.

star 7.91
550 votes
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#9 - Hagsploitation

FEUD Season 1 - Episode 6

Hungry for another hit, Warner pressures Aldrich to bring the original team back together for a follow-up hag horror pic. Someone from Joan’s past poses a threat.

star 7.85
509 votes
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New Girl in Town

#10 - New Girl in Town

The Inside Season 1 - Episode 1

After a team profiler is believed to be the latest victim of a serial killer, the squad is surprised by the new replacement, a rookie agent without much profiling experience. Squad supervisor Virgil "Web" Webster has a feeling about this rookie. He senses that Agent Rebecca Locke has a "gift" and that is why he chose her for his team. In short time the other team members can't help but be impressed with her too.

star 7.81
120 votes
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A New World

#11 - A New World

Angel Season 3 - Episode 20

Angel pursues Connor, who makes a new friend on the streets; something else comes through the portal from Quor-toth; Lilah approaches Wesley.

star 7.73
577 votes
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#12 - Benediction

Angel Season 3 - Episode 21

Holtz insists that Connor rejoins Angel; Justine learns Holtz is back; the Groosalugg realises the depths of Cordelia's feelings for Angel.

star 7.66
635 votes
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#13 - Couplet

Angel Season 3 - Episode 14

Angel struggles with his jealousy of the Groosalugg and Cordelia's attraction to him; Gunn and Fred get captured by a tree monster.

star 7.53
541 votes
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