The Best Episodes Directed by Tim Leandro

Class of 1980

#1 - Class of 1980

Ultimate Force Season 3 - Episode 3

Henno comes face to face with Al Qaeda when terrorists seize the Italian Consulate. The notorious Al Djouf threatens to blow up a truck using his mobile phone, unless all prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay are released. The SAS attack and mobile networks are shut down, but Al Djouf has friends on both sides - and the clock is ticking towards an explosion in the capital. This episode features the Italian Consulate Siege

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23 votes
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Something To Do With Justice

#2 - Something To Do With Justice

Ultimate Force Season 1 - Episode 6

Henno and Twamley are kicked out of the regiment, despite saving Jamie's life in Ireland. The others, under Johnny Bell's command, are sent on a classified mission to Bosnia to 'lift' wily war criminal Glasnovic. To their surprise, Henno and Twamley are also there, training militia men. Reunited, Red Troop close in on Glasnovic but the blood bath leaves one of them fighting for their life.

star 7.97
37 votes
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The Killing Of a One-Eyed Bookie

#3 - The Killing Of a One-Eyed Bookie

Ultimate Force Season 1 - Episode 5

Jamie is kidnapped during a violent ambush in Northern Ireland while impersonating Bill Gracey, a politician whose life is in danger. Henno is furious, knowing his protégé faces torture and likely death. Breaking orders, he heads off into the Republic with Caroline in search of Cullen, a republican double agent, while Jem and Twamley do some digging of their own. Can they find Jamie before time runs out?

star 7.74
34 votes
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Deception on His Mind

#4 - Deception on His Mind

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries Season 2 - Episode 4

The body of a young Asian man is found on the beach at the seaside town of Balford-le-Nez, leading the police into a web of racial tensions, family loyalties and illicit sexuality in investigating the murder. Havers has time on her hands while Lynley is on honeymoon in Peru, and when she finds the Balford-le-Nez investigation is being run by a friend she joins the hunt.

star 7.73
48 votes
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