The Best Episodes Directed by Ted Post

Incident of the Geisha

#1 - Incident of the Geisha

Rawhide Season 6 - Episode 13

After Rowdy tells Hey Soos to let a wild stallion go, Hey Soos tries to saddle it again. It bolts knocking Rowdy down and injuring his back. The remuda is stampeded. Out collecting the horses Hey Soos sees the stallion. He tries to lasso it. He is knocked of his horse by a limb and rolls down a hill into a stream. He awakes with his clothes drying overhead. He is in a kimona and a geisha kneels nearby.

star 10.00
1 votes

#2 - Rescue

Combat! Season 2 - Episode 29

This episode is all Lt. Hanley and a bunch of twists along the way. Concussed during an artillery barrage and separated from his platoon, Hanley starts to come out of his daze only to find he is being taken prisoner by an SS soldier. The first twist is when the SS soldier is shot by another SS soldier who frees Hanley. Then we learn the second SS soldier is really a G.I. corporal who just escaped from a holding area but his wounded Colonel is still being held by the Germans and has information valuable to the Germans.

star 9.25
4 votes
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Incident of the Dowery Dundee

#3 - Incident of the Dowery Dundee

Rawhide Season 6 - Episode 17

Rowdy and Jim looking for strays, return with five - four bulls and a lost Scottish lady returning to Scotland. She says her husband stole her inheritance so she is taking her remaining items home with her plus a surprise for all.

star 9.00
2 votes
The Long Way Home (2)

#4 - The Long Way Home (2)

Combat! Season 2 - Episode 5

Interred in a German P.O.W. camp, Sgt. Saunders and his squad must find a way to escape before they are all killed.

star 9.00
7 votes
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Incident at Poco Tiempo

#5 - Incident at Poco Tiempo

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 8

The Poco Tiempo bank has been. Rowdy and Quince are suspects and are taken to two nuns to be identified. They say they are not the men. Two desperadoes are holding Father Sebastian until the nuns deliver the money to Blainesville.

star 8.67
30 votes
Incident of the Rusty Shotgun

#6 - Incident of the Rusty Shotgun

Rawhide Season 6 - Episode 15

After a stampede Mushy and Wishbone go to town for fresh supplies. When Wishbone is able to stop Amie Claybank from harassing a vendor, her brothers decide he is the man for her. Back at camp, Mushy says Wishbone disappeared.

star 8.50
2 votes
The Sniper

#7 - The Sniper

Combat! Season 1 - Episode 28

A never say die German stays behind after the German withdrawal to wage his own private war, aided by a beautiful but bitter Frenchwoman who has her own reasons to hate the town that her German lover terrorizes

star 8.43
7 votes
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Incident at Ten Trees

#8 - Incident at Ten Trees

Rawhide Season 6 - Episode 14

The drovers find a young white woman dressed as an indian, babbling.

star 8.25
4 votes
Incident Before Black Pass

#9 - Incident Before Black Pass

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 27

Pete and Rowdy are captured by the Kiowa. Two other indians want to accompany the herd to Black Pass.

star 8.20
5 votes
Mr. Garrity and the Graves

#10 - Mr. Garrity and the Graves

The Twilight Zone Season 5 - Episode 32

Jared Garrity arrives in the Old West town of Happiness, Arizona, proclaiming he can revive the dead.

star 8.18
97 votes
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The Long Way Home (1)

#11 - The Long Way Home (1)

Combat! Season 2 - Episode 4

While returning from patrol, Saunders and his men are captured by a platoon of German SS. They take the squad back to their base to be interrogated by their commander, an SS Captain played by Richard Basehart. Simon Oakland also guest stars as an American sergeant already held captive by the Germans.

star 8.13
8 votes
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#12 - Chesterland

Gunsmoke Season 7 - Episode 8

Chester becomes engaged more or less accidentally, but he takes to heart his obligation to his betrothed, leaving his job with Mr. Dillon to devote himself to homesteading a barren quarter section.

star 8.02
53 votes
Incident of the Buffalo Soldier

#13 - Incident of the Buffalo Soldier

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 10

Rowdy chases after a buffalo soldier who has killed another soldier and has taken off on his horse.

star 8.00
29 votes
Incident of the Lost Idol

#14 - Incident of the Lost Idol

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 24

Billy Manson, his mom and sister Laurie are on the way to meet their aunt, who is to take them back east. Two bounty hunters shadow them, hoping to find Clete their wanted father.

star 8.00
6 votes
Incident of the Portrait

#15 - Incident of the Portrait

Rawhide Season 5 - Episode 2

Frank Trask enters the Curtis' at night through a window. He's hungry and takes a picture of a woman. Raymond Curtis hears a noise and checks it outs. Trask knocks him out. Marion, the woman in the picture, ""sees"" Trask leave.

star 8.00
5 votes
The Hostages

#16 - The Hostages

Combat! Season 2 - Episode 20

Saunders And Caje are held hostage by two Germans while Doc tries to find a vehicle to get them out of town. When they get out of town Doc learns the reason why the Germans wanted them. He tries to stop them by wrecking the ambulance. When he does, Caje suffers a broken leg, Saunders is wounded and the German in the back is killed. The surviving German wants Doc & Saunders leave the injured Caje behind. Doc gets a chance to jump him and in the fight Doc kills the German with his bare hands. Saunders brings Doc to reality by letting Doc know he is wounded.

star 8.00
2 votes
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Old Yellow Boots

#17 - Old Yellow Boots

Gunsmoke Season 7 - Episode 2

Matt becomes suspicious when drifter Frank Cassidy publicly announces his engagement to spinsterish Beulah Parker immediately after the seemingly unrelated murders of an old prospector and her abusive brother Leroy.

star 7.97
33 votes

#18 - Tension

The Rifleman Season 2 - Episode 5

Gavin and Ezra Martin think that Lucas killed their son Clemmie while taking part in a train robbery, and Lucas refuses to tell them what really happened.

star 7.94
15 votes
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#19 - Shona

Gunsmoke Season 8 - Episode 22

Gib Dawson brings his beautiful Indian wife, Shona, in to Dodge for treatment of a badly infected hand wound, at a time when racial tensions are running high against the Comanches.

star 7.85
13 votes
Bless Me Till I Die

#20 - Bless Me Till I Die

Gunsmoke Season 6 - Episode 31

Vengeful former convict Nate Bush sets off a tragic series of events when he informs Matt that well-liked new arrival Cole Treadwell is actually Cole Trankin, an escapee from the Arizona Territorial Prison.

star 7.83
18 votes
The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary

#21 - The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary

Perry Mason Season 1 - Episode 17

Arlene Dowling reports the theft of all her belongings, including a diary she is anxious to get back.

star 7.82
67 votes
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Incident at Dragoon Crossing

#22 - Incident at Dragoon Crossing

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 3

An ailing Favor asks John Cord to take over the herd. He heads them to Dragoon Crossing where the Bates boys demanded tribute when he brought his herd through.

star 7.81
32 votes
Old Fool

#23 - Old Fool

Gunsmoke Season 6 - Episode 15

A scheming woman (Else Hedgepath), who is after the money and wealth of Hannibal Bass, makes a play for Hannibal, but runs into some serious, SERIOUS trouble though when she tangles with *MRS* Bass!

star 7.78
23 votes
The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink

#24 - The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink

Perry Mason Season 1 - Episode 13

Restrauteur Morey Allen, a friend of Perry and Della's, has a problem: his waitress, Dixie Dayton, was struck by a car while fleeing the restaurant after spotting a man stalking her. The only item she left behind was a moth-eaten mink. When the stalker is found murdered, Morey and Dixie are both strong suspects and eventually get arrested for the murder. The case also ties in with the murder of a young policeman several months before.

star 7.78
68 votes
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Laughing Gas

#25 - Laughing Gas

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 29

When town bully Cloud Marsh experiences public humiliation during a laughing gas show, he and his surly brothers assault proprietor Earle Stafford and attempt to molest his kind-hearted wife.

star 7.78
58 votes
Gone Straight

#26 - Gone Straight

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 20

When Matt serves a warrant in another town for a wanted man, there are two men answering the possible suspect's description, and they both have gone totally straight.

star 7.77
66 votes
Alarm at Pleasant Valley

#27 - Alarm at Pleasant Valley

Gunsmoke Season 1 - Episode 39

While on the way back to Dodge, Matt and Chester discover a homsteading family fleeing Pleasant Valley, which is besieged by Indians.

star 7.76
41 votes
Incident of the Curious Street

#28 - Incident of the Curious Street

Rawhide Season 1 - Episode 13

Favor and Rowdy are looking for strays. They enter a deserted mining town. Matt Lucas is the caretaker. He says he's the only one there. Leaving they hear an organ. Mrs. Miller and her daughter, Angie, say Lucas and his son, Waldo, gunned down the stage coach driver, and is holding them hostage.

star 7.75
12 votes
Incident of his Brother's Keeper

#29 - Incident of his Brother's Keeper

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 21

Paul Evans is confined to a wheelchair. His wife is preparing to run away with Paul's brother. Pete gets stuck in the middle.

star 7.75
4 votes
Blind Man's Bluff

#30 - Blind Man's Bluff

Gunsmoke Season 8 - Episode 24

Billy Poe is falsely accused of murder by a dying man, and flees to another town while Matt follows him, and encounters dangerous resistance from other men who hate lawmen.

star 7.75
12 votes

#31 - Nora

The Rifleman Season 2 - Episode 35

Lucas finds himself involved in murder when he gallantly steps to the aid of a beautiful woman.

star 7.75
7 votes
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Incident of the Widowed Dove

#32 - Incident of the Widowed Dove

Rawhide Season 1 - Episode 4

Rowdy tries to help Clovis leave her sheriff husband.

star 7.71
34 votes
Half Straight

#33 - Half Straight

Gunsmoke Season 7 - Episode 20

A man has been hired to kill Matt, but when he meets and quickly falls in love with a decent girl, he has a change of heart--or does he?

star 7.71
17 votes
Skid Row

#34 - Skid Row

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 22

When a lady comes to town looking for her betrothed, Matt takes it upon himself to sober up the man, who, in his fiancée's absence, has become the town drunk.

star 7.70
61 votes

#35 - Crack-Up

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 1

Gunman Nate Springer arrives in Dodge with the obvious intention of committing murder, but his nervousness and unpredictability make Matt determined to find out who hired him and why he seems so different from his steel-nerved reputation.

star 7.70
81 votes
The Fear

#36 - The Fear

The Twilight Zone Season 5 - Episode 35

Two people in a remote cabin find signs of an extraterrestrial.

star 7.70
139 votes
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#37 - Cain

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 24

Told he has only two months to live, a man determines to avenge the suicide of a young woman by killing the womanizer he blames for her death.

star 7.69
59 votes
Sins of the Father

#38 - Sins of the Father

The Rifleman Season 2 - Episode 30

After shooting a man in self-defense, Andy Moon turns to Lucas for protection from his vengeful brothers.

star 7.67
8 votes
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Unmarked Grave

#39 - Unmarked Grave

Gunsmoke Season 1 - Episode 38

On a stage heading for Dodge Sheriff Darcy has a heart attack while guarding a murderer, Blackie. Mrs. Randolph is looking for her son Whitey. Matt tells her he was shot by a deputy two years ago. Darcy brings the kid in to Matt. He shot the cashier in a bank robbery in Caldwell. Mrs. Randolph fawns over the kid. Tasca Sloan and his gang, who the kid rode with, ride into town. Matt takes the kid to the Dodge House. Randolph tries vainly to try to help the kid escape. In the morning Blackie breaks a window to let Tasca know where he is. Matt heads for the train with Blackie. Mrs. Randolph follows. Tasca shoots Blackie. Matt shoots Tasca. Matt's wounded. The rest of the gang bite the dust. Mrs. Randolph tells Matt she was wrong.

star 7.65
40 votes
Kitty Lost

#40 - Kitty Lost

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 15

Kitty takes a buggy ride with a dandified stranger. When he makes a pass, her spirited rejection of it results in her being left alone on the prairie.

star 7.65
57 votes
How to Cure a Friend

#41 - How to Cure a Friend

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 7

Matt is put in a difficult position by the arrival of Nick Search, an old friend who has since become a gambler with a fast draw and a reputation for dishonesty.

star 7.65
99 votes
A World of Difference

#42 - A World of Difference

The Twilight Zone Season 1 - Episode 23

Businessman Arthur Curtis finds his phone dead. He is then surprised to hear a voice yell, "Cut!" and see that his office is just a set on a sound stage. Everyone tells him that he is Jerry Raigan, a drunken movie star on the decline, and "Arthur Curtis" is a character he is playing in the movie "The Private World of Arthur Curtis".

star 7.62
562 votes
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Chester's Dilemma

#43 - Chester's Dilemma

Gunsmoke Season 6 - Episode 35

A pretty girl arrives in town and chases Chester, who's happy for her to do so, but the young woman has a secret that may land her in jail.

star 7.62
21 votes

#44 - Carmen

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 37

When an Army payroll is stolen and two soldiers are murdered, the commanding officer of Fort Dodge threatens to put Dodge City under martial law unless Matt can capture the perpetrators within 48 hours.

star 7.62
26 votes
Incident of the Rawhiders

#45 - Incident of the Rawhiders

Rawhide Season 6 - Episode 8

While scouting Rowdy stumbles on rawhiders. After Rowdy refuses to kill Brock in a fight, the leader forces Brock to give Rowdy his intended bride in return for his life. Rowdy is allowed to escape leading the rawhiders to the herd.

star 7.60
5 votes
Incident of the Town in Terror

#46 - Incident of the Town in Terror

Rawhide Season 1 - Episode 9

When Rowdy and two steers are thought to have anthrax, The only medical help is a young lady with two years of nursing school. Her town doesn't want anything to do with the drovers or the herd.

star 7.59
22 votes
Print Asper

#47 - Print Asper

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 36

Print Asper is suspected of attempted murder when he forces a crooked lawyer, at gunpoint, to return the ranch he stole from him, and the lawyer still ends up getting shot later by someone.

star 7.52
21 votes
Buffalo Man

#48 - Buffalo Man

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 18

Doc finds a half-dead man on the side of the road and tells Matt. Matt and Chester ride out to a buffalo hunter's camp but before they get far, the occupants show up not treating them much better than the man the doc found.

star 7.52
25 votes
Rio Salado

#49 - Rio Salado

Rawhide Season 4 - Episode 1

Rowdy and Hey Soos are robbed by Antonio Marcos. He is leading a revolution against the Texas land grant. Rowdy meets his Dad, who ran out on him and his Ma.

star 7.50
4 votes
Last Fling

#50 - Last Fling

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 26

Miss Kitty is suspected of taking a shot at drunkard John Peavy for harassing her earlier, and shortly thereafter someone fires a shot at her.

star 7.50
36 votes
Big Girl Lost

#51 - Big Girl Lost

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 30

A saloon gal's old beau is in town, and she expects trouble when he finds out where she is working.

star 7.50
30 votes
Doc's Revenge

#52 - Doc's Revenge

Gunsmoke Season 1 - Episode 29

Clem Maddow rides into Dodge. Doc tells Chester I'm gonna kill a man. Chester gets Matt. Doc's ready to shoot Clem, he won't say why. Clem says he won't defend himself. Matt tells Doc to put his Colt 36 away. Matt tells Clem to get outta Dodge. Matt can't find Doc. Clem is shot in the back and his brother George is hit on the head. Doc heard the shot and shows up. Doc digs a .45 caliber bullet out of Clem. George shot Clem. Doc says he doesn't hate Clem anymore. Doc loved a woman, she loved Clem. He left her after a miscarriage and never returned.

star 7.45
71 votes
A Case of Immunity

#53 - A Case of Immunity

Columbo Season 5 - Episode 2

An ambassador from Suari and his code clerk kill the chief of security in an attempt to make it look like the chief was a traitor, who blew up the legation safe and stole £600.000 on behalf of a dissident group. But Columbo gets suspicious. He just have problem crushing the ambassador's alibi. And then, when the code clerk turns up dead, the ambassador has an alibi again. But even if Colombo could rock the two alibis, there is always the immunity problem.

star 7.45
258 votes
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The Round Up

#54 - The Round Up

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 4

Matt closes up shops to a group of drunken cowboys, which causes trouble.

star 7.41
69 votes
Potato Road

#55 - Potato Road

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 5

An addled and desperate prairie family lures Matt and Chester out of town as a preliminary part of their plan for attempting a violent robbery of the Dodge City bank.

star 7.41
37 votes
The Widow

#56 - The Widow

Gunsmoke Season 7 - Episode 25

A young woman comes to Dodge insisting on an escort to Indian country so that the body of her husband, believed to have been killed fighting the Kiowa, may be recovered.

star 7.37
19 votes
No Indians

#57 - No Indians

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 11

Matt strongly suspects that it is actually white men who are responsible for a murderous series of "Indian raids" that have terrorized prairie-dwelling families.

star 7.34
88 votes
Weep No More

#58 - Weep No More

Combat! Season 2 - Episode 27

Lt. Hanley aids a mute addled French girl who may have valuable information regarding German positions

star 7.33
3 votes
Chester's Hanging

#59 - Chester's Hanging

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 36

When Jim Cando is thrown in jail by Matt, for a robbery and murder, he orders his partner to get him out by any means, or he will implicate him in the crime too.

star 7.32
59 votes
Stage Hold-Up

#60 - Stage Hold-Up

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 7

A stagecoach on which Matt and Chester are riding is robbed and another passenger is murdered. Matt utilizes a ruse to incriminate the thieves when a "cowboy" appears and offers to show him where one of the thieves may be buried.

star 7.32
56 votes
Joke's on Us

#61 - Joke's on Us

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 27

A horse thief is headed for a rope. At least that's how his friends see it. They find out too late they may have the wrong man. The joke may be on all of them now as someone is killing them one by one.

star 7.31
29 votes

#62 - Romeo

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 9

A powerful landowner threatens to wipe out Dodge when his daughter falls in love with the son of his archenemy. Matt has to find a way to stop it.

star 7.30
37 votes
Probe 7, Over and Out

#63 - Probe 7, Over and Out

The Twilight Zone Season 5 - Episode 9

The lone survivors of two annihilated worlds are stranded on a distant planet.

star 7.29
127 votes
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Passive Resistance

#64 - Passive Resistance

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 19

A man's house is burned and his livestock killed, but he refuses to identify the perpetrators to the marshal.

star 7.27
52 votes
Incident of the Last Chance

#65 - Incident of the Last Chance

Rawhide Season 2 - Episode 31

Gil takes a protective interest in a stranded tenderfoot couple. Rowdy is interested in the wife.

star 7.25
32 votes

#66 - Custer

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 3

Matt refushes to turn Joe Trimble a rustler over to Major Banker for court-martial.

star 7.22
67 votes
Mr. and Mrs. Amber

#67 - Mr. and Mrs. Amber

Gunsmoke Season 1 - Episode 37

Peak Fletcher says his sister Sarah Amber stole a calf. She was set up. Matt tells Peak to take the calf and leave. Simon, Peak's son tells Matt Neal, Sarah's husband, is just rocking in the dark and Sarah's gone. Neal says he sent her back east and that he loved her. Chester finds Sarah under a blanket in the shed. Neal says he shot her. Matt locks him up. Peak wants to know when he hangs. Neal has been let out to eat. Simon says she lived in unrighteousness. Neal grabs a rifle and shoots Simon. Simon shoots Neal. Neal says Sarah gave up and died. He put a bullet in her after she died.

star 7.22
65 votes
Joe Phy

#68 - Joe Phy

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 17

Matt and Chester travel to the small town of Elkader to arrest would-be killer Kerry Post, but find they must first expose a bogus U.S. Marshal in order to lure him into town.

star 7.21
28 votes
How to Die for Nothing

#69 - How to Die for Nothing

Gunsmoke Season 1 - Episode 31

Zach and Bulow, up with a cattle drive, are raising a ruckus. Matt wants Zach's gun. He won't give it up. Matt hits him. Bulow draws his gun. Matt kills him. Zach tells Matt Bulow's brother Howard will shoot you in the back. Matt sees a guy hiding in the shadows. It's not Howard, but Howard comes up and introduces himself. Matt locks Howard up. Will Jacklin, the trail boss, comes for Howard. Will says he has fourteen men down the street. Reisling, the hotel owner, tells Matt you have to set him free. Matt tells Chester to go get Howard. Matt tells Jacklin, his men and Howard to get outta Dodge. Howard reaffirms he is going to kill Matt. Ben Cherry, a friend of Chester's Pa, raised Chester. Reisling says he's going to ride out to the cattle drive camp and tell the men they're welcome in Dodge. Matt and Chester go to the Dodge House to see how he did. Howard shoots at Matt from upstairs. Matt kills Howard.

star 7.21
62 votes
Incident at Rojo Canyon

#70 - Incident at Rojo Canyon

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 1

Favor and a calvary detachment lead by Sargeant Matson swear if they did not know better would think they were under attack from a military unit.

star 7.20
35 votes
Chester's Murder

#71 - Chester's Murder

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 27

When the drunkard Chester is escorting to jail is shot dead, Chester is suspected of the murder.

star 7.19
59 votes
Indian White

#72 - Indian White

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 6

At Fort Dodge, home of the third cavalry, Mrs. Mary Cullen tells the colonel, that the twelve year old they got from the Cheyenne ls her son Dennis. The indians took him when he was two years old.

star 7.18
65 votes
Prairie Happy

#73 - Prairie Happy

Gunsmoke Season 1 - Episode 33

Chester and Matt are out riding when they get shot at by a boy. His father says the Pawnee are on the warpath. Jonas tells Matt we have to protect our women and children. Matt wants to know how this scare got started. A grizzled old timer, Tewksbury, says he lived with the Pawnee, and they'll attack at dawn. Jonas and his bunch want a strategy meeting. Matt asked have you ever heard of indians announcing when they were going to attack. Matt tells them to go home. That night there's a fire at the Danver's rooming house, with Pawnee arrows around. Matt tells Chester to keep an eye on Tewksbury. Chester calls for Matt, Tewksbury has set a fire. Tewksbury says he set Danver's on fire and put the arrows there. Two cowboys died in the fire. Tewksbury daughter, Quiet One, says he tried to turn the indians against the whites, but couldn't. Tewksbury's Pawnee name is Lost Warrior, he wanted to die in battle. Quiet One gives Lost Warrior poison and takes his body home.

star 7.18
67 votes
False Witness

#74 - False Witness

Gunsmoke Season 5 - Episode 14

A man is convicted of murder on doubtful testimony.

star 7.18
57 votes
Buffalo Hunter

#75 - Buffalo Hunter

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 33

When a Buffalo hunter dies from injuries from burning led, Matt and Doc think that their boss (Jim Gatluf) might have had something to do with the man's dying. After Matt speaks with one of Gatluf's employees about the killing of the Buffalo skinner, Matt is convinced that Gatluff murdered the man. Soon after, Chester informs Matt that another Buffalo skinner had been murdered. Since Matt is now convinced without any doubt that Guttliff committed these murders, Matt and Chester set off to bring Gattluff in for murder. While Matt and Chester are searching for Gatluff out on the prairie, they run into a buying agent who tells Matt that he had recently done business with Gatluff. The agent also informs Matt where Gatluff's is. When Matt and Chester ride into Gutluff's camp, they discover another one of Gutluff's men who has been attacked by Guttluf with a knife. Matt and Chester finally find Guttluff's camp, but soon discover some more troubling information about this case.

star 7.17
53 votes
Incident at the Top of the World

#76 - Incident at the Top of the World

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 12

There's a new drover who has just spent five years in an army hospital and is addicted to morphine.

star 7.17
30 votes
Spring Term

#77 - Spring Term

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 12

A man is shot on the streets of Dodge, and Matt realizes that shot was meant for him.

star 7.17
90 votes
Incident Near the Promised Land

#78 - Incident Near the Promised Land

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 13

The drive has reached Sedalia but there is a bank scare and no buyers. Favor must deal with bitter Emma Caldwell to graze the herd.

star 7.16
31 votes
Incident of the Fish Out of Water

#79 - Incident of the Fish Out of Water

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 15

Favor returns to Philadelphia to see his two daughters. Another passenger is Ogala, Chief of the Pawnee. He is going to be in a wild west show.

star 7.16
31 votes

#80 - Bureaucrat

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 25

A government official from Washington warns Matt that he will relieve him of his duties if he does not start using a firmer hand in Dodge.

star 7.15
27 votes
Brush at Elkader

#81 - Brush at Elkader

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 2

After his friend Ben Williams is shot down by Lou Shippen, Matt travels to Elkader to bring him him. The only problem, he doesn't know what he looks like and the town is protecting Shippen.

star 7.14
76 votes
Incident of the Slavemaster

#82 - Incident of the Slavemaster

Rawhide Season 3 - Episode 5

Mrs. Bradley pulls a gun on Victor Laurier and wants to know where her husband is. She knows he isn't dead. Victor was in charge of a POW camp. At the end of the war Victor says he sent 27 union soldiers and three guards, one his son east, but they never reached their destination. Mrs. Bradley got a letter from her husband four years after he was supposed to have died.

star 7.11
9 votes
The Gentleman

#83 - The Gentleman

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 39

Suave and enigmatic gambler Marcus France falls in love with Long Branch hostess Boni Damon. France is curiously unwilling to marry Boni, though he is willing to risk death to protect her from the unwanted advances of vicious Tiller Evans.

star 7.10
51 votes
Incident of the Dust Flower

#84 - Incident of the Dust Flower

Rawhide Season 2 - Episode 20

The drovers rescue an injured traveler and his grown daughter, who is sensitive about her unmarried status. The woman flees, but scout Pete Nolan locates her. Upon learning that she can't face patronizing relatives in the town she's moving to, Pete decides to accompany her there and pose as her fiancé.

star 7.10
31 votes

#85 - Cheyennes

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 39

Matt seeks the help of wise Chief Long Robe to track down gunrunners who are supplying renegade Cheyenne braves with rifles used to murder prairie-dwelling families. Long Robe provides Matt with the needed information, but warns him that the death of even a single brave could lead to a violent uprising.

star 7.10
52 votes

#86 - Dirt

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 25

The only man who didn't treat Beulah like dirt is marrying another woman, whose brother doesn't want him in the family. When the groom is shot leaving the church, everyone suspects the new brother-in-law.

star 7.07
27 votes

#87 - Sky

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 23

While Chester is teaching Miss Kitty guitar playing and singing technics, the cowpokes at the Long Branch are making quite a fuss over Frog mouth Kate. Kate has a fondness for a younger man almost half her age (Billy Daunt). Billy does not share the same feelings for Kate and runs away much to the delight to the Long Branch barflies. Late that night, Chester wakes Matt in the middle of the night to tell Matt that Kate had been shot at Ma Torvet's boarding house. Ma Torvet tells Matt that Billy was the one who shot Kate. Ma also believes that Billy shot Kate because Kate kept some money stashed away under her bed. Matt and Chester search the countryside for Billy Daunt. While Matt and Chester are conducting their search, they discover the wife of a destitute farmer who claims Billy killed her husband and tortured a very old man. Matt and Chester finally overtake a desperate Billy Daunt and transport Billy back to Dodge. Shortly after their arrival in Dodge, Matt finds out some more tro

star 7.06
81 votes
The Choice

#88 - The Choice

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 34

Matt tries to help Andy Hill, a young gunman who is apparently trying very hard to go straight, by getting him a job riding shotgun on the stagecoach.

star 7.04
49 votes
A Matter of Honor

#89 - A Matter of Honor

Columbo Season 5 - Episode 4

The owner of a bull ranch in Mexico gives his workers the day off, and then talks his number one man into fighting the bull who nearly killed his son. But instead he shoots him with a tranquilizer gun, and lets the bull kill him. Colombo, who is on vacation in Mexico, gets dragged into this case by an admiring colleague, but he has trouble convincing the Mexicans that the accident is really homicide. And how do you prove that the bull is a murder weapon?

star 7.02
293 votes
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#90 - Snakebite

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 15

When two town troublemakers kill Poney Thompson's dog , Poney goes after the two men. When one of the men who shot and killed Poney's Dog is found dead, Matt and Chester suspect that Poney killed the man. Matt is forced to arrest Poney, but as Chester is taking Poney to jail, Poney escapes from Chester Matt, Chester and one of the men who killed Poney's dog (Jed Hakes), go after Poney. Along the trail, Matt and Chester discover Poney dead in a cave from a snakebite wound. Jed Hakes later makes a fatal slip of the tongue and reveals that he killed his partner (Walt Moorman).

star 7.01
85 votes

#91 - Claustrophobia

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 20

Matt and Chester find a man shot in back in his lonely cabin and the immediate suspects are two men who have been trying to force him to sell his land.

star 7.00
25 votes
Blue Horse

#92 - Blue Horse

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 38

Seriously injured Matt faces a moral dilemma when Blue Horse saves his life and prevents the escape of a prisoner. The Marshal knows that Blue Horse is being sought by the Cavalry as a fugitive from a reservation, and he is well aware that he is duty-bound to assist their search in any way possible.

star 6.96
53 votes
Greater Love

#93 - Greater Love

Gunsmoke Season 2 - Episode 10

Killer Jed Butler takes Doctor Adams hostage to help his dying partner, and learns the true meaning of love for a friend, when Matt risks his life to rescue the good doctor.

star 6.95
99 votes
Throw a Long Rope

#94 - Throw a Long Rope

The Virginian Season 1 - Episode 3

A homesteader (Jack Warden) accused of rustling narrowly escapes hanging by local ranchers led by Major Cass (John Anderson), an event that is observed by Shiloh hands including the Virginian. However, the homesteader is severely injured, and the Virginian helps him work his farm during off hours. After some investigation into the rash of cattle rustling, the Virginian decides to defend the man against the Major and the other ranchers including Judge Garth.

star 6.86
7 votes

#95 - Seven

The Rifleman Season 3 - Episode 3

Seven condemned murderers escape and take over the town of North Fork.

star 6.80
14 votes
Widow's Mite

#96 - Widow's Mite

Gunsmoke Season 3 - Episode 35

Matt is strongly suspicious of the character and the intentions of gentleman gambler Leach Fields, especially when he proposes marriage to a recently-widowed woman who may know the location of $10,000 in stolen money.

star 6.80
60 votes
Land Deal

#97 - Land Deal

Gunsmoke Season 4 - Episode 9

When a stranger leading some immigrants planning on settling outside of Dodge wants Matt to give him a badge to avert trouble, he gets suspicious and rides out to their camp to see what is really up.

star 6.77
62 votes
Incident of the Travellin' Man

#98 - Incident of the Travellin' Man

Rawhide Season 6 - Episode 4

Jagger is fished out of the river with leg irons on. His story doesn't match that of Matt Harger.

star 6.60
5 votes
The Love of Money

#99 - The Love of Money

Gunsmoke Season 6 - Episode 36

When an ex-marshal passing through town is shot in the back, Matt suspects a new saloon gal might have had something to do with it.

star 6.57
51 votes
The Cook

#100 - The Cook

Gunsmoke Season 6 - Episode 14

A young drifter takes a job as cook at Delmonico's but accidentally kills a crazy buffalo hunter who complains about his cooking.

star 6.28
49 votes