The Best Episodes Directed by Tatsuya Nokimori

The Angel, the Demon, and the Class President

#1 - The Angel, the Demon, and the Class President

Gabriel DropOut Season 1 - Episode 2

Vignette wants to invite Gabriel and Satania to try out the school cafeteria with her, but Satania sneaks out of the classroom with her lunch, and Vigne and Gab realize they don't know where she's been eating all this time. When the demon and angel tail her, what they see will shock them...

star 7.74
96 votes
Umaru's Birthday

#2 - Umaru's Birthday

Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 1 - Episode 6

Umaru sneaks out to the corner store at night. Onii-chan kills summer break and splits the room in two Kirie-chan and Onii-chan play the Game of Life with Umaru. And then, it's Umaru-chan's birthday!

star 7.56
34 votes
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Gamers and Next Stage

#3 - Gamers and Next Stage

Gamers! Season 1 - Episode 10

Chiaki is led to believe that Tasuku had confessed to her. With the tensions becoming overwhelming, Keita gathers the Meet-up gang to announce his intention to finally set everything straight, but he Keitas it up.

star 7.42
52 votes
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It's Summer Break!!

#4 - It's Summer Break!!

New Game! Season 1 - Episode 8

It's summer break for Sakura Nene, aka Nenecchi, but Suzukaze Aoba isn't getting any break from work as the game's closing date draws near. In fact, Eagle Jump is looking for part-timers to help out with the debugging, and Nenecchi may have something to say about that.

star 7.24
37 votes
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At Least Put a Shirt on!

#5 - At Least Put a Shirt on!

New Game! Season 2 - Episode 9

Hajime and Yun go to see an Insect Five hero show at an amusement park. After the show, Hajime gets in line for a handshaking event with the cast members, when her friend from high school, Akki finds her. Akki asks Hajime what she’s doing in Tokyo, and Hajime tells her that she works as a designer. On top of that, she gets embarrassed for being in line for a handshake in front of Akki, so she gets out of line. Yun pokes fun at Hajime for the way she’s acting, and Hajime tells her that she actually kept her love for anime and tokusatsu a secret when she was in school.

star 6.96
26 votes
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