The BEST episodes directed by Sue Longstaff

The Spirit of Nouvion
153 votes

#1 - The Spirit of Nouvion

'Allo 'Allo! - Season 7 - Episode 6

The Germans have found out about the telegraph pole escape plan, so the Resistance plan to use wine barrels instead. Michelle decides to steal the painting of the 'Fallen Madonna' from Herr Flick so that it can be sold to raise funds for the Resistance. René and company tunnel into Herr Flick's office just as Colonel von Strohm, Lieutenant Gruber and Captain Bertorelli break in. René gets covered in flour and Gruber thinks he's being haunted by Rene's dead 'twin brother' again. The Germans run away and René steals the painting.

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René of the Gypsies
186 votes

#2 - René of the Gypsies

'Allo 'Allo! - Season 7 - Episode 10

The ice cream truck plan has failed, so Michelle suggests holding a gypsy fair in the town centre. Herr Flick has the painting in General von Klinkerhoffen's office replaced with a forgery. The General discovers the forgery and has Colonel von Strohm, Lieutenant Gruber and Captain Bertorelli arrested. René poses as a gypsy fortuneteller in the tent over the sewer grating. A séance is held during which the airmen finally break out of the sewer. Three more airmen emerge from the sewer - apparently they've been lost down there for weeks.

Prior Engagements
157 votes

#3 - Prior Engagements

'Allo 'Allo! - Season 7 - Episode 8

General von Klinkerhoffen thinks that a mixed marriage between a Frenchwoman and someone from the occupying forces would provide a good propaganda piece for the newspaper. He decides that Captain Bertorelli should marry Edith. A party is arranged at the château so that local dignitaries can meet the 'happy couple'. The Resistance rescues the airmen from the château via an underground river. The airmen end up stuck in a sewer underneath the town centre.

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Up the Crick Without a Piddle
192 votes

#4 - Up the Crick Without a Piddle

'Allo 'Allo! - Season 7 - Episode 4

René and an airsick Edith land in England where British Intelligence tries to find out why they aren't the airmen. An officer from Deep Intelligence is brought in, and he turns out to be none other than Hans Geering. In the intervening time, Hans has become a British citizen with his knowledge of the Nazi army. At No.10 Downing Street, Churchill desires to meet René and Edith, who he awards medals and citations. However, Edith decides to return home after discovering that Fanny and LeClerc are ruining the bar. They are flown over Nouvion, the bomb door opens and the two of them are dropped out of the plane, arriving back at the café just before they are to be arrested for being out past curfew.

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An Almighty Bang
198 votes

#5 - An Almighty Bang

'Allo 'Allo! - Season 7 - Episode 2

Monsieur Alphonse, who made the Murphy bed, arrives to pry the couple out while Mimi tries to feed them soup through a hole using a bellows. Meanwhile, von Flockenstuffen reveals his plans to kidnap Churchill, pulling rank on the recovering von Klinkerhoffen. Herr Flick has von Smallhausen sprung from prison and the pair arrive just as the dynamite goes off in their faces and frees the newlyweds. That night, as von Flockenstuffen is being entertained in the café, Helga and Bertorelli spring von Klinkerhoffen. Von Flockenstuffen demands to visit the cellar, taking with him one of the dynamite candles. Von Klinkerhoffen arrives to relieve him just as the candle goes off.

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