The Best Episodes Directed by Stuart Allen

First Aid

#1 - First Aid

On the Buses Season 3 - Episode 1

Stan fibs his way past the First Aid test but how will he cope with a real emergency?

star 8.27
11 votes
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Open Government

#2 - Open Government

Yes Minister Season 1 - Episode 1

Jim Hacker wins a seat in the election and is given a cabinet post in the new government He meets the permanent secretary for his department Sir Humphrey Appleby but Jim decides to change the way things are done in the civil service so Sir Humphrey starts a plan to stop him

star 8.23
306 votes
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An Inspector Calls

#3 - An Inspector Calls

Mind Your Language Season 1 - Episode 2

Miss Courtney tells Jeremy to expect a new student from Africa. An Inspector from the board of education calls to see Miss Courtney & drops in on Jeremy's class without warning to observe how he gives the lesson. Jeremy welcomes the inspector Roger Kenyon into the class believing that he is the new African student Miss Courtney told him about. During a tea break Jeremy goes to see Miss Courtney & tells him there's an Inspector in the building. Jeremy tells her not to worry, He'll sort it out. Back in class Jeremy calls the attendance roll & tells the class what he thinks about Inspectors & their old fashioned ways. Mr Kenyon is listening to what Jeremy is saying, when Miss Courtney walks in to the room & sees Mr Kenyon sitting in the back row. She apologises to him for Jeremy's remarks & tells Jeremy that Mr Kenyon is the school inspector. Later when the Inspector's wife comes looking for him, Jeremy mistakes her for the new African student & makes another embarrasing mi

star 8.18
98 votes
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Brew It Yourself

#4 - Brew It Yourself

On the Buses Season 3 - Episode 4

Jack leads Stan astray when he convinces him to start home brewing beer.

star 8.18
11 votes
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A Fate Worse Than Death

#5 - A Fate Worse Than Death

Mind Your Language Season 1 - Episode 3

Danielle needs help with her homework, she asks Max to help her when Giovanni walks into the room with the answers to the homework which he will sell to them for only 10p each.! Ali arrives late from his new job as a travelling salesman & proceeds to sell his wares (ties,socks,scarves,gloves etc.)in the classroom. Jeremy tells him to sell his merchandise in his own time. Ranjeet arrives late also with an explanation, He's getting married to Surinder whom he was betrothed to when he was 12 years old. Only problem is Surinder has changed since then & Ranjeet would rather die than marry her.! Surinder arrives & wants to see Ranjeet, Ranjeet hides & asks Jeremy to tell her he's not there. At tea break time the students sneak Ranjeet to the cafeteria, soon Surinder goes there too & thinks she sees her betrothed hiding behind the curtain. Ranjeet has left his shoes & climbed out the window. He climbs back in through Miss Courtney's window & bumps into Surinder in the Hall. Jeremy tells S

star 8.16
85 votes
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The Kids' Outing

#6 - The Kids' Outing

On the Buses Season 4 - Episode 7

Much to his disgust, this year it is Stan's turn to drive the bus for the children's annual outing.

star 8.13
8 votes
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Radio Control

#7 - Radio Control

On the Buses Season 3 - Episode 8

Blakey installs a two-way radio in Stan and Jack's cab, but should he believe all he hears?

star 8.08
12 votes
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What a Tangled Web

#8 - What a Tangled Web

Mind Your Language Season 3 - Episode 8

Miss Courtney gives the class an oral exam, but after a few minutes gives up in exasperation. Ali has a problem at home & tells Jeremy about it. He says his wife is never home lately. Jeremy follows Ali's wife (Rehana) to Ranjeet's place, he thinks she's having an affair. Jeremy has a talk with Rehana asking her indirectly if she's having an affair. Rehana missunderstands & thinks Ali is the one having the affair.! Rehana was meeting with Ranjeet to plan a party after class for Ali for being a good Husband. Now when Ali & Jeremy walk in to the classroom, Ali is confronted by his wife with an accusation. Rehana tells him Jeremy told her he had a girlfriend. Jeremy tells her she's missunderstood him & ducks as she throws the cake at him. Before long the food is flying across the room & several people get hit in the face with cake. a BIG thank you to LB who made this synopsis possible.

star 8.05
19 votes
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All Through the Night

#9 - All Through the Night

Mind Your Language Season 1 - Episode 4

Max & Giovanni meet Sid the Janitor in the cafeteria. Sid teaches them some cockney rhyming slang. Jeremy comes in with a bag full of groceries for that evenings lesson & they walk to the classroom together. Jeremy wants the class to identify the items he's holding up & then asks if everyone completed the homework he gave them the night before. When no one has completed it he tells them they'll have to finish it before he lets them go home. Sid is locking up the school for the night thinking everyone has gone home. He locks Jeremy's classroom door & then goes to the pub for a drink. When Jeremy realises they're locked in and asks if anybody will miss them & come looking for them the class says no. So to pass the time he suggests the students tell jokes, Juan tells a joke in spanish & no one understands. When Sid is leaving the pub,his friend Charlie sees the light on in the classroom & everyone waving. Sid has to get Miss Courtney out of bed to Investigate. After the

star 8.02
82 votes
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The Best Things in Life

#10 - The Best Things in Life

Mind Your Language Season 1 - Episode 5

Ali thinks he has won the football pools. He says he has eight score draws. Jeremy looks at his ticket & sees his eight score draws are not on the same line, so he hasn't won anything.! Jeremy has the class role playing real life situations, e.g. going to the Doctor, or going to the post office to post a letter or opening a bank account. Miss Courtney interupts the class to tell Jeremy that he's needed at the police station. Jamilla's been arrested for shoplifting.! Jeremy and Ali arrive at the police station & Ali talks to Jamilla to find out what happened. It seems Jamilla misunderstood 'free trial' and took the goods & left the store. Jeremy insists that the Sergeant look at his drivers licence & a five pound note falls out as the officer looks at the licence. Jeremy assures the Sergeant he wasn't trying to bribe him & donates the 'fiver' to the police charity collection box. The Sergeant lets Jamilla go,realising the misunderstanding and Jamilla takes Jeremy & Ali ba

star 7.90
79 votes
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Come Back All is Forgiven

#11 - Come Back All is Forgiven

Mind Your Language Season 1 - Episode 6

It's Jeremy's Birthday & the class greets him singing Happy Birthday to you. Then they give him their gifts one at a time. Danielle gives the gift only she could give, Max & the other boys each give Jeremy an identical pen. Then it's on with the lesson, Today it's Vowel sounds. Miss Courtney says she wants to see Jeremy in her office, She tells him that she has found a female teacher to replace him. She reminds him that he was on a months trial & could have been replaced at any time. Jeremy is very annoyed & leaves straight away. He breaks the news to the class & goes home. Miss Courtney takes over until Miss Hardacre can come in to finish the lesson. The class decides to adopt a policy of non co-operation. When Miss Hardacre arrives and attempts to call the roll, no one answers. Miss Courtney has a meeting with Miss Hardacre & realises that she may have made a big mistake. Miss Hardacre has a few things to say about how Miss Courtney is running the school. The class

star 7.82
50 votes
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Better to Have Loved and Lost

#12 - Better to Have Loved and Lost

Mind Your Language Season 1 - Episode 8

Jeremy asks the class how they spent their weekend. Danielle says her new boyfriend was doing something naughty with her on the motorway and the police made him stop.! (he was speeding.!) Jeremy asks the others in turn & is interupted by Ali & Su Lee who announce they are getting married. The class congratulates them & Ali invites them all to the wedding. One week later,it's the day before the wedding. Gladys asks Miss Courtney if she's going, but she says no. Giovanni & Max invite the boys & the Groom to the Pub after class, Gladys tells Jeremy Miss Courtney wants to see him in her office. When Jeremy goes to see her she introduces him to Ali's wife.! Jeremy has a talk to Ali in Miss Courtney's ofice. He tells him he cannot have two wives. Ali says his religion says he can. Jeremy tells him English law forbids it. Ali tells him he & his wife have tried to have a baby for 4 years, and his religion states that if it's o.k. with the first wife,he can find a second wife. Je

star 7.68
37 votes
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Late Again

#13 - Late Again

On the Buses Season 2 - Episode 5

Stan is burning the candle at both ends, what with his new girlfriend keeping him out late at night and then having to do the early shift at the depot.

star 7.50
12 votes
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The Canteen

#14 - The Canteen

On the Buses Season 1 - Episode 6

After complaints are made about it, the bus crews decide to take over the running of the canteen and make Olive the new cook.

star 7.44
16 votes
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