The Best Episodes Directed by Stuart Allen

Brew It Yourself

#1 - Brew It Yourself

On the Buses Season 3 - Episode 4

Jack leads Stan astray when he convinces him to start home brewing beer.

star 8.30
10 votes
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The Kids' Outing

#2 - The Kids' Outing

On the Buses Season 4 - Episode 7

Much to his disgust, this year it is Stan's turn to drive the bus for the children's annual outing.

star 8.29
7 votes
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First Aid

#3 - First Aid

On the Buses Season 3 - Episode 1

Stan fibs his way past the First Aid test but how will he cope with a real emergency?

star 8.27
11 votes
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Radio Control

#4 - Radio Control

On the Buses Season 3 - Episode 8

Blakey installs a two-way radio in Stan and Jack's cab, but should he believe all he hears?

star 8.18
11 votes
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Open Government

#5 - Open Government

Yes Minister Season 1 - Episode 1

Jim Hacker wins a seat in the election and is given a cabinet post in the new government He meets the permanent secretary for his department Sir Humphrey Appleby but Jim decides to change the way things are done in the civil service so Sir Humphrey starts a plan to stop him

star 8.15
160 votes
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The Canteen

#6 - The Canteen

On the Buses Season 1 - Episode 6

After complaints are made about it, the bus crews decide to take over the running of the canteen and make Olive the new cook.

star 7.53
15 votes
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Late Again

#7 - Late Again

On the Buses Season 2 - Episode 5

Stan is burning the candle at both ends, what with his new girlfriend keeping him out late at night and then having to do the early shift at the depot.

star 7.45
11 votes
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