The Best Episodes Directed by Steve Zuckerman

The Reunion

#1 - The Reunion

Happily Divorced Season 2 - Episode 1

Fran has no interest in facing her old nemesis at her college reunion, until she runs into Elliot and he agrees to be her faux fiance for the night. What could go wrong? After all, they're just friends... or are they?

star 8.60
103 votes
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The Devil Went Down to Oak Park

#2 - The Devil Went Down to Oak Park

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 18

The Devil himself visits Jim to remind him of the deal they made years ago, when Jim promised to give away his fifth child if the Devil helped him win over Cheryl.

star 8.31
349 votes
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Ray Home Alone

#3 - Ray Home Alone

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 18

Debra brings the kids to her parent's house and Ray stays home alone. Ray can't sleep because he's scared so he goes to Robert's but Robert's fine. So Ray goes to his parent's house where he finds Robert scared too. The two reminisce about how Frank used to scare them as children.

star 8.28
434 votes
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Daddy's Girl

#4 - Daddy's Girl

Happily Divorced Season 2 - Episode 3

When Glen mistakes a dying battery for a cricket in his phone, Fran worries that her father is finally getting old... But when he buys a motorcycle, Fran is afraid that he may have finally lost his mind.

star 8.25
160 votes
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The Daddy Way

#5 - The Daddy Way

According to Jim Season 8 - Episode 11

Cheryl and her friends, eager to get an afternoon away from the kids, arrange a "Daddy and Me" group for Jim and other dads with young kids at their home. Jim makes the best of a potentially boring situation by turning babysitting into a sporting event--staging baby races where the dads bet on their kids and drink beer.

star 8.20
295 votes
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No Fat

#6 - No Fat

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 10

When Marie and Frank get some test results back they find out that they're not as healthy as they thought. So Marie throws out all the unhealthy food and makes Frank go on a diet with her. This doesn't sit well with him and the rest of the family when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of the traditional turkey dinner she makes a tofu turkey. So Ray orders a traditional Thanksgiving dinner from a restaurant. Debra thinks that Ray might have hurt his mother's feelings but it's quite the opposite when he catches Marie eating his Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the night.

star 8.19
429 votes
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The Apartment

#7 - The Apartment

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 11

Ray feels jealous of Robert when he visits his new apartment and sees that it's filled with beautiful women. Also Frank turns Robert's old room into a lounge.

star 8.18
384 votes
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Goodwill Hunting

#8 - Goodwill Hunting

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 9

Without consulting with Cheryl, Jim transforms the garage into a cigar lounge and donates the kids' old clothes and furniture to charity. When Cheryl informs Jim that she is pregnant with twins, he is forced to retrieve all the stuff that he gave away, and has to deal with the fact that he is going to be a father of five.

star 8.13
378 votes
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Cheryl Goes to Florida

#9 - Cheryl Goes to Florida

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 5

While Cheryl is out of town to take care of her mother, Jim has to take care of their kids, and he receives sympathy from a neighborhood mom. Soon, other moms start helping Jim, and he tells each one that she's the only help in the house.

star 8.10
294 votes
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Mr. Right

#10 - Mr. Right

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 15

Cheryl and Jim get into a disagreement about Erik Estrada, and Jim tries to prove that the incident that occurred ten years ago was not wrong.

star 8.09
329 votes
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Get Your Freak On

#11 - Get Your Freak On

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 16

Cheryl believes she's attending a tasteful lingerie party, but is shocked to learn the hostess is selling sex toys and Cheryl buys one, but won't tell Jim.

star 8.09
358 votes
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Never Can Say Goodbye (1)

#12 - Never Can Say Goodbye (1)

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 21

Murphy fires her last secretary, she plans on leaving FYI, it has been six months since her last chemotherapy treatment. She wants to live the rest of her life. Jim mentions it might be time for him to go as well. The rest of the staff tries to come to grips with the situation. Meanwhile, shooting on location down the street, Julia Roberts stops by the offices of FYI hoping to meet Frank Fontana. To be free and clear of cancer, Murphy needs to get another mammogram. Unfortunately, the mammogram shows something that will require exploratory surgery to uncover its nature. Seeking comfort, Murphy reflects on the need to talk with Phil and no one is more surprised than she is when he returns from the dead. Seems he knew too much about Whitewater. Murphy goes under the knife as the gang waits outside. Murphy has an out of body experience that brings up to heaven to conduct the only person she hasn't interviewed, God.

star 8.02
41 votes
Halloween Candy

#13 - Halloween Candy

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 6

After Debra suggests that she might be more consistently romantic if she weren't in charge of the birth control, Ray decides to make the drastic move of "cutting the wires." But after a discussion with Robert, and other top "medical experts" he chickens out, but does muster enough bravery to go to the drugstore and buy "the stuff." He even goes crazy and splurges on "the rainbow pack" but the plan for Halloween romance goes awry when Grandpa distributes the "chocolate coins in brightly colored wrappers" that he found to the remaining trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

star 8.02
410 votes
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Dr. No

#14 - Dr. No

Suddenly Susan Season 1 - Episode 2

To cover a story, Susan spends time with an assertiveness-training guru---who sends her chutzpah level soaring off the charts.

star 8.00
2 votes
Getting Even

#15 - Getting Even

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 4

After embarrassing Debra at an auction she vows to get even with Ray but doesn't tell him when. This drives him crazy and leads him to believe that everything she does is to get even at him.

star 7.97
419 votes
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Teenage Vacation

#16 - Teenage Vacation

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 - Episode 7

It's Spring Break and Annie decides to take the entire gang on a road trip in Matt's tour bus. Annie and Nikki think the road trip will be a great opportunity to spend quality time with the girls. But togetherness starts to wear thin as the girls are anything but thrilled to be trapped with their parents in an RV headed for the Ozarks.

star 7.96
46 votes
Don't Train On My Parade

#17 - Don't Train On My Parade

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 14

Melissa's trainer, "Lindsay Gates" (Jessalyn Wanlim) has a physical thing for Joey.

star 7.96
423 votes
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The Perfect Fight

#18 - The Perfect Fight

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 4

Cheryl and Jim have an evening at home without the kids and decide to stay in and just have dessert for dinner. But Jim's choice of pastries causes a spat which morphs into an all-out food fight. The next day they laugh off the night's argument; Jim is thrilled that they don't seem to have to talk things out. But then Andy, who's out for revenge on Jim for coaxing his kids to play pranks on him, counsels Cheryl to really dissect and analyze her marital arguments.

star 7.94
326 votes
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The Toaster

#19 - The Toaster

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 12

Ray is overjoyed by the reaction he is getting from friends and family who received a personalized “Barone” toaster from him as a gift – even Debra’s pretentious parents are thrilled with it. But, having heard nothing from his parents, Ray confronts Frank and Marie, the two people whose approval matters most, and is amazed beyond belief to hear what they did with the gift – and then what they resort to in order to get it back.

star 7.94
369 votes
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Big Shots

#20 - Big Shots

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 19

Trying to impress Robert when they visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Ray uses his "weight" as a sports writer for Newsday to jump to the front of the line to meet the members of the 1969 New York Mets.

star 7.90
349 votes
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Beach Boy Bingo

#21 - Beach Boy Bingo

Full House Season 2 - Episode 6

Teaser: Stephanie reads a fairy tale to Michelle. Main Synopsis: In a radio contest, D.J. wins a "dream night for 2" with the Beach Boys. Problem is, according to the rules of the contest, D.J. is allowed to take only one of the guys with her, and she can't decide who to go with. When the Beach Boys show up to pick D.J. up, they make things easier by allowing D.J. to bring Stephanie, Michelle, and all three of the guys with her. Tag: More from the family's dream night with the Beach Boys.

star 7.86
290 votes
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Lost in Translation

#22 - Lost in Translation

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 15

Mel has an important deal with a Japanese businessman and asks Joe to teach her Japanese. When the businessman's son arrives in his place and speaks no English, Joe has to translate between the two. When the Japanese businessman develops a romantic interest in Mel, Joe sabotages the translation. Meanwhile, Lennox is forced to work with her ex-best friend on a school project, and Ryder tries to mediate.

star 7.85
439 votes
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Charlie Loses His Virginity Again

#23 - Charlie Loses His Virginity Again

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 43

Charlie wants a do-over with the woman he lost his virginity to.

star 7.81
987 votes
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You Gotta Lose That Job

#24 - You Gotta Lose That Job

Hannah Montana Season 3 - Episode 7

Miley, dressed as Hannah, blows a movie audition with director Rob Reiner on purpose to make Oliver feel better about not getting in to a band. Meanwhile, Rico destroys the original puppet at a birthday party, and therefore Jackson uses Rico as the ventriloquist dummy.

star 7.80
35 votes
The Perfect Storm

#25 - The Perfect Storm

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 5

Mel grounds Lennox because she is failing chemistry and needs to study. However, when Senator Russell Burke, Mel‘s father, shows up unexpected, he undermines her authority. Senator Burke sweet talks Joe and takes the kids out for a night of fun against Mel‘s wishes. Seeing the conflict between Mel and Lennox, Senator Burke invites Lennox to move in with him and her grandmother in Washington, D.C.

star 7.79
501 votes
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The Getaway

#26 - The Getaway

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 21

Debra and Ray feel tremendous pressure to show each other a good time on a romantic weekend getaway in Vermont. From the moment they set foot in the quaint bed and breakfast, it's apparent that Debra and Ray are trying a bit too hard for this to be a perfect weekend. Debra agrees to a tour of the Ben and Jerry ice cream factory while Ray suggests they check out a local antique fair. Meanwhile, Marie spies on Robert, who is left to babysit for the kids.

star 7.78
362 votes
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The Good, The Bad & The Milo

#27 - The Good, The Bad & The Milo

Men at Work Season 2 - Episode 5

Milo decides it is time to break it off with Molly, but he doesn't want to leave on bad terms. Tyler and Gibbs don't see eye to eye with the owner of their favorite restaurant. And Neal is asked to fire an employee, but he doesn't have the guts to do it.

star 7.77
448 votes
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Someone's Cranky

#28 - Someone's Cranky

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 21

Still recuperating from his recent run-in with a bull, a cantankerous Robert is driving everyone crazy with his mean-spirited and nasty behavior. When Robert is told by his doctor that he will need two more weeks of convalescing at his parents' home before he can return to living on his own, everyone figures that's the reason for his foul attitude. But Debra gets to the heart of the matter when, playing amateur psychiatrist, she uncovers the real reason behind Robert's cruel conduct.

star 7.74
373 votes
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Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl

#29 - Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 50

Charlie and Sean start a competition to see who can score first with a gorgeous woman from out of town.

star 7.73
816 votes
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Alone Time

#30 - Alone Time

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 20

Ray finds it hard to understand why Debra needs her "alone time." When Debra realizes that all her time is spent with the kids, Ray and his family, she implores Ray to take the kids out more often so that she can have more time to herself. Of course, this makes Marie think that something must be wrong in their marriage, despite Ray's assurances. However, when Ray spies on Debra to see what she actually does with her "alone time," he is not so sure all is okay.

star 7.72
369 votes
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Charlie Gets Date Rated

#31 - Charlie Gets Date Rated

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 54

Charlie uses Jordan to improve his online date rating.

star 7.72
774 votes
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Charity Begins at Hef's

#32 - Charity Begins at Hef's

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 4

When Cheryl wins two tickets to visit Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in a charity-raising contest that Jim secretly entered her in, she decides to take Dana instead of him.

star 7.71
306 votes
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Two For The Money

#33 - Two For The Money

According to Jim Season 8 - Episode 5

When Cheryl learns of Jim's plan to use their twins in a movie starring Steve Guttenberg to get some money for Christmas gifts, she refuses to let him do it, but Andy and Jim decide to go through with the plan anyway, only to have it backfire when the producers cut the kids hair to make them look alike.

star 7.69
238 votes
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Charlie and the Sex Addict

#34 - Charlie and the Sex Addict

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 38

Charlie sleeps with Jordan's hot AA sponsor who happens to be a recovering sex addict.

star 7.68
1014 votes
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In Lennox We Trust

#35 - In Lennox We Trust

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 10

Lennox dates the Mayor's son, who may not be the good influence Mel thinks he is.

star 7.67
541 votes
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The Mel Word

#36 - The Mel Word

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 18

Mel plans a wedding at her home; Lennox and Ryder work on a documentary.

star 7.66
422 votes
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Charlie Gets Trashed

#37 - Charlie Gets Trashed

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 72

Charlie goes to war with his garbage man. Lacey and Nolan compete to become the new building manager in order to live rent-free.

star 7.65
570 votes
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The Knockout

#38 - The Knockout

Melissa & Joey Season 2 - Episode 5

Mel punches a person in Ryder's defense, then must think fast when video of the altercation is posted online. Meanwhile, Lennox attempts to befriend a new girl at school, but the girl takes advantage of Lennox's kindness, which dismays Joe.

star 7.65
389 votes
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Charlie Loses It at a Baby Shower

#39 - Charlie Loses It at a Baby Shower

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 1

Charlie blows up at his sister's baby shower.

star 7.65
1866 votes
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The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel

#40 - The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel

Friends Season 3 - Episode 4

Chandler tries to get over his fear of commitment. Phoebe poses as Joey's agent after she forgets to tell him about an audition. Ross panics after seeing Ben play with a Barbie doll and tries to convince him to play with more manly toys.

star 7.63
3135 votes
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Enemies With Benefits

#41 - Enemies With Benefits

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 13

Joe's ex, Tiffany, tries to rekindle their relationship

star 7.63
459 votes
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The One with Frank Jr.

#42 - The One with Frank Jr.

Friends Season 3 - Episode 5

Phoebe's half-brother visits, but they have trouble bonding. Joey attempts to build an entertainment center. Ross is challenged to name the five celebrities he'd like to sleep with most.

star 7.62
3074 votes
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Charlie and the Hooker

#43 - Charlie and the Hooker

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 39

Charlie receives an unusual payment when he brings a pimp into his therapy group. Sean and Michael get into a racial dating mishap.

star 7.62
1045 votes
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Marie and Frank's New Friends

#44 - Marie and Frank's New Friends

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 19

Ray and Debra's plan of getting Frank and Marie their own friends backfires when instead of going to their house they bring their friends to Ray and Debra's.

star 7.60
372 votes
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Teenage Escuela

#45 - Teenage Escuela

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 - Episode 5

When Sophie tells Annie that she does not care about getting good grades, Annie decides to set an example by taking night classes at the local community college. Nikki joins her in a Spanish class and is surprisingly fluent as she frequently watches telenovelas. Meanwhile, the dads are in charge of getting the girls to finish an important school project.

star 7.59
78 votes
Joe Knows

#46 - Joe Knows

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 12

Lennox has a crush on her tutor. Joe creates a web site where he gives financial advice.

star 7.58
510 votes
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The Family Bed

#47 - The Family Bed

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 2 - Episode 18

Scary monsters in her room send Ally scurrying nightly to the safety of her parents' bed, so sleep-deprived Ray decides it's time to call in an expert -- his mother. But if Debra finds out about his plan, it could be lights out for him.

star 7.55
380 votes
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Sex, Lies, and Alibis

#48 - Sex, Lies, and Alibis

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 3

After a revelation from Chris, Whitney decides it's time to come clean about past falsehoods; Mark hires a new bartender.

star 7.53
402 votes
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The New Best Friend

#49 - The New Best Friend

According to Jim Season 8 - Episode 2

When Dana, Cheryl's sister and best friend, moves away, Jim realizes he must find Cheryl a new friend as soon as possible.

star 7.53
375 votes
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Haunted House

#50 - Haunted House

Zoey 101 Season 2 - Episode 4

Every Halloween at PCA, the secondary makes a haunted house for the lower school. This year, Logan is in charge. He promises everybody that the haunted house will not just make them scream but it will make them cry. But when Dustin and his roommate, Jack, get "lost" in the haunted house, Logan starts to get scared and starts to wonder where Dustin and his roommate have gone. Michael gets chased all over PCA by some French tourists who think he is ill, and Nicole gets a case of mistaken identity when she chases Mark. Lola did not appear in this episode.

star 7.52
37 votes
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Pretty Big Liars

#51 - Pretty Big Liars

Melissa & Joey Season 2 - Episode 10

After Lennox breaks up with her new boyfriend, Mel starts dating his father behind her back. Joe tries to teach Ryder a lesson about how to invest in the stock market.

star 7.52
417 votes
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Be Nice

#52 - Be Nice

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 23

When Ray and Debra realize they're nicer to strangers than to each other they vow to change their ways.

star 7.51
458 votes
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Goodson Goes Deep

#53 - Goodson Goes Deep

$#*! My Dad Says Season 1 - Episode 12

On a day off from work, Henry decides to spend some quality time with his father. Ed, however, is only interested in picking up a Steve Garvey baseball that he ordered from Authentic Carl’s sports memorabilia shop. When Henry is unable to convince him to do anything else, he decides to tag along with his father. By the time the Goodsons reach the store, however, Authentic Carl has already sold the ball. Henry helps Ed find out who bought it, and they both stake out the ball owner’s house, waiting for him to get home. While Ed doesn’t get his ball, he does learn that father/son bonding can be an enjoyable experience. Vince and Bonnie, tired of Ed interrupting them in their new attic bedroom, decide to move into Ed’s garage for more privacy. They have also decided to adopt a positive attitude at all times in the hopes that this will help them conceive a child. But as much as they want to maintain their new-found optimism, the garage’s many horrible qualities test their patience.

star 7.50
1154 votes
And the About Facetime

#54 - And the About Facetime

2 Broke Girls Season 6 - Episode 9

When Randy and Max get tired of Caroline being the third wheel on their FaceTime dates, Randy sets her up with one of his co-workers. Also, Oleg is distraught when Sophie tells him to trade in his beloved car for a minivan.

star 7.49
1717 votes
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The Race

#55 - The Race

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 5

Out-of-shape Jim enters a 10K marathon to teach Kyle, who wants to quit basketball, a lesson about not being a quitter -- but he cheats to get first to the finish line.

star 7.48
358 votes
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Charlie and Catholicism

#56 - Charlie and Catholicism

Anger Management Season 2 - Episode 10

Martin has Charlie's daughter baptized behind Charlie's back.

star 7.47
1617 votes
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And the Himmicane

#57 - And the Himmicane

2 Broke Girls Season 6 - Episode 10

When a hurricane approaches the area, Caroline fears that a big divorce party she’s planning for a wealthy couple will get broken up when the unhappy pair get stranded in close quarters at the dessert bar. Also, Max worries that Randy really did break up with her when she suspects he’s blocking her calls, and Oleg is jealous when Sophie is stuck at home during the storm with their handsome new "manny".

star 7.45
1689 votes
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The Move

#58 - The Move

Undateable (2014) Season 1 - Episode 7

When Justin’s girlfriend, Nicki, suddenly spices up their sex life, an insecure Justin seeks help from Danny, who teaches him something that will raise his game.

star 7.39
341 votes
Waiting to Inhale

#59 - Waiting to Inhale

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 6

Murphy begins her chemotherapy treatments. The treatments make her uncomfortable and take a lot out of her. She confronts Jim about his avoidance of her and her condition. In an effort to help her out, Jim purchases some marijuana to help ease her pain. They light up and deal with their issues.

star 7.38
40 votes
Blinded by the Lights

#60 - Blinded by the Lights

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 7

Joan is excited when Ellis invites her to the premiere of his new movie, but he refuses to let her walk the red carpet with him (or sit with him at the film) because he wants to preserve his ""bachelor"" image. Ellis tries to make it up to her by doing a magazine interview with her. Meanwhile, Toni grows tired of client Laila Ali, who would rather hang out than do any house-hunting.

star 7.36
14 votes
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The Dog and Pony Show

#61 - The Dog and Pony Show

The Drew Carey Show Season 3 - Episode 8

Mr. Wick reluctantly watches Mrs. Louder's prized dog while she is out of town. It is valued for breeding because of its unique coat. Wick decides to dump the dog off on Drew without consulting him. Kate takes the dog to Drew's house; but has to leave to pick up Oswald, whose delivery truck has broken down at a motel where an old classmate is hitting on him. Drew doesn't find Kate's note, and assumes the dog is a stray. He has it shaved and neutered. Kate finds an ad for a similar dog, but it costs several thousand dollars. Drew must come up with the money or lose his job. Wick also fears that he will be fired. Inspired by The Full Monty, the guys decide to make the money by stripping at the Warsaw. Oswald is a little too excited by the idea. Lewis backs out at the last minute, but Larry is released from jail and steps in as a replacement. The cops stop the guys before they can take it all off because the Warsaw isn't zoned for exotic dancing. Drew and his cohorts take the

star 7.35
105 votes
Win a Date with Kate

#62 - Win a Date with Kate

The Drew Carey Show Season 2 - Episode 23

Kate takes offense when the guys decide to give away a date with her as a promotion for Buzz Beer. Mr. Wick finds the winning bottle cap. Kate doesn't like the idea of dating her boss, but decides that she can survive one date. Mimi warns Kate not to try anything with Wick. Kate and Wick fall for each other, to everyone's amazement. Drew worries that they will eventually break up and take out their anger on him. Kate defends Drew when Wick makes an unreasonable request at work. Wick snaps at her and says that her opinion is of no value in the work place. Kate is outraged, and repeats many insults that Drew had made about Wick behind his back. Drew tries to get Kate to calm down. She lashes out at him for not standing up for her, and breaks up with Wick. Wick fires Drew. However, Kate and Wick reveal that they orchestrated the scam so that Kate could get back at Drew for giving her away as a prize. Wick stuns Kate by declaring that he has really fallen in love with her. He

star 7.34
71 votes
The Front

#63 - The Front

The Drew Carey Show Season 1 - Episode 17

Mrs. Louder learns of Bell's relationship with Suzie and orders him to fire her. A furious Bell responds with an edict threatening to fire any member of management who is caught dating an employee. This makes Drew and Lisa hesitant to continue their clandestine affair, especially after Mimi vows to catch them together and get Drew fired. Jay suggests that he and Kate could go on double dates with Drew and Lisa; Jay would pose as Lisa's boyfriend, and no one would hassle Drew and Kate because they are known to be friends. The arrangement soon takes its toll on Kate and Jay's relationship, as they can never have any time alone. When Mimi runs into the foursome at the Warsaw, she challenges Jay and Lisa to prove that they are involved by kissing. Kate is incensed when Lisa kisses Jay, but admits that she is mainly upset about not getting to see her own boyfriend. Drew and Jay nearly fight when Drew accuses him of making a move on Lisa and gets worked up about a girl that Jay suppos

star 7.28
114 votes
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Drew Meets Lawyers

#64 - Drew Meets Lawyers

The Drew Carey Show Season 1 - Episode 6

Winfred-Louder's attorneys try to force Drew to settle the lawsuit and sign a waiver absolving the store of any responsibility for his actions. He refuses to do this, and insists that he will find another lawyer. He coaxes Kate into calling an obnoxious ex-boyfriend and asking him to represent Drew at a discount rate. She agrees to go out with the guy, but calls it off after he makes a disgusting pass at her. Drew cannot afford anyone else, and is turned down by legal aid because he isn't quite poor enough to fall within their standards. The store has workmen cover Drew's cubicle with a tarp so that no one can see the cartoon, which he has posted on his wall. When the store attorneys again approach him about the settlement, Drew announces that he will represent himself. Oswald takes a liking to Drew's lecherous neighbor, Peaches. She quickly decides to dump Oswald because she doesn't see him as long-term relationship material. She leaves a note with Drew, who instead tells Osw

star 7.27
150 votes
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Drew in Court

#65 - Drew in Court

The Drew Carey Show Season 1 - Episode 7

Drew prepares to defend himself in court. He tries to study legal books, and gets advice from other lawyers by calling up and pretending to quiz them. He signs his car and house over to Kate and Lewis so they can't be seized if he loses the case. The judge does not take kindly to Drew's attempts to flatter her and create levity in the courtroom, and Kate isn't much help either. Nora breaks down in tears on the stand. A loud-mouthed co-worker, angry that the store has now barred employees from displaying personal items in their cubicles, harasses Drew at the Warsaw. Drew punches him out and gets arrested. He shows up in handcuffs for the final ruling in Nora's case. Although the judge agrees that Nora was forced to look at sexually explicit material, she rules that the matter is trivial and did not create a hostile workplace.

star 7.25
167 votes
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The Game

#66 - The Game

What I Like About You Season 1 - Episode 14

Holly volunteers to fill in at Val's office over spring break, but the girls clash over the tactics Val should use to land a promotion over a competitive colleague; Holly believes in playing dirty and kissing up to the boss and Val thinks her hard work and dedication will get her noticed.

star 7.23
44 votes
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No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike

#67 - No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike

The Drew Carey Show Season 1 - Episode 5

Kate's ex-boyfriend, Barry, refuses to come by and pick up his belongings. He begins calling her constantly at the store. Mr. Bell becomes so fed up that he issues an edict limiting employees to one personal call per day. Hoping to cheer up his co-workers, Drew attaches a cartoon to the bottom of the memo. It features a confused caterpillar trying to have sex with a french fry. Most of the employees are amused, but someone complains to Bell and gets Drew in trouble. He becomes obsessed with finding the identity of the offended person, and finally learns that it was Nora from payroll. Kate tries to talk to Nora. She ends up losing her temper and screaming at Nora, daring her to file a harassment suit. Kate has Barry meet her at Drew's house to get his stuff because she doesn't want him in her house. He begs her to come back and becomes violent toward Drew. Drew stands up to him, and Barry decides to leave without a fight after Lewis and Oswald show up. Nora files a lawsuit a

star 7.22
142 votes
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#68 - Drewstock

The Drew Carey Show Season 2 - Episode 14

Drew realizes that it is impossible to make a profit from Buzz Beer. The gang decides to go out of business, and will use the end of the supply by throwing a party with free beer. Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw and invites her to the party. She is only in town for a few days, and Drew forgets to get her name or number. Kate decides that she needs some female friends. She starts hanging out with three women whose looks and personalities are eerily similar to those of Drew, Lewis and Oswald. Drew tampers with Mimi's hair spray and causes her to flock herself. She has to postpone her long-awaited lunch date with Mr. Wick. As revenge, she slips a flier about Drew's party in with Winfred-Louder's newspaper insert. Everyone in the city receives an invitation to the party, and thousands show up at Drew's house--including the mayor, and former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar. Kate runs into her girlfriends at the party and discovers that they have ditched her. They feel that she a

star 7.21
99 votes
Lewis' Sister

#69 - Lewis' Sister

The Drew Carey Show Season 1 - Episode 8

Lewis's sister, Janet, moves back to Cleveland with her ten-year-old daughter, Monica. Drew once had a crush on Janet and was briefly involved with her at summer camp. To commemorate his one-hundredth hiring, the store gives Drew three tickets to a Rolling Stones benefit concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kate is not interested and Oswald has other plans. Kate suggests that Drew ask Janet to go with him. Lewis is adamantly opposed to this idea because he fears that someone will get hurt. Drew ignores Lewis's warning and takes Janet and Monica to the concert. He really likes Monica, who soon joins the store-sponsored basketball team that Drew and Kate are coaching. However, he finds Janet somewhat boring and clingy. Janet and Monica embarrass Drew by showing up at his desk with a picnic and singing about how great he is. Lewis warns Drew not to hurt his sister. When Janet shows up after basketball practice and suddenly proposes, Drew tells her that they should stop se

star 7.21
135 votes
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Wee Small Hours

#70 - Wee Small Hours

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 14

Murphy battles insomnia and the gang helps her to get through the night. Frank, while he is on a stakeout with a SWAT team. Jim, while he is working on getting back together with Doris. Corky, while she is going through her storage locker of memories. Kay, who was up anyway, helps Murphy make and bake cookies from scratch, over the phone.

star 7.18
39 votes
Turpis Capillus Annus (Bad Hair Day)

#71 - Turpis Capillus Annus (Bad Hair Day)

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 13

The chemotherapy begins to take its toll on Murphy's hair. She begins to wear a wig and attend support group meetings.

star 7.16
38 votes
Lisa Gets Married

#72 - Lisa Gets Married

The Drew Carey Show Season 2 - Episode 11

Drew tries to bring Wick's random firings to an end by developing a system that ranks employees based on their work performance. Drew inadvertently agrees to organize a wedding shower for Lisa. He had mistakenly believed that an elderly employee was the bride-to-be, not his ex-girlfriend. Lisa's fiancé, Trent, is one of the first employees in line to be fired after Drew's system is implemented. Lisa believes that Drew is acting out of spite, but he insists that Trent is being fired because he is always late and leaves his cash register open. Lisa asks Drew to talk to Trent and give him another chance. He notes that Trent seems to bounce from job to job frequently, and suggests that he think more carefully about his career moves. Trent suddenly concludes that he is rushing into marriage and should call off the wedding. He also quits his job. Lisa is enraged. She later stops by Drew's house to apologize after Trent explains what happened. She tells Drew that she and Trent are eloping. Lewis and Oswald take jobs as elves after Winfred-Louder fails to meet the salary demands of their predecessors. They constantly have run-ins with the drunken Santa, who eventually drops dead. Mimi hopes that Wick will ask her to the office Christmas party. He instead has her call up 25 women to invite them on his behalf.

star 7.15
138 votes
Ground-Turkey-Hog Day

#73 - Ground-Turkey-Hog Day

What I Like About You Season 4 - Episode 9

When Val and Vic's annulment papers come on Thanksgiving, Holly gives them to Tina to get rid of, so it doesn't ruin Val's Thanksgiving like last year. Meanwhile, Lauren and her online poker buddy decide to meet each other for a date, and they both get the shock of their life.

star 7.13
39 votes
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Ghost of a Chance

#74 - Ghost of a Chance

What I Like About You Season 3 - Episode 7

The group celebrate Halloween, by going to a party at the diner where Holly and Ben dress up as Sonny & Cher, Gary and Danielle as Ike & Tina Turner and Tina and Vince as Homer Simpson and Jessica Simpson. Everyone is shocked when they find out Holly dropped out of college. Meanwhile, in order to get Val to relax, Lauren takes her to a 'dude ranch' that turns out to be a nude ranch.

star 7.13
71 votes
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Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

#75 - Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

What I Like About You Season 2 - Episode 16

When Holly and Tina are shopping at F&A (Gary's new workplace), Holly meets Greg, Gary's manager. Greg asks Holly out on a date, and she accepts, just to make Vince jealous. Everyone decides that they're going to Holly's house to see a lunar eclipse, and that's when everyone's true feelings come out.

star 7.11
38 votes
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Teenage Date Night

#76 - Teenage Date Night

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 - Episode 6

Annie steps outside of her comfort zone when she accepts a dinner date with her former Spanish instructor, Alex. Meanwhile, an envious Jack runs a background check on Alex and discovers that he is hiding a secret that Jack and Nikki decide Annie needs to know about.

star 7.07
138 votes
Someone's in the Kitchen with Daddy

#77 - Someone's in the Kitchen with Daddy

What I Like About You Season 4 - Episode 7

When Holly and Val's father Jack drops in for a visit, the girls do their best to impress him. However, during a nice dinner, Holly and Val accidentally catch their father in a compromising position with his business partner. With all the Tyler family secrets out in the open, the group enjoys a nice evening together.

star 7.05
37 votes
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A Man and a Woman

#78 - A Man and a Woman

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 19

To prove her point about gender identification, Kay shows up at Phil's dressed as a man. The disguise fools the staff and Murphy uses Kay in her disguise to stop the advances of an IRS tax accountant that has information Muprhy needs for a big story. Unfortunately, the poly jeopardizes Murphy's chances at the story. The staff tries to help Murphy rescue her story.

star 7.05
37 votes
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Skyrink Sucks

#79 - Skyrink Sucks

What I Like About You Season 2 - Episode 15

Holly and Vince try to be friends again by throwing a surprise birthday party for Gary's 18th birthday. When Holly and Vince run into Jill (Gary's ex-girlfriend) at the diner, who is supposed to be in Paris. They find out that for six months, Jill was really in New York! Holly and Vince argue whether or not to tell Gary about Jill - especially on his birthday. Meanwhile, Rick and Val keep visiting each other, and Lauren keeps bragging about her new boyfriend-who is a doctor!

star 7.05
39 votes
A House Reunited

#80 - A House Reunited

The Drew Carey Show Season 4 - Episode 15

Celia returns from an out-of-town trip and learns about Drew's fight with Winfred-Louder. She offers her support. The store recruits Mimi to try to drive Drew out of the house. She points blinding lights at the house and constantly blasts "Panama" by Van Halen. Larry and Chuck later tell Drew that Winfred-Louder's investors gave up and backed out of the mall project. The store decides to rent all of the houses it had purchased to employees. After learning that Mimi continued to torment him for days after he had already won the battle, Drew gets revenge by tricking her into sending her outfits to a fake dry cleaner, who ruins them. Drew asks Celia to move in with him. Lewis, Oswald and Kate become creeped out by Drew's relationship with Celia, as they feel that they are acting like mother and son. The store's contractor reassembles Drew's house in an improper fashion, causing the kitchen to slope. Wick refuses to pay for the repairs, so Drew has to contact a lawyer. Drew and

star 7.04
68 votes
Nobody's Perfect

#81 - Nobody's Perfect

What I Like About You Season 3 - Episode 16

Holly wants Ben to yell at her for breaking his heart and when he doesn't, she gets upset with him. Finally, he writes a nasty song about her and wants to sing it during his performance at the club. Elsewhere, Val allows Lauren and Gary to watch the Sugar Baby Bakery while she goes out to lunch with Holly and they get robbed...By a 10 year old.

star 7.04
96 votes
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Split Ends

#82 - Split Ends

What I Like About You Season 3 - Episode 5

When Holly enters a contest to become the new "Herbal Essences Girl" to earn money for Val's wedding gift, Tina, who is mad at Holly, enters against her. Val finds a love letter Rick has kept from his ex-fiancé, and gets worried.

star 7.03
68 votes
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Opus One

#83 - Opus One

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 16

Murphy is done with her chemotherapy and she thinks that is the best birthday she could get for her upcoming 50th birthday. Frank and Murphy decide that it might be interesting to try going out on a date together. Frank has to cut the date short, because has a big surprise planned for Murphy's to go out on a date that Frank has to cut short so that he can get Franks plans a big surprise for Murphy's birthday. He has American Bandstand recreated in the FYI studio, complete with Dick Clark and variety of featured artists.

star 7.03
38 votes
We'll Miss Gittle a Little

#84 - We'll Miss Gittle a Little

What I Like About You Season 3 - Episode 9

Val is acting very anxious because her wedding is coming up soon. She becomes even more anxious when she finds out that her dressmaker, Gittle has died and that her wedding dress has been given to a thrift store. Holly, Vince, Gary, and Ben go to the store to get the dress back but to their disappointment, the cashier just sold it. Meanwhile, Holly, Ben, and Gary see Rick having pizza with his ex-fiancee, Julie at the pizzeria next door to the thrift shop, when he told Val that he was in New Jersey on business.

star 7.01
67 votes
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Desperate Girlfriends

#85 - Desperate Girlfriends

What I Like About You Season 4 - Episode 12

Lauren lies about a surprise party for Valerie so she can see Rick, but the truth comes out when the affair lands Rick in the hospital, and Val cannot forgive her friend for the deceit. Meanwhile, Vic has a special gift for Val, but has trouble finding the perfect time to give it to her.

star 7.01
69 votes
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Absence Makes the Heart Grow... Never Mind

#86 - Absence Makes the Heart Grow... Never Mind

What I Like About You Season 2 - Episode 9

When Henry is away at Princeton, Holly realizes that she loves him, and will go at any length to tell him in person. But things go wrong when Holly takes a train to Princeton, and Henry takes the train to Holly's house. Meanwhile on a business trip, Val winds up getting the hotel room next door to Peter's, and they wind up kissing.

star 7.00
71 votes
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Tempus Fugit

#87 - Tempus Fugit

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 9

Frank signs his new contract; Murphy is in the midst of negotiating her new deal. After Murphy can't make her appearance on the show, Corky fills in and does a great job conducting the scheduled interview. The network brass wants to give Corky the chance to report from the Middle East. The network only offers Murphy a one year deal instead of the usual three year deal and Murphy won't back down until the network meets her on her terms.

star 7.00
36 votes
Suddenly Susan Unplugged

#88 - Suddenly Susan Unplugged

Suddenly Susan Season 1 - Episode 4

When her utilities are cut off, Susan jumps through hoops to get them restored. But trouble ensues when she writes an exposé on the incident.

star 7.00
1 votes
The Odd Couple

#89 - The Odd Couple

What I Like About You Season 2 - Episode 10

When Henry's parents kick him out, he moves in with Vince, making Holly feel awkward. Meanwhile, when Lauren realizes that Val hasn't had a boyfriend in a while, she sets her up by speed dating. Val meets a guy she really likes, and they plan to go out on a date. But things go wrong when he doesn't show up, and nobody can find him.

star 6.99
69 votes
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The Cheerleading Incident

#90 - The Cheerleading Incident

What I Like About You Season 1 - Episode 13

Jeff suggests that Val should be more spontaneous and impulsive, but his advice backfires when Val who is dressed like a sexy cheerleader, is caught by Jeff's mom who has unexpectedly come to town. Meanwhile, Holly and Gary are at odds over a free "iBop" that Gary insists belongs to him.

star 6.98
43 votes
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Dial and Substance

#91 - Dial and Substance

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 20

Murphy finds a secretary that she likes; only nobody else likes his abrasive approach. Jim is planning a rendezvous with Doris in Maine. When he tries to go through the metal detector at the airport he is found to be in possession of a small quantity of marijuana, the marijuana that he purchased to help Murphy get through her chemotherapy. He dismisses it all as a minor inconvenience until the press gets hold of the story. In the ensuing media frenzy, Jim prefers to remain silent, Murphy thinks it would be better to tell the truth and when she does, Jim stops talking to her.

star 6.97
38 votes

#92 - Surprise

What I Like About You Season 4 - Episode 2

With Holly and Vince now an official couple, Holly is determined to make her relationship work even though they must spend a few months apart while Vince is in Florida. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren devise a plan to force Val's new husband Vic out of her apartment so they can end their "quickie" marriage.

star 6.95
44 votes
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The Big Picture

#93 - The Big Picture

What I Like About You Season 2 - Episode 19

Val meets Rick's fiancee when he and Julie come to dinner. Julie and finds out that she and Rick are not as compatible as she thought they were. Meanwhile, while writing her college report, Holly forgets to save it, and it gets deleted! She asks Henry for help, and he does, which causes him to not meet his idol Bill Joy and receive $10,000 in cash. Holly questions the breakup between her and Henry.

star 6.95
39 votes
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Gift of the Mutton

#94 - Gift of the Mutton

What I Like About You Season 3 - Episode 8

Holly starts feeling jealous of some of Ben's fans, so she tries to make Ben jealous in return. But when Holly's plan does not work Vince steps in with an idea of his own. Also Rick's mother is coming to visit, and Val wants her soon-to-be mother in law to like her, so she goes crazy trying to get everything just right.

star 6.94
67 votes
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Mama Miller

#95 - Mama Miller

Murphy Brown Season 9 - Episode 23

Miller's overbearing mother is going to write him off as her son since he is an idiot and not married yet. To impress her, Miller claims that he and Murphy are friends. Because Murphy is uncomfortable around Miller, his mother suspects they might be more than friends. Something he doesn't readily deny.

star 6.89
36 votes
I Hear a Symphony

#96 - I Hear a Symphony

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 10

Corky is working to help the zoo with their charity auction. Murphy's bout with cancer has made her realize there may not another chance to do some of the things she'd like to do. When the one item goes up for bid that she is interested in, it's Murphy Brown vs. Olivia Newton-John for the right to conduct a symphony orchestra. Meanwhile, Doris tells Jim that it is time to file the divorce papers; Murphy encourages him to fight for her.

star 6.86
37 votes
Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler

#97 - Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler

The Drew Carey Show Season 4 - Episode 16

The Warsaw must temporarily close after it is taken over by super-intelligent rats from DrugCo, which escaped from a cage in Lewis's apartment. In order to keep Buzz Beer afloat in the meantime, the gang asks a popular pro wrestler to serve as spokesman. The company begins making a profit for the first time. Kate begins dating The Disciplinarian, much to Drew's chagrin. They get into an argument after Drew notes that all of her relationships end in disaster. The Disciplinarian, once devoted to his fitness routine, starts getting drunk all the time and missing public appearances. Drew warns Kate to cut him loose, while she feels that the gang is working him too hard. Kate nearly ruins The Disciplinarian's career when she takes him to Atlantic City, where he loses $20,000 and winds up naked in a fountain. He breaks up with her and denounces Buzz Beer. However, his comments actually lead to more business, as everyone wants to try the beer that could "kick The Disciplinarian's ass

star 6.85
65 votes
Drew vs. the Pig

#98 - Drew vs. the Pig

The Drew Carey Show Season 3 - Episode 6

Drew is confused when Nicki refuses to eat at the Warsaw's annual "Bust-a-Gut" night. She explains that she used to be heavy, but lost 85 pounds. She must watch her diet carefully. Drew volunteers to lose ten pounds to show his support. Mimi overhears this and laughs at Drew. He bets her twenty dollars per pound that he can lose the weight. Mimi convinces Drew that Nicki was never fat, and lied so that she could pressure Drew into a diet because she is unhappy with his appearance. Drew searches for a way to find out if Nicki is telling the truth. The gang discovers why Drew's diet is failing: he is eating in his sleep. Lewis, Oswald and Kate try to think of a good way to promote Buzz Beer at a local expo. They display a giant mug of beer, which springs a leak. After Lewis dives in to plug the hole in the mug, the gang promotes him as "Beer Boy" and tries to get customers to pay for photos with him. Nicki runs into a high school classmate, who says that she hasn't changed at

star 6.75
105 votes
The Last Temptation of Murphy

#99 - The Last Temptation of Murphy

Murphy Brown Season 10 - Episode 12

Murphy's new secretary makes a great cup of coffee, but doesn't have time for much else. Murphy receives a call from a former Wall Street trader who has just been released from his prison sentence for insider trading and he wants to be interviewed on the show. During the on camera interview, he proposes to use some of his money to hold a benefit run for breast cancer research, which he would like Murphy endorse. Later, off camera, she does and really thinks that he might have changed when everything seems to go right with the event. Until he tells her that he doubled the million dollars they rose. She also discovers that public opinion is split, not on what she did, but who she did it with.

star 6.73
37 votes

#100 - Mano-A-Mansfield

Ground Floor Season 2 - Episode 5

Brody is excited for the first day of his new job with his new boss (Undateable's Brent Morin). That is, until he gets his first assignment: take down Mansfield. Brody has to go toe-to-toe with the man he's looked up to for years, and possibly drive his hero out of business. Meanwhile Lindsay helps Threepeat fill the Brody-shaped hole in Mansfield's life. Downstairs, Jenny and Derrick help a "newly single" Harvard get back out there and introduce him to the world of online dating.

star 5.97
186 votes
Beauty and the Beasty Boy

#101 - Beauty and the Beasty Boy

Suddenly Susan Season 1 - Episode 8

Susan falls for a nihilistic rocker, and the attraction is mutual - despite a severe conflict of life styles and values.

star 0.00
0 votes
Was it Something I Said?

#102 - Was it Something I Said?

Suddenly Susan Season 1 - Episode 10

Susan reluctantly does a favor for Jack by attending a charity function with Jack, his wife Margo, and her incredibly obnoxious brother. When Susan finally tells the creep off, Margo and her brother storm out, leaving Susan alone to deal with an inebriated Jack, who winds up spending the night on her sofa. But the next day Margo is not quite willing to believe that's all that happened.

star 0.00
0 votes