The Best Episodes Directed by Steve Carell

Garage Sale

#1 - Garage Sale

The Office (US) Season 7 - Episode 19

The office holds a garage sale in the warehouse. Michael decides to propose to Holly, and runs into trouble thinking of how to do it well.

star 8.03
3328 votes
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Secretary's Day

#2 - Secretary's Day

The Office (US) Season 6 - Episode 22

Andy pulls out all the stops to give Erin a memorable Secretary's Day. Michael reluctantly takes Erin out to lunch and lets slip about Andy's relationship with Angela. Meanwhile, Oscar circulates a video he created that compares Kevin's voice to Sesame Street's Cookie Monster.

star 7.64
2910 votes

#3 - Pilot

Angie Tribeca Season 1 - Episode 1

The mayor is being blackmailed, and the lieutenant is just sick about it. Angie Tribeca is assigned a new partner, Jay Geils, to find the blackmailer and bring him to justice. The only problem? Tribeca works alone.

star 7.03
1290 votes
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