The BEST episodes directed by Stephen Manuel

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#1 - Moss

Lexx - Season 4 - Episode 16

While the president finds himself haunted by Prince in the form of a TV set, Stan, Xev and Kai are abducted by Field Commander Moss, leader of the American Freedom Rangers, a para-military group devoted to freeing the American people from the grip of the Beast - Izenbar Prince.

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#2 - Trip

Lexx - Season 4 - Episode 22

As the Lexx flies away from Earth toward a new planet, the crew discovers a strange organic bulb on the galley counter. The bulb opens and reveals two round berries and a small potted plant. A holographic image of Lyekka's face appears and informs the crew that this is her thank-you gift for their helping her on Earth. Lyekka tells Kai the potted plant - a Yowraa-Taang - will open and bloom if he sings to it. Stan and Xev have been given the berries, which Lyekka says are the rarest and most exquisite delicacy in the two universes.

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The cottage by the lake
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#3 - The cottage by the lake

Alarm for Cobra 11 - Season 7 - Episode 10

Haley's Comet
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#4 - Haley's Comet

Lexx - Season 4 - Episode 19

The Lexx crew encounter a space capsule filled with a bunch of politically motivated twenty-year-olds (Haley, Amber, Ryan, Josh). They claim that they have gone up in space with the intention of transmitting a message to make a political statement about the dying earth, and globalization. With financing from Haley's trust fund, they were able to pay the Russians to help them get up in space.

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