The BEST episodes directed by Spencer Crittenden

The City of Forlona
144 votes

#1 - The City of Forlona

HarmonQuest - Season 2 - Episode 7

In an effort to stop Celty’s evil ritual, our heroes travel to the center of it all, the Capital City of Forlona! A lost little boy informs the gang of recent catastrophe in the city, and a quest for his parents leads them into the royal Castle to beg for the King’s aid.

The Barely Cursed Bazaar of Commerce
150 votes

#2 - The Barely Cursed Bazaar of Commerce

HarmonQuest - Season 2 - Episode 6

After learning of Celty’s re-appearance, our heroes follow the clues towards the city of Forlona, but a newly formed river of lava prevents their passage. Luckily, a mysterious merchant tent and its magical shopkeeper are here to help, but she seems to keep strange wares and stranger secrets.