The Best Episodes Directed by Sj Main Muñoz

Mask On Mask Off

#1 - Mask On Mask Off

Ordinary Joe Season 1 - Episode 5

Halloween events affect each world in profoundly different ways. While some are putting on a mask to hide from reality, others are shedding theirs and confronting past choices.

star 7.78
37 votes
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In the Name of Love

#2 - In the Name of Love

Chicago Med Season 5 - Episode 18

Dr. Charles and Goodwin fear Dr. Halstead is repeating his past mistakes when a patient with early-onset Alzheimer's is brought into the E.D. Maggie and Ben become concerned when one of Ben's students is admitted. Dr. Manning and Dr. Marcel treat a terminally ill patient and disagree over the best course of action.

star 7.78
444 votes
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#3 - Safe

Chicago P.D. Season 8 - Episode 14

After a series of brutal home-invasion robberies, Upton immerses herself in the case and finds herself caught between Voight and Halstead.

star 7.72
396 votes
Letting Go Only to Come Together

#4 - Letting Go Only to Come Together

Chicago Med Season 6 - Episode 11

Ethan teams up with an unexpected person to treat a famous tennis player who is afraid his career might be over. Goodwin's new protocols cause a stir.

star 7.70
316 votes
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For the Want of a Nail

#5 - For the Want of a Nail

Chicago Med Season 6 - Episode 9

As Natalie deals with her own trauma, she steps in to help a mother in need. Dean continues to stir the pot with more than one doctor. A patient comes to Med needing immediate treatment but doesn't want it from them.

star 7.64
320 votes