The Best Episodes Directed by Simon Barry

There's No More Room in Hell

#1 - There's No More Room in Hell

Ghost Wars Season 1 - Episode 12

Daphne gathers power to re-launch the accelerator. Paulo refuses to open the bar causing civil unrest. Roman, Landis, Jimmy and the McGrath-Dufresnes are pursued by a mob.

star 7.82
362 votes
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Second Guessed

#2 - Second Guessed

Continuum Season 2 - Episode 11

Chaos breaks out in Vancouver when a series of cyber attacks turn the city upside down. Kiera and Carlos race to find the perpetrator while clues suggest Alec's own technology has something to do with it.

star 7.77
3357 votes
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...My Soul to Keep

#3 - ...My Soul to Keep

Ghost Wars Season 1 - Episode 13

The ghosts are building a resistance to Roman. The plan to open death's door to expel the ghosts means that some of the town's survivors will die.

star 7.73
321 votes
Last Time

#4 - Last Time

Van Helsing Season 1 - Episode 11

Vanessa and the group take shelter in Susan's family farm, where drastic action is taken against Sam; Rebecca's latest experiment to create Daywalkers fails, and Dmitri's patience grows thin.

star 7.49
1887 votes
Stay Away

#5 - Stay Away

Van Helsing Season 1 - Episode 10

Still reeling from the dire events of 'The Farm', Vanessa and the group find refuge among a band of humans who have bargained with vampires for peace. Their leader, however, appears to be hiding a terrible secret. Meanwhile, the true serial killer among Vanessa's group is finally revealed.

star 7.43
1971 votes
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