The BEST episodes directed by Shigehisa Iida

Lightning of Rage vs. Friends
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#1 - Lightning of Rage vs. Friends

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 104

Magna had been training with Vanessa to become more powerful and during their travels they ended up in a town that was being destroyed by none other than Luck from the Black Bulls who had reincarnated as an elf. Magna and Vanessa do everything they can to try to stop Luck but Luck had turned into someone else and attacks them both. And because Vanessa’s magic protects all the members of the Black Bulls it kept protecting Luck even though he was someone else inside.

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Storming the Shadow Palace
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#2 - Storming the Shadow Palace

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 113

After their last battle, Asta and some of the others decide to chase after Captain Yami and some others who had already headed into the Shadow Palace. However, the elves get in their way. It was then that Captain Fuegoleon and Captain Mereoleona, both who had just awakened, showed off their true powers. Asta and the others are happy to have their help, but then notice that the door to the Shadow Palace closing. In order to get Asta and his group into the palace, the other Black Bulls hold off the elves outside.

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The Chosen Ones
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#3 - The Chosen Ones

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 153

The Magic Knight Squad Captains gather for a meeting and for an award ceremony with the king later. At the meeting, they decide that Asta, Nero, Noelle, Luck, Finral, Mimosa, Leopold, Charlotte and Rill will be going to the Heart Kingdom to train with the Spirit Guardians. At the award ceremony, Yuno advances very quickly in rank, and...

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Everyday Life with MON and Arachne
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#4 - Everyday Life with MON and Arachne

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls - Season 1 - Episode 7

A standoff involving a high school girl held hostage takes place at a doujin shop. The Orc Pioneer Federation demands that "orc x female knight" adult comics be made mainstream. Smith's "MON" arrives at the scene. They are a special squad assembled to handle crimes committed by non-human species!

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Hold on to This for Me. the Beauty Pageant Winner's Name Is Inside It
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#5 - Hold on to This for Me. the Beauty Pageant Winner's Name Is Inside It

If Her Flag Breaks - Season 1 - Episode 10

Hakua transferred to Hatagaya Academy. Hatagaya Academy organizes the School Festival. Souta is tricked into recommending all the Quest Dorm members (besides him, Kurumiko, who is not learning at Hatagaya and Tsumugi, who is too old) a total of 9 people, to enter the Miss Hatagaya Academy Beauty Contest. During the beauty contest, Nanami, who realized that Souta is down, tries to cheer him up with a few speeches, which makes her the winner of the contest. As the winner, Nanami received "Souta Escort Free Pass", which makes her able to get anything in the festival for free as long as she is accompanied by Souta. At the stairs near the shoe lockers, both of them met a mysterious girl in glasses, who is seem to be running from something.

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#6 - Survive

Absolute Duo - Season 1 - Episode 6

Lilith ropes her fellow students into fighting her in a battle royale. A mysterious figure shows up out of nowhere with his own plans for Lilith.

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Phew... You Scared Me There. Good Thing It's Only My Little Sister.
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#7 - Phew... You Scared Me There. Good Thing It's Only My Little Sister.

If Her Flag Breaks - Season 1 - Episode 6

Mei transfers to Hatagaya Academy as Souta's classmate. Souta and the Quest Dorm members go on a trip to the beach and forest. Souta is revealed to have a fear of the ocean due to his traumatic experience after surviving the Premium Ambriel incident. Souta meet Kurumiko, the Cleric, which exhibit the "Story Flag", which show story progression. Kurumiko's parent is revealed to be the victims of Premium Ambriel. While Kurumiko shows Souta her secret place inside a cave, they were trapped by the high tide. Souta saved both of them by breaking Kurumiko's death flag by making Kurumiko his little sister, just like how he make Okiku his older sister. After being saved, they met a mysterious girl in white.

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In a Stormy Pinch!
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#8 - In a Stormy Pinch!

High School Fleet - Season 1 - Episode 7

Akeno's family grows by the week! Who could they run in to this week? Tune in as we meet the new, cutest family member ever!

A Fun Festival Double Date
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#9 - A Fun Festival Double Date

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 67

The Star Festival, the biggest festival of the year in the Clover Kingdom was about to take place. Every year the festival, the number of stars each Magic Knight squad had acquired would be announced. Captain Yami and the other Black Bulls prepare to go all out for this festival. Noelle tries to use this chance to enjoy the festival with Asta, but Asta ends up inviting some guests to the festival. The guests happened to be Kahono and Kiato...