The Best Episodes Directed by Shaka King


#1 - Pool

Shrill Season 1 - Episode 4

Annie and Fran attend the Fat Babe Pool Party. Annie is so empowered by the experience and so furious with her boss, Gabe, that she posts a body positive article to the paper’s website that explains exactly what it’s like to be a fat woman in today’s world.

star 8.16
181 votes
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#2 - Troll

Shrill Season 1 - Episode 6

Annie's been putting herself out there more than ever and her life is becoming a tornado of both good and bad. She is forced to confront her boyfriend, her boss, her roommate, and even her troll.

star 7.99
170 votes
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Game Night

#3 - Game Night

People of Earth Season 2 - Episode 10

Gerry and Yvonne host a group game night. Agent Foster meets a person from her past. Walsh, Jeff, Don, and Kurt enact their mutiny against Eric.

star 7.89
636 votes
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#4 - Derech

High Maintenance (2016) Season 2 - Episode 4

An ex-Hasidic man explores the world outside his sect as he connects with a writer who may have ulterior motives. A nightclub performer’s night out takes an unexpected turn. The Guy bonds with a driver when he finds himself in need of a lift.

star 7.87
173 votes
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Alien Experiencer Expo

#5 - Alien Experiencer Expo

People of Earth Season 2 - Episode 8

The group attends an alien experiencer convention. Gina meets one of her therapy heroes. Gerry & Yvonne have their first fight. Richard tries to prove to Agent Foster that aliens do exist. Both Chelsea and Agent Foster receive unexpected news.

star 7.67
680 votes
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What Are Your Thoughts on Raising Free Black Children?

#6 - What Are Your Thoughts on Raising Free Black Children?

Random Acts of Flyness Season 1 - Episode 1

An innovative, stream-of-consciousness look at contemporary life. First, a morbid cable-access show, a cure for "white thoughts," and a talk show about sex.

star 7.66
35 votes
Significant Other

#7 - Significant Other

People of Earth Season 1 - Episode 6

Ozzie and Father Doug have a night out; Gina holds a coming out event for the members of StarCrossed; Jeff makes a connection with a stranger in an online chat room.

star 7.63
1163 votes
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Last Day on Earth

#8 - Last Day on Earth

People of Earth Season 1 - Episode 7

Gerry says goodbye to StarCrossed as he readies for his own long-awaited experience; Jonathan Walsh shares game changing information with Ozzie; Don and Kelly go on a date.

star 7.63
1147 votes
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Truth or Dare

#9 - Truth or Dare

People of Earth Season 2 - Episode 9

Agent Foster goes to Gina with a personal problem. Richard sues his employer for wrongful termination with the help of the group as character witnesses. Jeff is blackmailed by Eric and Jonathan Walsh offers his support.

star 7.59
656 votes
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#10 - Wedding

Shrill Season 2 - Episode 5

Annie goes with Fran to her cousin's traditional Nigerian wedding. Fran reconnects with her parents and has to deal with their old issues. Annie reconnects with Fran's brother Lamar and is forced to question whether Ryan is really a good match for her.

star 7.54
76 votes
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#11 - Namaste

High Maintenance (2016) Season 2 - Episode 3

An industrious Brooklyn realtor endeavors to hustle her way to a new home. After winning an affordable-housing lottery, Candace and John face culture shock and notice a class divide when they move into their new apartment. The Guy considers his living situation.

star 7.49
156 votes
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#12 - Camp

Shrill Season 2 - Episode 1

Annie and Ryan escape the potential wrath of the Troll and go camping. But reality comes crashing down when Annie finds out her dad is alone and her mom skipped town to Vancouver.

star 6.99
103 votes
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