The Best Episodes Directed by Seung Cha

Ranger Games

#1 - Ranger Games

Brickleberry Season 2 - Episode 6

Brickleberry is finally allowed to compete in the annual Ranger Games again, and hopefully unseat Yellowstone; even though Steve shows that he is good at something, that doesn't stop Woody from bringing in a ringer who turns out to be a terrorist.

star 7.71
498 votes
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To Live and Die in VA

#2 - To Live and Die in VA

The Cleveland Show Season 2 - Episode 17

When Lester invests in Cleveland's beer truck business and loses his life savings, he is so upset that he decides to take his own life - or does he? Meanwhile, Rallo is tired of getting his hair cut by his mom and opens his own barbershop in the kitchen.

star 7.44
690 votes
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#3 - Crippleberry

Brickleberry Season 2 - Episode 5

The carnival comes to Brickleberry with a freaky sideshow that Connie obsesses over; when Steve gets hurt, Malloy gets a job as his lawyer and forces changes to bring the park up to code.

star 7.42
489 votes
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