The Best Episodes Directed by Sean Mulcahy

Beach Party Maggot Massacre

#1 - Beach Party Maggot Massacre

Pair of Kings Season 2 - Episode 22

The kings discover that they are about to be forever remembered by their Chicago high school class as having thrown the worst party ever. Against Mason's advice they bring the entire class to Kinkow for the best Beach Party ever. Lanny switches beach signs and the party heads for the hunting grounds of the giant Kinkow Sand Maggot who has its own ideas for party snacks.

star 8.83
6 votes
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The Kids Find Out Stan Blogs

#2 - The Kids Find Out Stan Blogs

Dog with a Blog Season 2 - Episode 24

Stan's blog is accidentally submitted as Bennett's latest book and the kids must work together to protect Stan's secret.

star 8.42
24 votes
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The Green-Eyed Monster

#3 - The Green-Eyed Monster

Dog with a Blog Season 2 - Episode 14

Stan unintentionally gets Avery and Wes to break up and try to get them back together.

star 8.27
22 votes
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Evil Never Sleeps

#4 - Evil Never Sleeps

The Thundermans Season 3 - Episode 6

Phoebe's allegiance is torn when she learns that her boyfriend's father might be plotting a return to evil.

star 7.84
162 votes
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Pod People from Pasadena

#5 - Pod People from Pasadena

Dog with a Blog Season 2 - Episode 20

Avery learns she's been selected to create a float for her town's parade and is excited to spend some quality time with her father to build it. Meanwhile, Chloe watches a sci-fi movie that leads her to believe her family is being taken over by aliens and that the parede float they are costructing is really a spaceship

star 7.65
26 votes
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Meet the Evilmans

#6 - Meet the Evilmans

The Thundermans Season 2 - Episode 12

When a retired supervillain -- Thunder Man's old nemesis -- moves to Hiddenville, Phoebe secretly begins dating his son.

star 7.64
155 votes
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Nothing to Lose Sleepover

#7 - Nothing to Lose Sleepover

The Thundermans Season 1 - Episode 16

Phoebe is caught using telekinesis to save her first sleepover from becoming a disaster; Phoebe must wear an anklet that prevents her from using her powers.

star 7.59
134 votes
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Max's Minions

#8 - Max's Minions

The Thundermans Season 2 - Episode 3

Max takes on some freshmen to be his new minions. He becomes the victim of humiliation.

star 7.53
156 votes
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Whatever Floats Your Goat Boat

#9 - Whatever Floats Your Goat Boat

Bunk'd Season 4 - Episode 18

Lou discovers that Mayor Higgins, who is up for reelection, is actually a goat! Lou decides to run against him with a sloth named Mrs. Fuzzybelly.

star 7.36
12 votes
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