The BEST episodes directed by Scott Smith

Something Good
63 votes

#1 - Something Good

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Season 1 - Episode 7

Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman track down a wildly talented but anonymous singer/songwriter using only the lyrics of his undiscovered song, taking on an investigation like no other. As the team follows the song’s clues, they quickly unravel the details of a fated night, where two lives were changed. Meanwhile, an old friend of Shane's arrives and stirs things up in the DLO.

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Time to Start Livin'
133 votes

#2 - Time to Start Livin'

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Season 1 - Episode 1

Oliver leads the postal detective team in investigating a letter from ten-year-old boy alerting his grandmother he’s running away after they've been mysteriously separated. Meanwhile, the rest of the Dead Letter Office team Shane, Rita and Norman is preparing for the arrival of a new supervisor, the larger-than-life Theresa Capodiamonte, who challenges them to take greater risks to deliver the seemingly undeliverable letters and packages. With Theresa's support, they unravel clues that reveal the boy's life is in danger, and they go the extra mile to find the intended recipient of his letter. Back at the office, Theresa prepares to take a risk of her own, as she realizes she has a lifelong dream she’s never pursued and makes her first dance steps in that direction.

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To Whom It May Concern
79 votes

#3 - To Whom It May Concern

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Season 1 - Episode 2

After Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman retrieve a mangled letter addressed “To Whom It May Concern,” their investigation hits a roadblock with an old postmark and a government form for the U.S. Army Office. The accompanying letter from a young woman describes her search for a soldier who saved her life and helped her escape Afghanistan during the war. When they discover the Army officer has gone off the grid, Supervisor Theresa Capodiamonte challenges them to find the intended recipient, even if he doesn’t want to be found. Their search leads them to discover the heart breaking story of a war hero, who not only came home to less than a hero’s welcome, but become homeless and racked with guilt. Ultimately, the team’s attempt to deliver an orphan’s letter to the war hero changes his life while Theresa’s pursuit of her life’s purpose inspires theirs.

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Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?
3047 votes

#4 - Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?

The Magicians - Season 1 - Episode 13

Quentin and Julia arrive in Fillory and try to catch up with the group, who are more than 70 years ahead of them, in the search for The Beast.

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But the Tilapias Are Fine Though, Right?
41 votes

#5 - But the Tilapias Are Fine Though, Right?

A Black Lady Sketch Show - Season 2 - Episode 1

Dr. Haddassah breaks her silence; Salina visits a psychic.

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Way to Ruin the Party, Soya!
32 votes

#6 - Way to Ruin the Party, Soya!

A Black Lady Sketch Show - Season 2 - Episode 6

A woman on a date faces tough questions; friends split the check; a couple braves a family reunion.

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If I’m Paying These Chili’s Prices, You Cannot Taste My Steak!
31 votes

#7 - If I’m Paying These Chili’s Prices, You Cannot Taste My Steak!

A Black Lady Sketch Show - Season 2 - Episode 5

A freshman navigates her first cafeteria lunch; a motivational speaker rouses a crowd; a woman tries a promising new hair salon.

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So You Just Out Here Chloroforming Anybody?
41 votes

#8 - So You Just Out Here Chloroforming Anybody?

A Black Lady Sketch Show - Season 2 - Episode 2

On their trip to Fiji, a group of girlfriends face first-class confusion; Bryanni unleashes her trademark twerking skills.

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395 votes

#9 - Eggheads

Sliders - Season 1 - Episode 7

On a world where being smart is the equivalent of being a sports star, Quinn is a popular college athlete and finds his double had underhanded dealings with gangsters. Meanwhile, Arturo discovers his late wife is alive on this world and tries for reconciliation after learning she is pressing for divorce.

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My Booty Look Juicy, Don’t It?
33 votes

#10 - My Booty Look Juicy, Don’t It?

A Black Lady Sketch Show - Season 2 - Episode 4

Tiffany confronts insomnia; friends stage an intervention.

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Sister, May I Call You Oshun?
35 votes

#11 - Sister, May I Call You Oshun?

A Black Lady Sketch Show - Season 2 - Episode 3

A gender reveal party loses its focus; Portia takes issue with her takeout.

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Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting
3700 votes

#12 - Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting

The Magicians - Season 1 - Episode 3

Alice ends up risking everything to discover the truth behind her brother's disappearance. Quentin and Julia are involved in a volatile reunion.

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The Source of Magic
4024 votes

#13 - The Source of Magic

The Magicians - Season 1 - Episode 2

The Brakebills students struggle to deal with the aftermath of a catastrophe that befalls the university. Back in Brooklyn, Julia makes her first foray into the mysterious world of Hedge Witches.

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The Hard Wiener of Truth
33 votes

#14 - The Hard Wiener of Truth

Call Me Fitz - Season 4 - Episode 7

Still reeling from the shocking truth about his father, Fitz takes a drive down memory lane that leaves him with an even bigger identity crisis than he started with. Now that Fitzpatrick Motors is defunct, Fitz gets Josh and Larry to help him steal back “his childhood car, Betsy”, in hopes of selling her off to the highest bidder. Along the way he gets swept up in a flood of nostalgia that blurrs the line between man and machine. Meanwhile Ken, who’s out to relive some old memories of his own, gets a rude spiritual awakening when he tracks down a lost love from his past.

Long Con Silver
73 votes

#15 - Long Con Silver

Call Me Fitz - Season 1 - Episode 4

Fitz quickly unloads Elaine's car in hopes of putting their broken relationship behind him for good. But Larry is convinced it was a desperate plea to get her back in his life. Unfortunately for Fitz, that's exactly what happens. After manipulating Larry into a family reunion, Elaine gets Fitz on board to scam the Ruptals and get the car back. But its all part of a Long Con Elaine concocts to finalize her divorce and rid herself of all things Fitz once and for all...

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337 votes

#16 - Greatfellas

Sliders - Season 2 - Episode 10

On a world where Prohibition was never repealed, Rembrandt's double is famous for fighting crime and corruption. Unfortunately, the trouble starts when the Sliders land in the middle of a wedding, where the groom and bride are from mob organizations.

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The Pilot
218 votes

#17 - The Pilot

Call Me Fitz - Season 1 - Episode 1

Richard "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, morally bankrupt top salesman of pre-owned automobiles for 9 years running, hits rock bottom when he crashes a GT on a test drive, puts a woman in a coma, and wakes up to find he's grown a conscience - a living/breathing hanger-on named Larry, who joins Fitzpatrick Motors as a do-gooder salesman, and threatens to undercut Fitz' debaucherous way of life...

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The Diving Bell And The Barbara
71 votes

#18 - The Diving Bell And The Barbara

Call Me Fitz - Season 1 - Episode 7

Hoping to take advantage of spousal privilege, Fitz proposes to a comatose Babs, believing it will prevent her morse-code testimony. In an attempt to placate Larry, Fitz makes him his Best Man. He throws a lame, kid-themed bachelor party - the kind of party Fitz never had as a child. Ali attends in hopes of getting Fitz too drunk to go through with the wedding before Babs is moved to a private facility. But a chance jail-cell meeting with an S&M submissive/ordained minister leaves Fitz free and clear to marry Babs. Everything's coming up Fitz. Until Babs wakes up…

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132 votes

#19 - Loco

Call Me Fitz - Season 1 - Episode 2

After a failed hit on Larry's life, Fitz's only option is to get rid of him by proving Larry's a crazy person. After all, he claims to be his conscience. Meanwhile, Larry tries to purge Fitz of drugs and alcohol. But by the time Larry rallies the Fitzpatrick family for an intervention, Fitz's own sanity begins to dwindle in the throes of the DTs, and he decides to take whacking matters into his own hands...

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33 votes

#20 - O-Rigins

Call Me Fitz - Season 4 - Episode 6

Wedding bells are ringing at casa Fitzpatrick as Ken and Elaine get set to re-tie the knot, and everyone is getting into the act. Everyone except for Fitz, who is convinced the wedding is a secret ploy to bring down Fitzpatrick motors once and for all. In order to stop the impending nuptials, Fitz teams up with unlikely ally and bedfellow, Paula Childs to help expose her father’s nefarious plans. More than kissing cousins are revealed when Pat Childs shows up at the ceremony no longer able to forever hold his peace.

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Alice Doesn't Live, Anymore
61 votes

#21 - Alice Doesn't Live, Anymore

Call Me Fitz - Season 4 - Episode 1

Failing as a father, Fitz tries to unload his baby on someone. Unfortunately, it’s only after he realizes that his still unnamed child is a car sales cash cow that he manages to successfully ‘sell’ the child for drugs in front of a cop. To keep the baby, Fitz must unite the Fitzpatricks and prove to the courts that he can provide his child with a stable and loving home. Fitz discovers getting his family to act like a 'family' proves harder than even he imagined.

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129 votes

#22 - Mama

Call Me Fitz - Season 1 - Episode 3

When Fitz discovers his Father Ken is leaving Fitzpatrick Motors to Larry in his will, he has no choice but to prove Larry is NOT his long lost, responsible brother. And the only way to do it is a quick visit to his absentee, alcoholic mother Elaine. On Fitz's quest for closure however, he ends up at Elaine's weekly key party. When he can't find the answers he needs, he steals her car. Meanwhile, demented Junior Survivalist Kara builds her now growing attempted vehicular manslaughter case by blackmailing Josh with a compromising cell phone.

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Baby's First Brothel
59 votes

#23 - Baby's First Brothel

Call Me Fitz - Season 4 - Episode 2

When Fitz's attempts to transform Fitzpatrick Motors into a family-friendly establishment fail, he realizes he is dealing with a customer he knows nothing about – mothers. Fitz ends up getting to know one of his customers a whole lot better and realizes he’s face-to-face with the perfect business opportunity. Things go awry when Larry brings the social worker by for a surprise home inspection.

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