The Best Episodes Directed by Scott Adsit

God's Chef

#1 - God's Chef

Moral Orel Season 1 - Episode 10

In order to masturbate and still go to heaven, Orel has a scheme that turns Moralton topsy-turvy

star 7.87
47 votes

#2 - Love

Moral Orel Season 2 - Episode 2

Orel befriends a stray dog and Bloberta allows Orel to keep it. After a while, the two grow very attached and Orel becomes worried that he's loving his dog Bartholomew more than Jesus. Bartholomew quickly spreads enough love around Moralton that convinces the adults that he is a danger.

star 7.69
38 votes
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#3 - Omnipresence

Moral Orel Season 1 - Episode 5

Orel learns that God is present in everyone and everything. He ends up excusing himself from school, and going on a trip across town believing that he is able to stop people from sinning and heal them.

star 7.46
53 votes

#4 - Waste

Moral Orel Season 1 - Episode 3

Orel Puppington learns that God doesn't look kindly on the wasteful. After lessons from Coach Stopframe and his father, he sets out with two goals in mind. Orel must stop his own wastefulness, and ensure he doesn't end up the failure his father predicts of him. Will he succeed, or will he upset the townsfolk once again?

star 7.11
62 votes