The Best Episodes Directed by Saori Tachibana

We Are Preparing for the School Festival!

#1 - We Are Preparing for the School Festival!

High School DxD Season 4 - Episode 7

While appearing on an Underworld kid's show depicting Issei saving Rias, Irina asks Issei to zip up her dress, after she volunteered to fill in for the narrator after being injured. Falling in an awkward position after her dress ripped, Irina expresses her desire to have sex with Issei and bear his child before being interrupted by Xenovia, Asia, Akeno and Koneko, who too express their desire to have sex with him until Rias forces them out. While in a hallway, Issei hears one of his fans crying about not being able to meet him, having sold out of tickets for both meeting events. Issei goes to the boy, who introduces himself to him and autographs his cap, but his manager warns him not to do that again as the studio couldn't handle a mass of fans. Rias witnessed his good deed and reminds about how special it was for the fan. Venelana and Millicas then greet the two and tell them about how popular the show is and express concern as to why Issei addresses Rias as "president" and not her name, but Issei says that he will still protect Rias with his life, although neither he nor Rias can explain their personal feelings for eachother due to fear. At school, Rias and Issei encounter Ravel still trying to get accustomed to school life. Noticing her inexperience around the other students, they ask Koneko to be Ravel's friend, which she begrudgingly agrees, although they immediately start insulting eachother. They then try to get Gasper to be her friend but is too afraid to. For the festival, the ORC's job is turning the old school building into a mansion based around the occult. Kiba asks Issei if he's thought about the rating game, where is trying to figure out ways to beat Sairaorg, Kiba then offers to train with him. Azazel arrives and speaks to Ddraig about finding a Councillor, having been depressed since Kyoto because of Issei's perverted nature. Rias and Issei are requested to a medical facility in the Sitri domain by Sairaorg's butler without his knowledge where they meet Misla Bael, Sairaorg's mother and Rias' aunt. Rias explains that, unlike the rest of the family, Sairaorg wasn't born with demonic powers; blaming his wife, Sairaorg's father forced his wife and son into exile. Despite the inconvenience, Misla tried to give her son the best life possible until she fell sick with demonic illness, a rare and potentially fatal disease that only affects Devils. The butler request Issei use Boobylingual to awaken her, but fails. Sairaorg arrives and thanks them for their help, despite failing to cure Misla and telling Issei about his past. Issei and Sairaorg then tell eachother that they won't go easy on them when the rating game arrives, but promises nothing personal. During the car ride home, Rias nearly mentally tells herself her true feelings for Issei.

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Bee Affection

#2 - Bee Affection

Little Witch Academia Season 1 - Episode 10

Hearing about a party at Andrew's mansion that Diana is attending, Akko, Lotte and Sucy don magical Cinderella dresses and sneak into the party. Just as Andrew notices them and prepares to send them out, Sucy, ever in the mood for a little mischief, sets loose a LoveLove Bee that causes whoever it stings to fall in love with the first person they see. The bee stings Andrew and Diana, causing them both to fall in love with Akko and pursue her. While searching for the bee in order to stop the spell, Akko overhears a conversation between Andrew and his father, who wants him to quit the piano and chase all witches out of the country. After receiving encouragement from Akko to keep chasing his dreams, Andrew uses his piano playing to distract the other guests so that Akko can finally swat the bee, undoing its magic.

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