The BEST episodes directed by Roseanne

Halloween: the Final Chapter
180 votes

#1 - Halloween: the Final Chapter

Roseanne - Season 8 - Episode 5

Roseanne reigns as "Queen of the Gypsies, consort of wizards and seer of souls" on Halloween, when an Ouija board sending a message from "The Dead" portends an unexpected event: she's in labour.

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The Miracle
85 votes

#2 - The Miracle

Roseanne - Season 9 - Episode 19

When Darlene gives birth to a very premature baby, the doctors offer very little hope for the child's survival. But Roseanne sets out to prove that love, affection and human contact are better than any medicine.

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Satan, Darling
186 votes

#3 - Satan, Darling

Roseanne - Season 9 - Episode 7

Absolutely Fabulous glam gals Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley (in character as Edina and Patsy) are among the few down-to-earth participants in Roseanne's outrageous Halloween outing. They're guests at an Upper West Side soirée, where new multimillionaires Roseanne and Jackie have gained entrée into New York society. But for grandmother-to-be Roseanne, a witches' coven soon comes into play — a la Rosemary's Baby — and bizarre happenings begin to involve a very pregnant Darlene.

Home for the Holidays
113 votes

#4 - Home for the Holidays

Roseanne - Season 9 - Episode 12

After a long stay in California with his mother, Dan returns home for Christmas and he, Roseanne and the rest of the family begin to realize how fortunate they are to have each other and how much they have to be thankful for as the old year ends.