The BEST episodes directed by Rokou Ogiwara

The Mysterious Shadow
72 votes

#1 - The Mysterious Shadow

Samurai Girls - Season 2 - Episode 8

Yukimura and Matabei are assaulted while returning from research into the Samurai Bible by an unknown assailant who is driven off by Inshun. The next day Hanzo and Matabei are regretful that they can't protect their masters during conflicts in the past. Everyone in the dojo have a meeting about the unknown assailant while Satchin and Jubei continue their Ki training in which Satchin runs across Inshun. Jubei takes Inshun along to spend time with her for the day during which she gives her the nickname Inko-chan. They both agree to be friends after the upcoming battle. That night Muneakira, Jubei, Yukimura, Sen, Matabei, and Hanzo go searching for the mysterious assailant. Sen is attacked during the search but Hanzo is unable to protect her. Only through Inzo's intervention is the assailant driven off but the group mistakes Inzo as the actual assailant.

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The Faraway Future
114 votes

#2 - The Faraway Future

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 170

Nacht summons the devil who had been giving Asta his powers all this time. In order to use his devil powers to their fullest extent, Asta must defeat his devil and bind him, but he also offers an alternative solution that is a bit surprising. Yuno, Noelle, and the others also swear that will get revenge on the Dark Triad and get back Captain Yami and Captain Vangeance. A new battle is about to begin!

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The Final Attack
148 votes

#3 - The Final Attack

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 119

Licht and Lumiere fight against the devil using incredibly powerful magic. But the devil has incredible regeneration powers and quickly heals himself, making him difficult to defeat. Asta witnesses the two powerful mages fighting and tries to figure out if he can use his anti-magic in a more useful way. He’s able to use a new power, but it’s so powerful that he’s having a hard time controlling it. Meanwhile, Yuno also awakens to a new power... Asta and Yuno, who both aspire to be the future Wizard King, pull off an impressive attack in front of the first Wizard King!

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It's Over...
152 votes

#4 - It's Over...

Secret of Nogizaka Haruka - Season 1 - Episode 3

The day before a test, Yūto comes over to Haruka's mansion and meets her younger sister Mika and two of her maids, Hazuki and Nanami. The next day at school, a guy bumps into Haruka which causes her bag to go flying which also exposes the Comiket catalog she had. Yūto manages to make everyone believe the catalog is actually his and Haruka only picked it up, though after this Haruka does not come to school for three days. He goes to see her where he finds out from Mika how her secret was exposed during middle school and she had to transfer schools due to being isolated from her peers. Yūto assures her that he will never leave her which relieves her so much that the next day she affirms after a short conflict that the catalog is actually hers.

Samurai Bride
104 votes

#5 - Samurai Bride

Samurai Girls - Season 2 - Episode 4

Gisen visits the Café and tries to apply for a Job. Someone knows a little too much about the Samurai Brides, who will have what it takes?

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Julius Novachrono
145 votes

#6 - Julius Novachrono

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 93

The battle between the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful wizard, the Wizard King Julius Novachrono, and the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Licht, had begun. Julius had been chosen by a very unique grimoire and he used time magic. As the Wizard King, he firmly believed in the path he had walked and the future he wanted for everyone, so a very fierce battle begins. Licht uses light magic which is super powerful and fast, but apparently, it’s no match for Julius’s time magic.

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The Birth of the Serene King
99 votes

#7 - The Birth of the Serene King

Haikyu!! - Season 4 - Episode 23

Little by little the game is approaching the end, with the players of both teams accusing the accumulated fatigue.

143 votes

#8 - Mastermind

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 115

Yuno manages to enter the Shadow Palace with his pendant and runs into Patry and the others. However, his pendant is immediately stolen. Now, all of the necessary magic stones have been collected and the elves’ wish was supposed to come true. However, an uninvited guest appears before them: A devil from another world. They find out everything that happened between the elves and humans were actually a part of his plan all along. Yuno can’t hide is astonishment at how powerful the devil is as he tries to fight it, and then Asta and Mimosa also arrive!

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Daikichi's Decision
89 votes

#9 - Daikichi's Decision

Bunny Drop - Season 1 - Episode 3

As Daikichi wonders how to juggle his worklife around taking care of Rin, he takes her to his parents house. As Daikichi looks through Souichi's house for clues on Rin's mother, he finds an out-of-place modem. When he asks Rin about it, she talks about a maid named Masako, who was listed in Rin's health booklet. As Rin wets the bed again last night, Daikichi understands her fear of death and reassures her. The next day, Daikichi requests a transfer at his job to better fit his time around Rin.

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I Want to Be...Together
123 votes

#10 - I Want to Be...Together

Secret of Nogizaka Haruka - Season 1 - Episode 10

Haruka quickly leaves after seeing Yūto on top of Shiina, but when Yūto tries to explain the situation to her, Haruka says she understands, but ends up running back home. The next day during the school festival, Yūto finds Haruka to have apparently forgotten about yesterday, though Shiina is not so sure. Yūto confronts Haruka about yesterday again, but she tells him she does not want to hear what he has to say and runs off. Yūto runs into Hazuki as he is searching for Haruka, and she gives him so advice on how to move forward with Haruka. With Hazuki's help, Yūto finds Haruka behind the gym where he apologizes for yesterday and assures her that he will not leave her. Afterwards, the two dance by the tune of the music box Yūto gave her previously as Nanami, Mika, and Hazuki watch from the bushes.

Dante vs. The Captain of the Black Bulls Squad
106 votes

#11 - Dante vs. The Captain of the Black Bulls Squad

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 163

Gauche is gravely injured in the fight against Dante which causes Asta's devil powers to go berserk. He completely loses himself and relentlessly attacks Dante! But Dante becomes even stronger and Asta ends up on the ground. Then Captain Yami and Finral show up to the scene shocked and Yami is instantly enraged and joins the fight! Meanwhile, the Heart Kingdom is under attack by Vanica and her subordinates and the Spirit Guardians went to fight them, but Vanica's subordinates who had been given devil powers were far more powerful than expected, and...

Versus the Great King
185 votes

#12 - Versus the Great King

Haikyu!! - Season 1 - Episode 7

The Hinata-Kageyama combo is back in form again, they won the next set, Karasuno has cornered Seijoh, and they're one step closer to victory. But at that time, Seijoh's captain Oikawa who was out on hiatus visits the court. How does Karasuno respond to super-offensive setter Oikawa's powerful serves?

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And Then, Morning
31 votes

#13 - And Then, Morning

Run with the Wind - Season 1 - Episode 18

While walking home with Musa, Kakeru runs into reigning champion Rikudo's Fujioka Kazuma. When Kakeru can't let go of the inconsiderate remarks made by some passers-by, Fujioka methodically and without faltering shows him the answer. Then Fujioka tells them about his shared history with Haiji. The burden Haiji has borne alone. The response he gave to Fujioka. In Fujioka's words, Kakeru begins to sense the meaning of the "strength" Haiji once described to him. Meanwhile, Haiji is at a consultation with his doctor. His eyes are glued to the harsh reality they see...

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Spatial Mage Brothers
126 votes

#14 - Spatial Mage Brothers

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 109

While Mimosa, Kirsch, and En were protecting the Vermillion residence from the elves, Langris, who had reincarnated as an elf, had arrived at the castle. He goes after the king’s life but Finral shows up with Captain Yami and Captain Jack. Despite knowing the difference in power between him and his younger brother, Finral continues to support Captain Yami and Captain Jack in this fight against Langris. Finral goes for a risky attack which injures him, and...

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Countdown of Collapse
32 votes

#15 - Countdown of Collapse

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor - Season 1 - Episode 22

Guyot's black hole attack slowly sucks in Alkampfer, who's helpless against its overwhelming power. Gravity affects the entire base, Tetsuro and the others have great difficulties trying to reach the Crypt. Inside the ship, Sho is slowly completing the charging process. Once the battle with Alkampfer is over, Guyot falls right in front of the Crypt and prepares to kill everyone and use the Remover, whose use is finally clarified. To stop him, Murakami san decides to transform for the last time.

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100 votes

#16 - Found

Haikyu!! - Season 4 - Episode 15

The game continues its course and the Miya twins have no mercy on the court. Kinoshita and Yamaguchi stand out on the court.

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Flames of Hatred
144 votes

#17 - Flames of Hatred

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 59

Noelle uses her water magic to try to put out the fires that have sprouted up around the forest while Asta, Finral, and Vanessa confront another member of the Third Eye, Fana. Asta tries to reason with Fana by talking to her, but that quickly gets shut down when Fana attacks with her fire spirit, salamander. They soon find out that Fana not only has fire magic, but other magic using different attributes...

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The Lion Awakens
119 votes

#18 - The Lion Awakens

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 132

The Black Bulls get a sudden visit from Mereleona and she drags them to the strong magic region of the Yultim Volcano. There, the Crimson Lion Kings, as well as their captain, Fuegoleon, and his younger brother Leopold, were waiting for them. Asta and Noelle remember the hot springs they had visited on their previous trip there. Finding new resolve, Magna, Luck, Charmy, Gordon, and Nero all decide to train in the fiery underground cave of the volcano!

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The Diamond Mage
205 votes

#19 - The Diamond Mage

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 15

Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa from the Golden Dawn appear in front of Asta and Noelle, apparently sent on the same mission. Klaus mocks the Black Bulls for their awful reputation and gets in an argument with Asta.

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224 votes

#20 - Beasts

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 9

On Yami’s orders, Asta and Noelle go on their first mission with Magna to hunt wild boars. They successfully complete the mission and go to Saussy Village to meet with the mayor, Seyhe.

Mage X
131 votes

#21 - Mage X

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 76

The members of the Black Bulls show off strength that far surpasses their ranks of Junior Magic Knights. Finally, round 5 of stage 1 of the Royal Knights Selection Exam was about to begin. However, they can't seem to find the person called "X" on the I team, which is one of the teams that's about to fight. Finally, Mage X shows up, but they're actually...

Wild Magic Dance
202 votes

#22 - Wild Magic Dance

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 22

After hearing about the attack on the capital, Asta rushed out, and the rest of the Magic Knights quickly followed. They found that corpses being controlled by Rades’s wraith magic were attacking the citizens.

Formation of the Royal Knights
132 votes

#23 - Formation of the Royal Knights

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 87

Asta, Noelle, and Luck are suddenly taken away by Captain Mereoleona, who suddenly dropped in at the Black Bulls’ base. It just so happened the three of them had passed the Royal Knights Selection Exam. The other Magic Knights who passed had also gathered, including the two Magic Knights who fought a fierce battle in the finals, Yuno and the captain of the Aqua Deer, Rill. They were then informed that there would be one more member of the Black Bulls joining them, and it happened to be... Finally, Captain Nozel from the Silver Eagles also joined them as the captain of the Royal Knights, Mereoleona prepped them for their battle against the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Vice Captain Langris Vaude
96 votes

#24 - Vice Captain Langris Vaude

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 154

After Yuno is given the title of 1st Class Magic Knight, Vice Captain Langris decides to competitively spar Yuno with a twist: The loser will leave The Golden Dawn.

C Class License
76 votes

#25 - C Class License

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 9

Ippo takes the License Test and meets Mashiba.

We Made a Snow House
30 votes

#26 - We Made a Snow House

Non Non Biyori - Season 1 - Episode 11

Due to a snowy blizzard, the girls end up having to spend the night at school, with Hotaru and Natsumi competing against each other to see who gets to sleep in a futon, eventually decided to just kick Kazuho out of hers. Later that night, Hotaru decides to check out the snow and see the starry night sky, leading to some misunderstandings from Komari and Natsumi. Later, on another snowy day, the gang decide to try their hand at skiing before building a snow house and having some hot food.

Those Remaining
111 votes

#27 - Those Remaining

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 142

While the Clover Kingdom was trying to get back onto its feet, the citizens learn that the one behind the destruction of their homes is called the devil, and many of them grew to hate the devil. Some of these people had gathered and created a group called the Devil Banishers. Because the Magic Parliament did not immediately punish the supposed servants of the devil, they decide to go after Asta and Nero and take matters into their own hands.

The Secretive Duet
4 votes

#28 - The Secretive Duet

La Corda d'Oro ~Primo Passo~ - Season 1 - Episode 7

Kanazawa asks Hino to come with them shopping for food and souvenirs, leaving Tsuchiura, Hihara, Yunoki and Tsukimori at home. Kanazawa left a note saying that they can pre-heat the food for lunch. Unfortunately, Tsukimori burnt the food thus having Tsuchiura make lunch. After the dinner, Tsukimori fell asleep. When he woke up, he heard Hino playing and he made a duet with her. Upon returning to school, Tsukimori is chased by school newspaper reporter Nami Amou. He stumbles upon Hino who just finished practicing her violin and covers her mouth when Amou's voice is heard just outside and after she passes, he releases his cover over her mouth prompting her to leave. While walking away, Hino comments on how she felt Tsukimori's cold hand before and this time it was hot with a burning feeling, realizing what's happened she runs back to the practice room to discover Tsukimori leaning against the wall almost unconscious. As she is about to call for a doctor Tsukimori stops her and losing complete conscious his head falls on her shoulder.

Two Miracles
153 votes

#29 - Two Miracles

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 102

Asta and Yuno get back to their village after an elf had attacked it. They were heading to the royal capital along with Captain Nozel and Noelle, but they saw that their village was in trouble and were given permission to make a detour. In order to protect the villagers, Asta and Yuno face off with the elf. The father that had raised them was able to see how much Asta and Yuno had grown, but...

The Star of Hope, Todomatsu / Final Sheeeh
16 votes

#30 - The Star of Hope, Todomatsu / Final Sheeeh

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 1 - Episode 22

Todomatsu holds auditions to take one of his brothers with him to a mixer, struggling to find anyone worth taking.

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Nero Reminiscences... Part 1
123 votes

#31 - Nero Reminiscences... Part 1

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 123

Because she used forbidden magic, Nero survived for centuries. In the back of her mind, memories from long ago start to replay in her head. From when Nero was still called Secré and when Secré first met the most powerful and talented mage in the Clover Kingdom, Prince Lumiere. They become friends with Licht and the other elves, but due to the evil plans of a devil, the humans end up killing all of Licht’s comrades. Because of that, Licht ends up turning into a demon and Lumiere finds him in that state. What will he have to do to protect the ones he loves?

Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special!
144 votes

#32 - Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special!

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 82

As Asta and Zora battle Langris. Charmy wanders into the forest, seeking exotic ingredients to cook something tasty for Yuno and the Wizard King. After sampling a toxic mushroom she passes out and she and her sheep chefs begin to experience vivid hallucinations in the form of short 30 second sketches that feature members of the Black Bulls and other Black Clover characters in their Chibi forms. Charmy eventually awakens and, realising she has been dreaming the whole time, resumes her search for exotic ingredients. Back on the battlefield Zora prepares to punish Langris for failing to uphold the ideals of an honourable magic knight.