The Best Episodes Directed by Roger Goldby

Episode 3

#1 - Episode 3

Call the Midwife Season 2 - Episode 3

Jenny is seconded to a short-staffed hospital in London, but grows increasingly reluctant to carry out her duties when she finds out she is working under intimidating surgeon Mr Tracey. Back in Poplar, the midwives are introduced to newcomer Jane and outspoken twins Meg and Mave Carter. The sisters are identical in every way, except one of them is now pregnant - forcing them to come to terms with the impact a baby will have on them.

star 8.42
462 votes
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Clearance from a Deal

#2 - Clearance from a Deal

Hustle Season 7 - Episode 3

Mickey and Albert visit the first Wendell Casino to open in the country. The Wendell family are well known for their strict policy on cheaters, and have a rogues' gallery on show of anyone who has ever been caught. Albert isn't happy when he sees a picture of his grandfather Charlie Stroller up on the wall. Albert is determined to do whatever it takes to clear Charlie's name, even if it means that the whole team's pictures end up hanging on the wall.

star 8.28
510 votes
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Breathe In the Air

#3 - Breathe In the Air

Inspector George Gently Season 7 - Episode 2

Inspector Gently is intrigued as to why a woman has tragically committed suicide. There are too many details that don't add up, and he suspects murder. Why did this woman, a GP, want to end her life? Gently's investigation leads him and his team to the discovery of a bigger industrial crime, more murders and more victims. Gently puts his career on the line to uncover who is really to blame.

star 8.05
108 votes
Episode 2

#4 - Episode 2

Call the Midwife Season 2 - Episode 2

Chummy makes an important decision, Jenny reconnects with Jimmy, and Cynthia's conduct is called into question after the death of a baby she delivered.

star 8.03
482 votes
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Benny's Funeral

#5 - Benny's Funeral

Hustle Season 7 - Episode 4

Albert, Mickey, Ash, Sean and Emma attend the funeral of a fellow grifter called Benny. Benny had a history with the team, having helped Mickey out of a difficult situation years ago, and nearly taking Ash's place in the group. Ash bumps into a panicked man that looks like Benny after the funeral. Ash chases after him and learns that Benny is still alive. Benny explains to Ash why he had to fake his own death, and the team decide to help him.

star 8.02
583 votes
Eat Yourself Slender

#6 - Eat Yourself Slender

Hustle Season 8 - Episode 4

After one of the teams friends called Carol suffers a heart attack, the gang find out that she's been the victim of a sham diet plan run by American Dr Dean Deville and his wife, Dana. Mickey comes up with a weight-loss scam to sell them a a new miraculous diet pill, but knows they'll first need to gain their trust.

star 7.95
531 votes
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Episode 1

#7 - Episode 1

The Durrells Season 4 - Episode 1

Louisa throws herself into running her boarding house, but mysterious guest Lazaros Vangelatos places the villa under police scrutiny.

star 7.91
141 votes
Get Carter

#8 - Get Carter

Robin Hood Season 2 - Episode 8

Marian wakes up in Sherwood Forest on the first day of the rest of her life as an outlaw with Robin and his gang. Surprising everyone with a new energy and recklessness, however, she jeopardises the gang's mission to bring aid to Clun Village after it's ransacked by the Sheriff's men.

star 7.84
417 votes
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Missing a Body?

#9 - Missing a Body?

Death in Paradise Season 1 - Episode 4

Megan Talbot walks into Saint Marie's police station covered in blood, and confesses to the murder of her husband, Lucas. Lucas's body is initially nowhere to be found, but then a local boat crew hoist his body from the sea. Richard fails to believe Megan is behind his death, and as he interrogates Lucas's friends, his reasons to suspect one of them is the killer rises.

star 7.81
710 votes
To Play the King

#10 - To Play the King

The Musketeers Season 3 - Episode 5

star 7.77
712 votes
Episode 3

#11 - Episode 3

The Durrells Season 3 - Episode 3

Larry and Louisa return to England. In Corfu, Leslie gets offered a job as a policeman, Gerry saves a donkey from an abusive farmer, and Spiro forbids Margo from seeing Zoltan.

star 7.77
126 votes
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Bad Blood

#12 - Bad Blood

Robin Hood Season 3 - Episode 10

It's a step back in time as a mysterious figure forces Robin and Gisborne to hear the story of their past. The truth about their parents is exposed and a huge revelation rocks them both to the core. As the strange figure shows his face, Robin and Gisborne know their lives will never be the same again.

star 7.72
237 votes
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Lardner's Ring

#13 - Lardner's Ring

Robin Hood Season 2 - Episode 9

A mortally wounded, one-legged messenger from King Richard flees Locksley Manor pursued by Gisborne's men and ends up in the arms of Robin. In his dying breath, he tells Robin that the King needs him to return to fight in the Holy Land, and utters the word "Lardner". The Sheriff is furious that the messenger got away, especially now that he and Gisborne are also on the hunt for Lardner, having received a prediction from a fortune-telling Fool that the "ring of Lardner" spells trouble.

star 7.72
360 votes
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Wicked Wedding Night

#14 - Wicked Wedding Night

Death in Paradise Season 1 - Episode 2

A bride is shot through the heart with a spear gun just minutes after getting married, in a room to which she did not have the key. Richard teams up with new sergeant Camille to work out who would want the bride dead; he learns that no one had entered or left the fifth floor of the hotel room during the celebrations, which leads him to believe one of the party guests must be the killer.

star 7.71
949 votes
Curiosity Killed the Kat

#15 - Curiosity Killed the Kat

Hustle Season 8 - Episode 3

The law catches up with the crafty Hustle conmen when corrupt police officer DI Fisk is bribed into bringing them down. Unaware of Fisk’s watchful eye, the gang moves in on their latest mark, Linda Runcorn, the crooked CEO of an online hotel and restaurant guide. Meanwhile, Fisk arrests Sean’s ex-girlfriend, pickpocket Kat, on false charges, blackmailing her to spy on the team so he can catch them. Left with no choice, Kat persuades Sean to let her join the con. Things get heavier when Fisk demands that Kat plant cocaine in Emma’s bag, resulting in Emma’s arrest. With Emma in prison and the grifters under surveillance, there seems little way the Hustle gang can escape unscathed...

star 7.70
455 votes
Brothers In Arms

#16 - Brothers In Arms

The Musketeers Season 3 - Episode 3

Under orders, the Musketeers defend Louis’ traitorous brother Gaston after he slaughters a band of veteran soldiers in a Paris tavern.

star 7.69
723 votes
Episode 2

#17 - Episode 2

The Durrells Season 4 - Episode 2

Louisa finds herself fending off unexpected romanctic advances. Leslie's arranged hunt for new guest, Colonel Ribbindane, doesn't quite go to plan when his past revisits him.

star 7.44
101 votes