The Best Episodes Directed by Rodney Charters

Reign of Terror

#1 - Reign of Terror

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Season 3 - Episode 18

King Augeus had gone mad. Believing himself Zeus, the King ordered Aphrodite's temple to be rededicated to Hera. The evil goddess herself offered Augeus godly powers if he could kill Hercules by sunset. Aphrodite, angered by the king's actions, stepped in to reclaim her temples and protect the townspeople. Augeus - assisted by Hera - managed to imprison Aphrodite briefly, but the goddess joined forces with Hercules and battled the king until his delusion lifted. Augeus wasn't quite back to normal, however: Now he believed he was Ulysses.

star 9.00
48 votes
Baby, It's You

#2 - Baby, It's You

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 19

Max is hit with a one-two punch after he discovers that not only is Tess pregnant with his son, but that the baby cannot survive unless they return to their home planet. Liz, Maria and Michael work together to unravel the mysterious double life of Alex. Isabel and Kyle explore her powers as they play pranks on Max and Kyle dreamwalks with a Playmate.

star 8.17
226 votes

#3 - Panacea

Roswell Season 3 - Episode 13

Michael uncovers a conspiracy at Metachem, when a guard is killed on duty. Michael enlists the aid of Max and Isabel when the investigation takes an alien turn. Meanwhile, Liz has entered boarding school in Vermont and tries to start a new life, and Maria disillusioned by New York goes to visit Liz in Vermont.

star 7.81
243 votes
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Day 2: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

#4 - Day 2: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

24 Season 2 - Episode 9

George pits Bob against Reza in hopes of learning which one is working with Second Wave. Sherry and Lynne clash over Palmer's speech to the press. Kate is interrogated by Syed Ali, who believes she knows too much about the bomb. Jack and Nina fight off a group of renegade soldiers while waiting to be rescued from the crash site. They nearly escape when Nina takes Jack hostage and demands to speak to the President.

star 7.80
2139 votes
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The Furious And The Fast

#5 - The Furious And The Fast

Dallas (2012) Season 2 - Episode 7

In the aftermath of John Ross and Sue Ellen’s coup to take over Ewing Energies, Bobby retaliates with his brother’s help, Gary (Ted Shackelford), leaving the family in a Mexican standoff. Meanwhile, Pamela is caught between Christopher and John Ross, as the cousins clash, with it all culminating in a winner-take-all car race.

star 7.75
273 votes
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Day 2: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

#6 - Day 2: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

24 Season 2 - Episode 10

Two traitors are uncovered. One is the mole in the Palmer administration who is working with Stanton. The other is the member of the Warner family who helped Syed Ali to bring the bomb into the country. Jack learns of Ali's location and tries to rescue Kate. Kim and Miguel hatch an escape plan to stay out of LA, but the results are disastrous.

star 7.65
2122 votes
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Day 4: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

#7 - Day 4: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

24 Season 4 - Episode 13

Jack and Paul enlist civilian help when they must fight off soldiers sent to kill them by McLennan-Forster. Tensions flair between Tony and Michelle as she assumes command of CTU. Sarah tests Michelle's authority by giving her an ultimatum. Audrey reevaluates her feelings for Jack, while Marwan sets the next phase of his plan in motion.

star 7.58
1516 votes
Gigolo Jarod

#8 - Gigolo Jarod

The Pretender Season 2 - Episode 11

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - Jarod takes on the role of paid escort to get close to a housing developer who has plans to displace a low-income neighborhood for a high-rise. Jarod also is hired by another woman, in a seperation period, who thinks her husband doesn't love her anymore. Meanwhile, Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots are following Jarod's latest trail, which leads them to a book (The Saddest Little Valentine) that Jarod has published.

star 7.35
146 votes
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Wedding In Black

#9 - Wedding In Black

Friday the 13th: The Series Season 2 - Episode 21

A mysterious snowglobe is mailed to Curious Goods. When Micki gives it a shake, an old boyfriend of hers shows up, and convinces her to join him at a bed & breakfast. Then Jack and Ryan are both visited by old friends when they shake the globe. It turns out that each of the three newcomers is working for Satan. If Micki can be tricked into sleeping with her boyfriend, then she will be considered wedded to Satan as she ""willingly"" did so. Jack and Ryan, lured to the hotel, are separated from her, able to witness what is going on but unable to contact Micki. It turns out they are trapped in the hotel within the snow globe. Ultimately, Ryan's ex-girlfriend helps them, and they manage to drive a car into the edge of the globe, knocking it off the shelf it is resting and shattering it (and freeing themselves) before Micki can consummate her wedding with the Devil.

star 7.23
11 votes
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#10 - Qallupilluit

The Pretender Season 3 - Episode 20

Jarod heads for Alaska to find his father, only to find himself trapped with a research team whose numbers are dropping rapidly -- and bloodily.

star 7.20
92 votes
The Agent of Year Zero

#11 - The Agent of Year Zero

The Pretender Season 4 - Episode 14

Jarod tries to help a Cambodian woman avenge the death of her family at the hands of a war criminal -- who is also an ally of Mr. Lyle. Meanwhile, Miss Parker tracks that connection from the Centre.

star 7.14
161 votes
Rules of Engagement

#12 - Rules of Engagement

The Pretender Season 4 - Episode 8

Jarod tries to stop a hostage situation in a hospital. Miss Parker is confused by an encounter with her father.

star 7.10
163 votes
Flesh and Blood

#13 - Flesh and Blood

The Pretender Season 3 - Episode 8

Jarod takes on the role of a tracking expert to help find four teachers, including Sydney's son, Nicholas, who are taken hostage in the Appalachian hills.

star 6.86
103 votes
Year of the Monkey

#14 - Year of the Monkey

Friday the 13th: The Series Season 3 - Episode 11

The trio track a cursed tea set to a samurai, Musashi: an honorable man, but one who refuses to give them the antique unless they aid him in recovering a mystical set of oriental monkey statues (which represent See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil). A wealth Japanese industrialist, Tanaka, has them, and they reward his honorable behavior with success in business. Now he is almost ready to die, and the magic of the statues require that he use them to test the honor of his three children to see which one will inherit. Each monkey gives a child magical powers, but the two sons abuse their power and fail to act honorably. Forced to choose seppuku (ritual suicide) they refuse, and the monkey statues then kill them. each death further reinvigorates Tanaka. The daughter passes her test, but is then required to use the statues to kill her father. She refuses, and kills herself. Musashi then confronts his old friend Tanaka and tricks him into killing the unarmed samurai. Having acted dishon

star 5.11
7 votes
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