The Best Episodes Directed by Robin Dashwood

A Very English Genius: How Michael Ventris Cracked Linear B

#1 - A Very English Genius: How Michael Ventris Cracked Linear B

BBC Documentaries Season 2006 - Episode 9

On 1 July 1952, a 30-year-old architect called Michael Ventris made a BBC radio broadcast which was to secure his place in archaeological and history books forever. He announced that he'd deciphered Linear B, Europe's earliest known, and previously incomprehensible, writing system. His discovery was to revolutionise our understanding of Western civilisation. It was made all the more remarkable by the fact that Ventris was no more than an amateur enthusiast, a man passionately and often tortuously determined to crack the linguistic code which had puzzled experts, archaeologists and academics for three decades.

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The Elgin Marbles

#2 - The Elgin Marbles

BBC Documentaries Season 2011 - Episode 160

Drama-documentary in which art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the story of the greatest cultural controversy of the last 200 years. He explores the history of the Elgin Marbles, tells the dramatic story of their removal from Athens and cites the arguments for and against their return to Greece

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