The BEST episodes directed by Robert Taylor

On a Wing and a Bear
139 votes

#1 - On a Wing and a Bear

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 22

Shere Khan raises gas prices because Don Karnage is stealing all the gas drums. Meanwhile, Baloo finds he's flying with an expired pilots license. When he goes to get it renewed, he's reacquainted with his old Drivers License Instructor Ralph 'Love to Flunk 'Em' Throgmorton. Throgmorton makes Baloo so nervous that he can't pass the test. When he seeks other employment, Throgmorton is always there, and loses all other jobs due to a nervous breakdown. When he attempts one more time for his pilots license, they stubble upon Don Karnage and reveal his partnership with Shere Khan.

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Gone Bonkers (2)
12 votes

#2 - Gone Bonkers (2)

Bonkers - Season 1 - Episode 2

Bonkers gets captured by Mr. Doodles, the Collector's minion, during his search for Fall-Apart. Toots leads Piquel to the Collector's hideout, saving Bonkers. The Collector is revealed to be a human before he gets trapped in the prop box

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In the Bag
7 votes

#3 - In the Bag

Bonkers - Season 1 - Episode 3

A toon handbag is stealing everything from the ""D"" from the ""Hollywood"" sign to Lucky's pants.

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Plunder & Lightning (3)
214 votes

#4 - Plunder & Lightning (3)

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 3

After finding out that Becky and Molly were kidnapped, Baloo and Kit decide to go and rescue them immediately from the dangerous pirates. Kit has the idea later to setup Karnage by acting like he setup Baloo and Becky. Baloo takes it furious and thinks that Kit betrayed him. Baloo, Becky and Molly escape immediately. Kit feels sad with tears finding out that Baloo didn't believe him about his plan. Karnage welcome Kit back to the family. Baloo later decided to go away from all the trouble that he was brought into....

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Plunder & Lightning (1)
351 votes

#5 - Plunder & Lightning (1)

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 1

Kit Cloudkicker bumps into Baloo and hides a secret treasure so that his now to be enemy, Don Karnage won't find it. Actually Kit gets to know Baloo more better and tells him alot of things. Baloo and Kit are ambushed by Karnage and his pirates. When Baloo and Kit have a furious argument, Kit gets caught from the pirates and Baloo rescues him. Kit apologizes about the argument and tells Baloo that he has a treasure that he wants to share with him.

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I Only Have Ice for You
126 votes

#6 - I Only Have Ice for You

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 9

After tricking the pirates, Baloo starts his flight back to Cape Suzette. Over confident, Baloo gets the pirates to chase him through the canyon. However, Air Traffic Control won't clear the Sea Duck because there's a blimp already passing through. Forced to escape the pirates, Baloo sneaks around and safely passes. However, the stunt results in Baloo getting his license suspended for a week. With the need to transport an iceberg to the desert prince, Becky gets a fliers permit and decides that she will fly the plane with the help of her book 'How To Fly In 3 Easy Lessons.' Becky refuses to listen to anything Baloo suggests. After all, he got his license suspended, so what does he know? But when air pirates attack the Sea Duck, Becky soon learns that you can't learn everything from a book in one day.

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Bearly Alive
110 votes

#7 - Bearly Alive

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 15

After reading an article, Becky insists Baloo get checked out by a doctor to see how his health is holding up. Meanwhile, Kit is playing in the Sea Duck. While pretending he's a pilot, he accidentally breaks the Googleschlocker Gyrocompass. Fearing punishment, Kit tries to fix it on his own taking it to a Dr. Ohlmeyer. Baloo's check-up finds him in good health, but one more test is supposed to come in. When Dr. Ohlmeyer calls Higher for Hire to inform them that the 'patient's' time is up and that the googleschlocker is kaput, Becky mistakes him to be Baloo's doctor. Knowing that his last days are upon him, Baloo wants to fly into the Bermuda Trapezoid since he has nothing to lose. But when the truth is revealed, everyone must go stop Baloo before he makes the mistake that may end his life for real.

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It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck
191 votes

#8 - It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 6

Baloo and Becky go shopping and Kit is left with the responsibility of babysitting Molly. Kit has his hands full, until Molly's favorite radio program, 'Danger Woman,' comes on. During the commercial break, Molly wants ice cream. They were instructed not to go further then the corner store. Meanwhile, Don Karnage sends Mad Dog and Dump Truck to steal goods from Cape Suzette via sub. When they cut through the net that keeps all sea creatures from entering Cape Suzette's harbor, A giant squid follows them. When Molly's wagon rolls all the way down to the docks, Kit asks Molly not to tell her mom how far away they strayed. However, Becky heard everything and told Kit that he was reckless and irresponsible. But when the apartment building is attacked by the squid and the pirates on the loose, Kit's job of protecting Molly is far from over.

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For a Fuel Dollars More
136 votes

#9 - For a Fuel Dollars More

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 19

Baloo is told that he can no longer charge food at Louie's until he pays off his tab. Meanwhile, Becky comes up with an idea to start a midair refueling station. Baloo reluctantly agrees, as it is going to be located near Louie's, but decides he needs the money. After a couple days he's able to pay Louie back, who has had no business. When Baloo reveals his source of income, Louie is furious as he's stealing all his customers. Not to be outdone, he opens his own midair refueling station. The two compete for better service, but when they start sabotaging each others stations, Baloo declares war.

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Time Waits for No Bear
127 votes

#10 - Time Waits for No Bear

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 7

Baloo has to deliver a box back to Cape Suzette before dawn. Since it was only midnight, he decides that he can spend a few hours at Louie's. But panic ensues when the sun starts to rise. He decides to use the excuse that pirates attacked him. Baloo then demonstrates with the Sea Duck how he escaped, but unknowingly loses the box out the back hatch. When he returns to Higher for Hire with nothing, it costs the business $10,000. After promising Becky that he will never again stray from the schedule, he's given a new assignment. Give a tour of Cape Suzette between 11 and noon. While Wildcat is fixing the plane, he runs across the box lodged in the engine. Baloo can still get the $10,000 if it's delivered before noon. Not wanting to go back on his word, he sends Wildcat on the tour while he delivers the box. But when it becomes clear that the box holds a stolen treasure; Baloo has to return the goods, avoid Trader Joe and his goons, and get back to Hire for Higher before noon.

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Going Bonkers (1)
20 votes

#11 - Going Bonkers (1)

Bonkers - Season 1 - Episode 1

Bonkers gets captured by Mr. Doodles, the Collector's minion, during his search for Fall-Apart. Toots leads Piquel to the Collector's hideout, saving Bonkers. The Collector is revealed to be a human before he gets trapped in the prop box

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Feminine Air
103 votes

#12 - Feminine Air

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 31

Cool Hands and other pilots give Baloo some ribbing that he works for a woman. This is also starting to lose business for 'Higher for Hire.' Trying to prove that he's still a great pilot, Baloo enters himself into the Great Air Scavenger Hunt, which has been won by Cool Hands every year. Baloo goes to ask Becky for the day off for the race, but she beats him to it by telling him she needs to spend the day for drumming up publicity. However, she needs the Sea Duck to do it, and things get worse when no one will sponsor Baloo. It comes down to the D.O.A. (Daughters Of Aviation). Not giving up, Baloo dresses like a woman and calls himself Tan Margaret. When Tan is assigned a plane he's surprised to be given the Sea Duck. Turns out it was donated to D.O.A. for this contest to drum up publicity, and the navigator will be Becky.

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Flying Dupes
6 votes

#13 - Flying Dupes

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 65

Baloo is contracted to deliver a package to the Thembrian High Marshall, but is unaware that it contains a bomb planted there by a bomb builder who wants to provoke a war.

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