The Best Episodes Directed by Robert Foxworth


#1 - Echoes

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 4

When Chase tries to help Maggie regain her memory, she rebuffs his advances, reminding him that she doesn't remember him or their marriage. Peter Stavros asks Angela to marry him, but she can only think about saving Falcon Crest at the moment. As Father Christopher gets to know his family, Angela and Greg use him as proof that Anna had a motive to kill Dominic. Unnerved, Anna sneaks into Angela's bedroom and sets it ablaze. When Richard is shot at, he escapes injury because he wears a bulletproof vest. Jordan and Richard create a plan with Richard as the target that will draw out the assailant. Lance continues his reckless and despondent behavior.

star 9.00
1 votes
In Absentia

#2 - In Absentia

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 23

When Angela returns and discovers the havoc Peter has wrought during her absence, she vows to take vengeance on him. Before Angela's return, Reardon gets a temporary injunction to stay Peter's hand at Falcon Crest, but it is too late. Peter has disappeared, and so has Angela's $30 million. Richard not only discovers that Jordan has been revealing his financial problems to Terry, but also that Peter Stavros has purchased the mortgage on Tuscany Downs. Determined to win Maggie's attention, Jeff follows her to the Tuscany Valley after her tour concludes. In order to avoid being forced into selling her wine harvest to Falcon Crest, Melissa tries to convince Eric to form a partnership with her.

star 9.00
2 votes
Dance of Deception

#3 - Dance of Deception

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 19

When Maggie prematurely gives birth to her baby at Falcon Crest, Angela conspires with rich newcomer Roland Saunders in her plans to destroy Richard. Angela finds a kindred spirit in Saunders, ""the rudest billionaire in the Fortune 500."" When Richard offers to sign the birth certificate of Maggie's baby, Chase surprises them by signing it himself. The idea of the new baby troubles Emma. Lance questions his father about Kolinski, while Tony has to lie to his son to protect Kit. During Angela's international wine show at the spa, the matron of Falcon Crest arrives with Saunders, and Peter disapproves.

star 8.67
3 votes
Shattered Dreams

#4 - Shattered Dreams

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 17

When the guilt from her father's death creates strange nightmares for Jordan Roberts, she looks to Greg Reardon for solace, but develops a split personality to hide from reality. Dwayne brings Emma home from the hospital and baits Angela. Lance leaves for Europe to continue his search for Peter Stavros. When Robin consults Angela for help in keeping her daughter, Angela is delighted at the opportunity to strike back at Melissa. Chase and Richard Channing make an agreement to work together and challenge Angela by opening Terry's winery.

star 8.50
2 votes
Missed Connections

#5 - Missed Connections

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 13

Preparing to disappear, Kit, with Stafford advising her, lays the groundwork to make her fake suicide plausible and realizes that she will sever many important ties. Angela has a dinner party for Peter's birthday. Seeking help for her troubled marriage, Melissa looks in the wrong places. Maggie discovers that her baby may be born with problems and turns Chase away when he fails to understand her feelings. Meredith hires her former supervisor to rescue Erin Jones, while Angela offers Vicky a new job at the spa.

star 8.00
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#6 - Maelstrom

Falcon Crest Season 2 - Episode 21

In the morning, Chase encounters Sheriff Robbins, who is running out of the county building. Robbins has obtained the forensic report on Henri Denault and wants to ask Richard Channing some questions. Chase explains that he has evidence that Carlo Agretti was blackmailing Richard. Richard is dictating Denault's obituary to Diana for the newspaper when Robbins and Chase arrive at Richard's house. After Robbins informs Richard that there were signs of struggle on Denault's body, Robbins wants to examine Richard's clothing from that day. In response, Richard tells them to get search warrants and slams the door in their faces. Later, Richard decides to give Lance all the information on Tony Cumson. At Falcon Crest, Lance tells Melissa that Diana Hunter called to tell him that Tony is working in San Diego as an offshore consultant for an oil company. Lance tells Melissa that if Julia travels to San Diego, she will never be able to show her face at Falcon Crest again. On the veranda, Angie q

star 7.19
32 votes
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Unfinished Business

#7 - Unfinished Business

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 2

Angela reluctantly welcomes Father Christopher to the Tuscany Valley, knowing that he presents an added obstacle in her efforts to keep her wine empire intact. In his attempts to help Angela, Greg Reardon investigates Anna's past history, including her record of hospitalization. Richard Channing is the subject of further threats. Melissa is released from jail and returns home to find a disturbing situation between her husband and Robin. Lance finds solace in Terry's wiles. When Chase gets an unexpected windfall from Connie, Maggie questions her relationships at the time of the explosion.

star 7.11
28 votes
Devil's Harvest

#8 - Devil's Harvest

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 25

Angela takes advantage of Lance's conviction to assume his job as publisher of The New Globe. Richard provokes Lance into a fight at a restaurant, forcing Lance into hiding to avoid being returned to custody. Angela realizes that if Falcon Crest expands to accommodate a contract with Helios Foods, Richard and Chase will fall heavily into debt, and she will once again be the sole owner of the wine empire. She pushes them to agree to bid on the contract. Maggie prefers that Chase sell out and get away from Angela, but he refuses. Cassandra and Damon push the Helios deal to advance their own plans for a takeover. Late that night, Robin tries to seduce Cole with the idea that they could give Melissa the child she wants.

star 7.10
30 votes
Sharps and Flats

#9 - Sharps and Flats

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 6

Lance finances Apollonia's demo record and then takes her and her friends to Falcon Crest after an all-night recording session. When Lance's grandmother strongly disapproves of his involvement with Apollonia, he insists that she is his business partner. He then outwits Angela by reclaiming the publisher's position at The New Globe, which serves as the first step in obtaining his goals for Apollonia's career. When Maggie and Chase fight over Connie, it triggers old memories for Maggie, much to Angela's discomfort. Desperate for financing, Richard Channing takes a chance at his racetrack. Stavros blackmails Angela into agreeing to marry him. When Robin thwarts Melissa and Cole again, Melissa seeks solace with Father Christopher.

star 7.07
28 votes
Queen's Gambit

#10 - Queen's Gambit

Falcon Crest Season 3 - Episode 15

Michael Ranson must face his fears from a dark past and perform surgery on Sheriff Robbins to save his life. In the operating room, Michael is unable to perform the surgery and later confesses to Terry about the guilt he's felt ever since his wife died. The floodgates open as Michael tells Terry how his wife was in an accident and died when Michael had attempted to operate on her. Meanwhile, Terry spies on Maggie for Angela and at the same time, makes plans to marry Michael. A cartel gangster attacks Richard Channing while Angela plans to crush Chase with the help of Calvin Kleeger, the Falcon Crest wine distributor. Kleeger informs Chase that with Angela out of Falcon Crest, he will no longer serve as distributor unless Chase offers the winery as collateral.

star 7.07
29 votes
The Trial

#11 - The Trial

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 23

Lance stands trial for the attempted murder of Angela, but his real court battle is against Richard Channing, who has secretly bribed the judge. Richard discovers that Greg and the prosecutor, Caroline Earle, have agreed to a deal that would considerably lighten his Lance's sentence. He passes this information to Judge Holder, who, on instruction, rejects such an arrangement. Cole and Melissa consider hiring a surrogate mother to bear them a child. Chase decides to hire Connie to help Cole with their champagne production. Cassandra and Damon come closer to an opportunity for revenge on Angela. Cassandra must keep their identity and plan hidden from Richard, who finds Cassandra intriguing. Melissa's cousin, Robin, arrives at the Gioberti household for an extended visit and hungrily sets her sights on Cole and the mansion.

star 7.00
30 votes
Nowhere to Run

#12 - Nowhere to Run

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 22

At Angela's engagement party for them, Vicky and Dan set the tone of the party by trying to avoid it. After Kit demonstrates a need to tell Tony good-bye, both Richard and Peter confront Saunders. Maggie arrives looking for her baby, which she now knows is Chase's. After Emma confounds Angela by introducing her adopted son, one of the guests is found dead in the winery.

star 7.00
3 votes