The BEST episodes directed by Rina Sternfeld Allon

And Bobby Makes Three
5 votes

#1 - And Bobby Makes Three

Dream On - Season 4 - Episode 12

Martin is excited by the prospect of hooking up with an old school friend who he bumps into at Judith's birthing class, but when the irresponsible father reappears on the scene, he suddenly has a rival.

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Second Time Aground
2 votes

#2 - Second Time Aground

Dream On - Season 6 - Episode 18

With their relationship rekindled, Judith suggests that she and Martin join a support group for couples on their second time around.

Cupid is as Cupid Does
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#3 - Cupid is as Cupid Does

Dream On - Season 6 - Episode 24

Judith plans a dinner party for their couple friends, so she suggests that Martin not invite currently single Eddie. When Eddie finds out, he makes Martin feel guilty until he invites him, but the evening doesn't go well. Eddie has nothing in common with the couples and so he storms out. Next day, Martin and Judith meet a recently separated friend, Rema, whom Martin invites to their apartment for dinner, planning to also invite Eddie and match them up. Eddie begins spending all his time with Rema and hardly sees Martin.