The BEST episodes directed by Rick Husky

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#1 - Trapped

Mission: Impossible - Season 6 - Episode 22

An $8 million army payroll has been stolen from a base in SE Asia by the Stafford family, Syndicate drug smugglers. The IMF must recover the money. Jim and Barney steal a Stafford truck and then offer to sell it back to the family if they pay "protection." Jim meets with brother Doug to convince him brother Art has ordered a hit on Doug - however, Art has put a hit on Jim and he is ambushed and gets amnesia. Meanwhile, lounge-singer Casey meets with Doug and sets it up so he thinks Art is trying to kill him. Doug makes a deal with Barney for protection from his brother in return for $2 million and leads the IMF to the money - they arrest everyone and convince Art to tell them about his plan to kill Jim. Meanwhile Art's killers are on Jim's trail and when Barney gets hold of him, he manages to recover his memory just in time to thwart them.

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#2 - Lucky

Walker, Texas Ranger - Season 5 - Episode 11

A homeless man's dog helps Walker track down the source of an attack on a priest. Meanwhile, Alex and C.D. put on a charity Thanksgiving dinner.

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The Renegade
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#3 - The Renegade

Daniel Boone - Season 4 - Episode 3

An Indian jailed for murder escapes and comes to take revenge on witness Boone and recover his son from settlers.

46 votes

#4 - Mayday

Walker, Texas Ranger - Season 5 - Episode 14

After surviving a plane crash that was supposed to kill him and an important witness, Walker must protect the witness from hit men coming to make sure they're dead.

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#5 - Trackdown

Martial Law - Season 1 - Episode 7

Sammo and his colleagues try to discover the whereabouts a group of White Supremacists armed with heavy weapons.

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Terror at the Academy
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#6 - Terror at the Academy

T.J. Hooker - Season 2 - Episode 6

When a highly-trained sniper takes out a patrol car's front tyre, sending it crashing off the highway, the tactics used suggest to Hooker and Romano that the attacker is an ex-Vietnam war veteran gone bad, who has made the hit as practice for a bigger strike. But the culprit is closer to home than they expect, and is planning to turn an upcoming visit by the Mayor to the LCPD headquarters into a nightmare, with his own little war-zone...

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#7 - Manhunt

The Magnificent Seven - Season 1 - Episode 8

Vin takes the lead in a manhunt to catch an escaped prisoner who took a local woman hostage. The girl's father, the local preacher, seeks vengeance.

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