The BEST episodes directed by Richard Friedman

The Mud Queen Murders
1 votes

#1 - The Mud Queen Murders

Silk Stalkings - Season 4 - Episode 9

When a mud wrestler named Tanya is murdered, a voice witness, Joey Mellman, talks to Chris and Rita and says that he can help them catch the killer. Soon, Lance and Lorenzo find Joey tagging along throughout their entire investigation, interrupting them, and causing problems. When the two Sams go to Tanya's house, they find Cindi Dann, the woman Tanya shared a dressing room with, already there. They find out that Tanya had many boyfriends, as well as a husband, and a big drug problem. They talk to the husband, Paul Yeager, and get his alibi, but when it doesn't check out, he is first on the suspect list. Meanwhile, the captain must take Joey into his home under protective custody when someone tries to run him over.

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Mrs. Carlisle
1 votes

#2 - Mrs. Carlisle

Silk Stalkings - Season 4 - Episode 15

Chris and Rita investigate the death of Dan Carslisle, the owner of an extravagant country club. When they talk to the wife, Valerie, she says that they heard someone breaking into the house, and her husband went down to see who it was. While he was downstairs, Mr. Carslisle was shot by the intruder. She also tells them that a teenager at the club, Carter Ward, has a big crush on her, writes her love notes, and could have been the person who killed her husband, out of jealousy. When Chris and Rita question Cart, he says that he and Mrs. Carslisle really do have a relationship, and that Mrs. Carslisle told him that he had killed Mr. Carslisle while stopping him from beating her--Cart was drunk from champagne at the time. Lance and Lorenzo head back to Mrs. Carslisle's house to investigate further, to see who is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Rita and Eric try to work out their problems, but Eric's past may come back to haunt him.

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Soul Mates
95 votes

#3 - Soul Mates

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Season 4 - Episode 4

Lois and Clark's honeymoon is interrupted by an old acquaintance, and they travel through time to thwart a curse on their relationship.

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Silent Witness
6 votes

#4 - Silent Witness

Baywatch Nights - Season 1 - Episode 3

A complicated story of a mother seeking her daughter who has accidentally become the only witness to a murder.

The Old Soft Shoe
22 votes

#5 - The Old Soft Shoe

Tales from the Darkside - Season 2 - Episode 18

Salesman Chester checks into a motel and makes an off-hand pass at a woman. She rejects him, but soon another, jealous woman shows up to haunt him.

The Great Montarro
54 votes

#6 - The Great Montarro

Friday the 13th: The Series - Season 1 - Episode 6

A magician creates a new death-defying act using a pair of cursed antique ""magic boxes"" created by the famous magician Houdin. Anyone placed in one box can survive any danger...because someone placed in the second, hidden box suffers all the harm. Jack, a magician himself, enters a magic competition as the trio try to ferret out who is using the magic boxes.

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Doctor Jack
55 votes

#7 - Doctor Jack

Friday the 13th: The Series - Season 1 - Episode 7

A doctor has obtained the cursed scapel used by Jack the Ripper, and discovers he can use it to kill one victim and miraculously heal one of his patients. His reputation as a miracle worker soon spreads, bringing him to the trio's attention. However, when Jack is injured, the doctor must choose whether to heal his enemy, or ruin his reputation.

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Rain Dance
4 votes

#8 - Rain Dance

Monsters - Season 1 - Episode 19

During a drought, a struggling treasure hunter for profit and his vain wife get more than they bargained for when he buys a rain-making evil idol from an old Native American woman who bears ill will towards the whites.

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Parlour Floor Front
52 votes

#9 - Parlour Floor Front

Tales from the Darkside - Season 2 - Episode 4

A woman becomes concerned when she discovers that a man that she and her husband rent a room to has been practicing voodoo. Although the man is good intentioned and kind, the woman regards him as a threatening and undesirable tenant. The husband sees the man as a well meaning and harmless, albeit strange individual, a view that is contradictory to his wife's feelings. She decides to hatch a plot to expel the man from her building. When the child that she has been pregnant with miscarries and her cat turns up dead, she blames the incidents on the black magic of the tenant. Guilt-ridden, the tenant hangs himself in his room. When the husband confronts the wife about the incident, the truth soon reveals itself. It was the wife that caused the miscarriage and killed the couple's cat. Disgusted by her malicious actions, the husband leaves her. Later that night, while in bed, the woman is woken by the sound of horrific groans coming up the stairs to her room....

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Answer Me
54 votes

#10 - Answer Me

Tales from the Darkside - Season 1 - Episode 15

Joan is apartment-sitting for a friend but finds herself tormented by a phone that won't stop ringing.

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Auld Acquaintances
13 votes

#11 - Auld Acquaintances

Tales from the Darkside - Season 3 - Episode 18

Two long-lived witches, Elizabeth and Mary, vie once more over an amulet in the modern day that they agreed to share hundreds of years ago.