The BEST episodes directed by Peter Graham Scott

The Master Minds
84 votes

#1 - The Master Minds

The Avengers - Season 4 - Episode 6

A government official, dresssed as one of the Horse-guards, helps in a raid on secret files and is wounded. Recovering, he remembers nothing. Is his crime anything to do with his membership of Ransack, a club for those with high IQs? Emma can join, but Steed may have to cheat....

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The Murder Market
81 votes

#2 - The Murder Market

The Avengers - Season 4 - Episode 7

What could an outbreak of motiveless murders have to do with the activities of a marriage bureau called Togetherness Inc.? Well, think of Hitchcock's 'Strangers On A Train' and you'll be close. Steed and Emma seek their ideal partners....

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The General
192 votes

#3 - The General

The Prisoner - Season 1 - Episode 6

An instant learning process becomes the Village's latest fad, but Number 6 is sure that Number 2 is using it as a brain washing tool.

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An Affair of State
9 votes

#4 - An Affair of State

Danger Man - Season 1 - Episode 10

Drake flies to a small Caribbean state to investigate the apparent suicide of an American economics expert, he uncovers a plot to obtain large sums of money, and in return he nearly loses his life.

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4 votes

#5 - Sabotage

Danger Man - Season 1 - Episode 28

When Paul Jason of Jason's Airlines is killed and several of his planes crash, John Drake assumes the identity of a hard drinking pilot to investigate the crash. Drake discovers a case of smuggling and finds himself in a tricky situation.

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The Deputy Coyannis Story
2 votes

#6 - The Deputy Coyannis Story

Danger Man - Season 1 - Episode 34

John Drake travels to a Balkan country to investigate the misappropriation of funds by a Minister. Drake uncovers the plot involving love, politics and revenge.

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The Lovers
12 votes

#7 - The Lovers

Danger Man - Season 1 - Episode 5

At the request of an old enemy, Drake takes charge of security as the President of Boravia and his wife visit London.

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A Sense of History
73 votes

#8 - A Sense of History

The Avengers - Season 4 - Episode 24

A death by archery sends Steed and Emma undercover at St. Bodes Academy, where the arguments between staff and hip students, and between different theories of history, seem to have taken on a murderous edge.

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3 votes

#9 - Deadline

Danger Man - Season 1 - Episode 39

When a wave of terrorism in the African jungle is likely to lead to a mass uprising, The Danger Man takes on the disguise of a 'gun-runner' in an attempt to penetrate the extremist organisation behind it.

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The Girl in Pink Pyjamas
10 votes

#10 - The Girl in Pink Pyjamas

Danger Man - Season 1 - Episode 6

When a dazed girl is found wandering along a country lane, dressed only in her pyjamas, Drake discovers a plot to assassinate a Balkan President.

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The Nurse
3 votes

#11 - The Nurse

Danger Man - Season 1 - Episode 37

Drake travels to the Arabian Desert to rescue the American Consul and his family from terrorists who have assassinated the King. On arrival Drake finds he has additional problems trying to protect a pretty Scots nurse and the baby in her care - the future king.

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