The Best Episodes Directed by Paul Mccrane

Hot Grrrl

#1 - Hot Grrrl

Close to Home Season 1 - Episode 22

Annabeth prosecutes two teenagers for the murder of a man they claim was an online sexual predator. However, the more she investigates the more the teenagers' story falls apart. And at home, she and Jack make plans to go on vacation, not knowing that their lives will soon change.

star 8.87
63 votes
False Confession

#2 - False Confession

Justice (2006) Season 1 - Episode 13

A babysitter is blamed for the death of a child and forced to confess. Despite the way the confession was obtained it was allowed in the trial.

star 8.85
33 votes
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Christmas Party

#3 - Christmas Party

Justice (2006) Season 1 - Episode 12

Luther assists Tom in defending a college student who has been accused of murdering a cab driver. Meantime, a baby has been abandoned in the TNT&G offices, and Ron and Alden must find the mother while the rest of the team are at the annual holiday party.

star 8.50
2 votes
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Believe Me

#4 - Believe Me

Without a Trace Season 7 - Episode 12

The team searches for a bar owner who goes missing shortly after his statue of St. Theresa cries. Brian's visit takes a new turn.

star 8.23
164 votes
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Rise by Sin

#5 - Rise by Sin

Empire Season 2 - Episode 17

Hakeem feels the pressure of his underwhelming fiancé, Laura, as he struggles to find a place for her both in his family and his career. Cookie finally reveals to Jamal the truth behind what happened to Freda’s father, prompting Jamal to warn Freda of his family’s ulterior motives. Meanwhile, despite his frustration with the family, Jamal makes a sacrifice for Lucious from which it will be hard to recover.

star 8.17
1547 votes
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One Last Lie

#6 - One Last Lie

Shades of Blue Season 1 - Episode 13

Unable to provide Donnie and Linklater to the FBI, Harlee makes a deal with Stahl to exchange her own immunity for that of her crew. Harlee comes face to face with Miguel who reveals his darkest side as he demands to be a part of Cristina's life.

star 8.16
1179 votes
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Running Mates

#7 - Running Mates

The West Wing Season 7 - Episode 10

All eyes are looking forward to the Leo McGarry/Ray Sullivan Vice Presidential debate. Meawhile, Santos is trying not to catch his children's cold and he visits his home in Texas and continues to campaign. Jorge Santos, the Congressman's brother, may cause some problems at a gathering.

star 8.12
747 votes
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Saving Face

#8 - Saving Face

Star Season 1 - Episode 11

Star and Hunter take their relationship to the next level, while Rose returns to help Alex and Derek deal with the aftermath of a traumatic experience. Carlotta reveals her reasoning for keeping a secret to herself for all of these years, and Cotton does the unthinkable to the one person she trusts the most. Meanwhile, the girls have a publicity photo shoot with social media guru Rachel Wells, and someone is finally arrested and charged for Otis' murder.

star 8.07
547 votes
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#9 - Fault

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 7 - Episode 19

A manhunt ensues when Victor Paul Gitano, a recently released sex offender, kidnaps two children after killing the rest of their family. Benson and Stabler pursue Gitano only to find their own relationship challenged as both experience opportunities where they put their personal relationship ahead of their job. After having her throat slashed, Benson requests for a new partner when she hears what Stabler has to say about their relationship and their job.

star 8.03
299 votes
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A Chicago Welcome

#10 - A Chicago Welcome

Chicago Fire Season 8 - Episode 13

The surprising arrival of a new fire truck brings both joy and chaos to members of Firehouse 51. Boden and Severide are asked to make peace with an old foe for the greater good. Brett receives family news. Foster plans a party with friends.

star 7.99
690 votes
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Little Fish

#11 - Little Fish

Vegas Season 1 - Episode 16

Sheriff Lamb and FBI Agent Byrne butt heads when Byrne prevents Lamb from pressing charges against a pimp in order to get info on Savino instead. Also, Dixon falls hard for Hollywood starlet Viola, and Tommy and Dixon discover that Yvonne has a chance at becoming a professional singer.

star 7.97
568 votes
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Next of Kin

#12 - Next of Kin

ER Season 9 - Episode 9

Abby is distressed when her mother interferes with Eric's treatment at a psychiatric hospital. Pratt treats a frightened young girl who has been injured in an auto accident and desperately wants to hide a secret. An unhappy Luka forms an unlikely bond with a lonely elderly woman who makes him a surprising offer. Chen is overcome with upsetting memories when a baby is abandoned in the emergency room. Pratt takes action after Leon is fired from his menial job.

star 7.96
217 votes
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

#13 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Scandal (2012) Season 3 - Episode 14

Sally sets a meeting with the NRA which sends the White House into a tailspin. Olivia and Huck come to shocking realizations and a surprising person asks for help from Pope and Associates.

star 7.96
1342 votes
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Sinned Against

#14 - Sinned Against

Empire Season 2 - Episode 9

Cookie and her sister, Candace, team up with a former prison mate to rescue their sister, Carol. Back at Empire, Jamal and critically acclaimed pop star Skye Summers begin collaborating and soon share a deep connection. Meanwhile, Laz has truly fallen for Cookie, but things get complicated when she finds out the truth about him.

star 7.94
1112 votes
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Body and Soul

#15 - Body and Soul

ER Season 12 - Episode 13

Dr. Nate Lennox, a former professor and mentor of Abby's, is brought into the ER in the last stages of ALS disease. In a series of flashbacks at County, the progression of his illness over the last six years is shown. He wants to give up, but Abby is determined to give him the strength to keep fighting.

star 7.92
78 votes
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Cashed Out

#16 - Cashed Out

Major Crimes Season 5 - Episode 5

Det. Julio Sanchez's application to become a foster parent is jeopardized by his reactions to a particularly gruesome murder after the Major Crimes Division finds a chopped up body burned to bits in the barbecue pit of an L.A. Park.

star 7.92
779 votes
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Like Father, Like Daughter

#17 - Like Father, Like Daughter

Scandal (2012) Season 4 - Episode 4

Fitz asks Olivia to shut down a situation that could destroy the Grant family’s reputation. Meanwhile, Rowan calls on an old friend to do his dirty work.

star 7.91
1055 votes
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Buried Secrets

#18 - Buried Secrets

Chicago P.D. Season 7 - Episode 19

The clock is on when Ruzek witnesses a woman's kidnapping and the team races to put the pieces together. Burgess tries to connect with Ruzek outside of work, but he mysteriously distances himself from her.

star 7.91
620 votes
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A House Divided

#19 - A House Divided

Star Season 2 - Episode 8

Although Carlotta enjoys spending more time with Maurice, her family remains her No. 1 priority and she'll let nothing stop her from protecting them. Meanwhile, things don't go as planned during an interview with radio hosts Headkrack and Da Brat, which Midtown had arranged for its artists to promote the upcoming showcase. Also, Elliot is eager to take his relationship with Cotton to the next level, Jahil realizes he and Brody have a lot more in common than expected and the love triangle drama between Noah, Alex and Star intensifies.

star 7.91
226 votes
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Absolution (1)

#20 - Absolution (1)

Chicago P.D. Season 7 - Episode 9

Halstead's secret ongoing relationship with a woman connected to another case puts him in jeopardy.

star 7.90
746 votes
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My Fate Cries Out

#21 - My Fate Cries Out

Empire Season 5 - Episode 17

Cookie gets picked up by AUSA Conway, while Lucious is visited by his past. Becky, Hakeem and Andre devise a plan to save Empire by putting on a show with special guests Sevyn Streeter and Ty Dolla $ign. Meanwhile, Andre helps Empire by getting help from the last person the Lyons expect, and Cookie may never forgive Lucious for what he’s done.

star 7.90
300 votes
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We Live in Two Different Worlds

#22 - We Live in Two Different Worlds

Nashville (2012) Season 1 - Episode 4

Rayna and Teddy's relationship is tested when Rayna performs with Deacon at Teddy's campaign fundraiser and a woman from Teddy's past (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) shows up with a secret. Meanwhile, Juliette tries to burnish her image with an appearance on "Good Morning America" and is interviewed by Robin Roberts; Gunnar makes a connection with his publisher's assistant, Hailey; and Teddy and Coleman agree to take the moral high ground during the campaign -- but will it last?

star 7.88
672 votes
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True or False

#23 - True or False

Chicago P.D. Season 6 - Episode 6

The wife of an alderman is beaten to death, and Voight is under pressure from First Deputy Superintendent Brennan to close the case. To elicit a confession, Upton tells a dark story about her childhood.

star 7.88
909 votes
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Lost Child/Murder 101

#24 - Lost Child/Murder 101

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 - Episode 6

A woman in an SUV is shot multiple times while hiding a 2-year-old in the back of the vehicle; a college janitor with drugs in his system is found dead.

star 7.87
238 votes
Ties That Bind

#25 - Ties That Bind

Chicago P.D. Season 6 - Episode 14

Upton and Burgess find themselves in a difficult situation when Intelligence tracks a cache of cop killer machine guns to a local gun show in Wisconsin.

star 7.85
860 votes
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Crime After Crime

#26 - Crime After Crime

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 12 - Episode 8

Three new murders related to three unsolved (or incorrectly solved) crimes from the past come back to haunt the CSIs.

star 7.83
1889 votes
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Pied Piper

#27 - Pied Piper

Lie to Me Season 2 - Episode 19

Lightman examines the steps he used to help convict a recently-executed convict.

star 7.82
3757 votes
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#28 - Saved

Chicago P.D. Season 5 - Episode 20

After Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a young woman with a mysterious connection to his past, Intelligence works to find a connection between her kidnapping and several bank robberies. Ruzek gets a tip that a grand jury has been summoned, putting Olinsky one step closer to standing trial for Bingham’s murder.

star 7.82
1111 votes
Next of Kin

#29 - Next of Kin

Star Season 1 - Episode 3

Carlotta's protective nature is in full force as someone close to is in jeopardy. Trying to raise enough money for a recording session, Jahil finds himself in great danger. Meanwhile, Simone's past continues to haunt her and Star goes to great lengths to make sure her sister is safe.

star 7.82
617 votes
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#30 - Crossroads

Jericho (2006) Season 1 - Episode 9

The residents of Jericho receive a visit from a group of questionable outsiders and they realize that they need to form a plan to keep the outsiders out. Emily has a dream about her wedding morning to Roger. She wakes up and realizes that he is probably dead.

star 7.81
1016 votes
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Saints & Sinners

#31 - Saints & Sinners

The Resident Season 3 - Episode 3

When a police officer shows up to the ER with an injured criminal that he caught in the act, it's up to the Chastain staff to keep him alive in order to save an innocent life. Nic gets roped into a surgical rotation with Cain that leaves her questioning the way he operates, and Conrad makes a shocking discovery about the hospital. Meanwhile, Bell pursues a new fiscal venture that may bring him into a whole new market.

star 7.80
654 votes
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Take It or Leave It

#32 - Take It or Leave It

Star Season 2 - Episode 16

Tired of sitting on the sidelines, Star seizes an opportunity to stand out. Meanwhile, Maurice is presented with a task to help redeem himself, but is faced with an ultimatum that may cause even more drama for the Midtown Sound artists. Then, Andy and Angel clash with Jahil, and Cotton is put in a tough situation to help someone she loves.

star 7.80
149 votes
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The Student

#33 - The Student

ER Season 10 - Episode 17

Carter sticks up for Neela when the other attendings doubt her future in the ER. Neela caves to the pressure and accidentally gives a patient the wrong medication without checking medical history. When Neela is confronted, Gallant takes the blame for her. Sam and Luka try to plan Alex's birthday party. Frank visits on his way to therapy. Chen's home nurse quits after her dad behaves poorly.

star 7.79
198 votes
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When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

#34 - When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

Nashville (2012) Season 1 - Episode 15

Katie Couric guest stars as herself when Rayna appears on the "Katie" show, trying to set the record straight about her marriage and balancing her career with motherhood. Juliette attempts to take her album launch into her own hands but it backfires when she tweets out a surprise concert location. Maddie lies to Teddy about her whereabouts — with dangerous consequences — and Deacon is drawn to his dog’s pretty new veterinarian, Stacey. Meanwhile Avery tries to control his musical destiny by flouting Dominic and Marilyn, and things are awkward between Scarlett and Gunnar, as he continues to process his brother’s death.

star 7.77
700 votes
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You Choose

#35 - You Choose

Chicago Fire Season 7 - Episode 11

Foster faces blowback after pointing out a doctor’s oversight. Brett helps Casey look for a new apartment. Kidd prepares Tuesday the Dalmatian for the Fire Safety Dog Competition. A serious accusation is leveled against Severide.

star 7.77
825 votes
Diver Down

#36 - Diver Down

Miami Medical Season 1 - Episode 10

The team treats a group of adventure seekers injured while out on a dive exploring underwater wreckage.

star 7.77
262 votes
Frozen Assets

#37 - Frozen Assets

Major Crimes Season 3 - Episode 3

The Major Crimes division faces a new challenge as they work to solve the murder of a dog that was left a 20 million dollar estate by his deceased owner. With the help of wannabe detective Jonathan Baird, aka Dick Tracy, the case takes a new turn as the squad begins to suspect foul play in the death of the dog's owner, a wealthy heiress.

star 7.77
593 votes
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I Don't Wanna Talk About It Now

#38 - I Don't Wanna Talk About It Now

Nashville (2012) Season 2 - Episode 3

Rayna's divorce from Teddy is final as each embarks on a new path that brings them back to some familiar territory. Liam returns to help Rayna complete her album, and Peggy engages in a plan to win Teddy back. Juliette takes a high-paying private gig at a billionaire couple's anniversary party, but she soon discovers her host is interested in more than just her musical abilities. Deacon's troubled past with his own father casts a shadow over his impending relationship with Maddie, and Will and Scarlett undergo makeovers for the Stockholders Showcase.

star 7.74
683 votes
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Stuck as Foretold

#39 - Stuck as Foretold

The Resident Season 2 - Episode 21

When the hospital has a severe blood shortage, Conrad must try every avenue to save a patient's life. Nic receives devastating news and is left worrying about her sister's health, while Mina and Devon work with a new anesthesiologist who is not what she seems. Elsewhere, Kit considers the future of her intertwining relationships and Bell has an encounter with a woman from his past.

star 7.74
697 votes
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Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

#40 - Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

Nashville (2012) Season 1 - Episode 9

Rayna and Juliette are locked for their tour. When Rayna suggests taking her girls with her, she finds that Lamar's not above holding her hostage with some long forgotten family secrets. To everyone's surprise Juliette and Sean have eloped, though not everyone is celebrating. Deacon reconnects with a former flame, and Avery follows the advice of a new music producer that puts more space between him, the band and Scarlett.

star 7.73
614 votes
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Sweet Caroline

#41 - Sweet Caroline

Shades of Blue Season 2 - Episode 5

The mafia seeks revenge on Harlee by framing her for murder. As Harlee works against the clock - and her own crew - to cover her tracks, Wozniak fights to keep his cop-family together when evidence of an old crime puts pressure on the already splintering team. Stahl cozies up to Cristina, getting one step closer to the truth about Miguel.

star 7.72
1159 votes
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Three Words

#42 - Three Words

The Resident Season 2 - Episode 3

Nic and Conrad contemplate their past when they team up to diagnose a happy husband and wife who are both admitted to the hospital with mysterious symptoms. Bell and Marshall butt heads on a work trip when their cut-throat business tactics don't align. Meanwhile, AJ turns down a request from Bell despite Mina's forewarning, Devon continues to gravitate to medical device rep Julian and the staff gears up for Conrad's three-year anniversary at Chastain.

star 7.72
891 votes
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Daddy's Girl

#43 - Daddy's Girl

Shades of Blue Season 2 - Episode 4

Realizing that Stahl will stop at nothing to arrest Julia Ayres, Harlee decides to investigate on her own and determine whether there's any truth in his allegations of Ayers' active business with the mob. Wozniak is confronted with a drug case that forces him to face the darkest demons from his past, his daughter's death, while exposing the origin of his loyalty to Ayres.

star 7.71
1184 votes
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Morelli v. Kaczmarek

#44 - Morelli v. Kaczmarek

The Defenders (2010) Season 1 - Episode 18

The firm temporarily dissolves its partnership when they have to defend a husband and wife accused of murder.

star 7.71
597 votes
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Deep Water

#45 - Deep Water

Without a Trace Season 5 - Episode 17

A newly elected senator goes missing and Jack immediately turns his attention towards her husband.

star 7.71
218 votes
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No Holds Barred

#46 - No Holds Barred

Shark Season 2 - Episode 6

After a popular ultimate fighter commits suicide, an investigation reveals he had been the third fighter in the league to commit suicide and the league CEO had been pushing steroids on the players. Following the results of the investigation, Sebastian charges the CEO with murder.

star 7.68
104 votes
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#47 - Damaged

ER Season 11 - Episode 2

Carter suffers with insomnia and depression over his separation from Kem, and falls off the wagon. Luka tells Sam he loves her and invites her to move in with him. Neela's parents visit, confused by her choice to drop out of Michigan. The nurses freeze out Abby after a slip of the tongue to Haleh. Weaver advises Barnett to change his appearance. Abby treats a "damaged girl", a young Mexican woman kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery.

star 7.68
177 votes
FUA...Good Night!

#48 - FUA...Good Night!

Star Season 2 - Episode 3

While preparing for an upcoming TV appearance with recording artist Noah Brooks, the girls quickly learn that they will be singing backup instead of co-headlining the performance. Anxious for the girls' next big move, Carlotta turns to the new A&R executive, Maurice, for help on a new deal. Meanwhile, Jahil tries his hand at producing music, Cotton struggles with starting her new job and Star comes face-to-face with an unexpected person from her past.

star 7.68
316 votes
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88 Seconds

#49 - 88 Seconds

Miami Medical Season 1 - Episode 2

A member of the team learns a secret about Dr. Proctor while treating victims of a hotel shooting; Dr. Deleo receives a prestigious offer.

star 7.67
353 votes
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#50 - Subway

Eleventh Hour (US) Season 1 - Episode 16

Doctor Hood is called in to determine the cause of a poison cluster, which is killing people in Philadelphia.

star 7.66
246 votes
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Bad Beat

#51 - Bad Beat

All Rise Season 2 - Episode 4

When Lola's husband, Robin (Todd Williams), shows up in her courtroom in his official FBI capacity, Benner insists that Lola recuse herself. Also, Mark Callan, in possession of a dossier of explosive evidence in an officer-involved shooting, enlists Sam to help him figure out what to do with it.

star 7.64
188 votes
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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

#52 - Forgive Us Our Trespasses

All Rise Season 2 - Episode 11

With Ness nearing the end of her clerkship, Lola sets her up to shadow Emily, who is defending a young man who reoffended, and the verdict lies with Judge Campbell who is notoriously harsh on repeat offenders. Also, Rachel reveals to Lola that she kissed Mark, and Mark struggles to find out why Luke’s name is on a list of cops dropped off by Deep Throat.

star 7.64
141 votes
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Medical Causes

#53 - Medical Causes

Major Crimes Season 1 - Episode 3

The facts become blurry in a case involving a fatal car crash at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Rusty can finally look forward to his mother's return.

star 7.64
903 votes
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The Key

#54 - The Key

Scandal (2012) Season 4 - Episode 5

Olivia and the team continue to investigate Catherine's case, but Olivia is distracted when Jake stops returning her calls. Meanwhile, Cyrus falls deeper into the rabbit hole with Michael, David realizes what it's like to finally be a winner in DC and Fitz seeks answers to Jerry's death.

star 7.60
1051 votes
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#55 - D.O.A.

Major Crimes Season 2 - Episode 5

The squad investigates a brutal murder, but they soon find that dark secrets are at the root of an apparent drug bust gone wrong. Meanwhile, Raydor’s estranged husband of 25 years returns to Los Angeles to work as a court-appointed attorney. Charming and charismatic, Jack becomes fast friends with Rusty but Sharon continues to remain wary.

star 7.60
619 votes
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Drug Fiend

#56 - Drug Fiend

The Closer Season 7 - Episode 18

Investigating the death of a beloved cancer doctor hits too close to home for Brenda who's already upset after learning that Pope is monitoring everything she does.

star 7.60
403 votes
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Above the Law

#57 - Above the Law

Chase (2010) Season 1 - Episode 5

A white-collar fugitive turns violent in an attempt to escape; sparks fly between Annie and a bounty hunter (Eddie Cibrian); Jimmy and Luke start to bond.

star 7.59
728 votes
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#58 - Incursion

Extant Season 1 - Episode 8

When Molly learns that her baby is alive, she sets out with Kern and Kryger to devise a plan to intercept the baby before Sparks and Yasumoto can relocate him. Meanwhile, John struggles to keep up with Ethan’s rapid development.

star 7.58
1438 votes
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Jagged Little Tapestry

#59 - Jagged Little Tapestry

Glee Season 6 - Episode 3

Rachel and Kurt struggle as they try to rebuild and co-direct the glee club at McKinley. Meanwhile, Sue is concerned when Becky brings her new boyfriend to town.

star 7.57
455 votes
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Canyon Flowers

#60 - Canyon Flowers

Life (2007) Season 2 - Episode 11

A food bank delivery man is found buried up to his neck in a backyard.Crews disregards the FBI's warning and confronts Mickey Rayborn about his role in the conspiracy that put Crews in jail.

star 7.54
946 votes
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#61 - Masquerade

Vegas Season 1 - Episode 9

When a young Vegas showgirl is attacked and murdered, the Lambs work to track down the killer, realizing early on that there’s something about the case that resonates personally with Katherine. Meanwhile, Savino manages to land a high roller at the Savoy and tries to use him to show other “whales” that the Savoy is a real contender for high stakes gambling.

star 7.54
538 votes
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House Training

#62 - House Training

House Season 3 - Episode 20

The doctors try to find what's wrong with a scam artist who collapses after her brain "freezes," but the case becomes personal for Foreman.

star 7.49
2625 votes
It's Good to Be Kink

#63 - It's Good to Be Kink

Scandal (2012) Season 4 - Episode 16

Olivia springs into action when she hears of a woman intending to expose sex secrets of some of DC’s most elite. Meanwhile, Elizabeth fears that Mellie’s sister could be detrimental to their political aspirations.

star 7.47
954 votes
The Affair

#64 - The Affair

Secrets and Lies (2015) Season 1 - Episode 3

Ben struggles to keep his family together after a damaging revelation is made public right before the holidays, but he also discovers a shocking piece of evidence that could tie him to Tom's murder.

star 7.47
647 votes
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Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead

#65 - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 11 - Episode 16

The team investigates two apparent corpses who aren't exactly dead at all.

star 7.43
2130 votes

#66 - Addicts

Justice (2006) Season 1 - Episode 4

TNT&G takes the case of the unruly daughter of one of Tom's friends after she is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend at a fancy rehab center. The case is in jeopardy, however, as several lawyers allow personal feelings to affect their decisions.

star 7.38
8 votes
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Ruby Redux

#67 - Ruby Redux

ER Season 11 - Episode 19

Mr. Rubadoux, whose wife was a patient of Carter's ten years ago, comes into the ER with heart problems, wanting nothing to do with Carter. Anspaugh and Kayson advise Ruby to have surgery, but Abby tries to get him to consider the risks. Finally, Carter apologizes to Ruby for lying to him about his wife. Pratt asks Olivia from Ceasefire out. When he shows up at her office to pick her up, he's ambushed into speaking at an anti-violence meeting. Lewis does her presentation for tenure, and Sam takes a home pregnancy test. Ray tries to stop the Chadwick sisters from leaving without having been seen by social services. Also, Morris may end up with the chief resident job despite a disastrous presentation.

star 7.35
105 votes
Crazy Love

#68 - Crazy Love

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 - Episode 19

Upon realizing that Owen and Amelia have been seeing each other behind her back, Meredith comes down hard on her sister-in-law causing Amelia to rethink things. Meanwhile, Catherine springs into action when a man is brought into the hospital after his wife seeks revenge on his cheating ways.

star 7.33
1633 votes
Viuda Negra

#69 - Viuda Negra

Without a Trace Season 4 - Episode 6

After James Costa is kidnapped after enjoying a night out with his wife in Mexico, Danny and Jack go in at the request of James' mother-in-law, but find that between the Mexican authorities and the grieving wife, no one is too willing to help them. While Vivian, Sam, Martin and Elena work the case back in New York, Jack encounters resistance from the locals, and it is only with Danny's help speaking Spanish that they are able to get much of the information they need. The team soon becomes suspicious of Lucy Costa, convinced she knows more about her husband's disappearance than she is saying.

star 7.31
232 votes
5 Quarts

#70 - 5 Quarts

Life (2007) Season 2 - Episode 19

A co-worker is suspected of murder when Crews and Seever investigate the death of a coroner. They must work fast to find out if the coroner is guilty, or there will be a chance that future cases would become compromised. Elsewhere, Ted tries to work things out with his daughter.

star 7.30
1070 votes
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#71 - Tested

Glee Season 5 - Episode 16

Blaine suffers a crisis of confidence after gaining the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen.” Artie discovers that his newfound success with the ladies comes at a price. Mercedes tells Sam she’s still a virgin.

star 7.23
661 votes
Puppet Master

#72 - Puppet Master

Glee Season 5 - Episode 7

Blaine believes he has the best plan to win Nationals, but he doesn't take the glee club's criticism too well when the students accuse him of being too controlling. Over in New York, Kurt also runs into control issues when the band disagrees over the venue of their first official gig that Kurt booked. Meanwhile, Sue reveals the story behind her iconic tracksuit and gets in touch with her feminine side.

star 7.23
1020 votes
Just Say No

#73 - Just Say No

Golden Boy (2013) Season 1 - Episode 6

Clark and Owen investigate the murder of a wealthy philanthropist who is also the daughter-in-law of a shipping mogul. Meanwhile, Clark’s mother asks for help with a loan shark who is harassing her.

star 7.15
243 votes
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Another Thursday at County

#74 - Another Thursday at County

ER Season 15 - Episode 2

Everyone in the ER is trying to cope with the loss of their colleague. The staff feels defensive toward the new Chief and her tough disposition. Gates and the new interns treat a bio terrorist, who has a lethal secret that endangers them all. Neela makes a great effort to get Dubenko back on the surgery staff, and gets help from an unexpected souce.

star 6.96
103 votes
The Hunter, Hunted

#75 - The Hunter, Hunted

Third Watch Season 6 - Episode 5

When it becomes apparent that the body in the dumpster is connected to a series of homicides that Miller investigated on his previous tour, he teams up with Faith, vowing to catch the serial killer and expose the commanding officer who transferred him to prevent him from working on the case; Brendan and Grace hook up; Carlos's plan to visit Holly and tell her that they're not dating doesn't exactly go the way he planned, not that he's complaining; after junkies trying to get the morphine on the bus hold them up at gunpoint, Carlos sustains a head injury trying to protect Grace before Ty and Brendan come upon the scene and Brendan guns down the thief holding a gun to Grace's head; Faith discovers that Miller's situation at home parallels her own; the serial killer stalks and captures his next victim, then arrives at the station house to confess his prior crimes and tell Miller that his latest victim only has twelve hours left to live.

star 6.87
69 votes
Parachute Jane

#76 - Parachute Jane

The Forgotten Season 1 - Episode 4

The Forgotten Network investigates a Jane Doe who appears to have died from an insulin overdose, but further developments lead the team to suspect foul play. If someone wanted her dead, what was the reason? Where is her family? And what is her name? The answers to these questions lead the team into the mysterious world of 'parachute kids'.

star 6.83
381 votes