The Best Episodes Directed by Paul Demeyer

Not So Easy Riders

#1 - Not So Easy Riders

Duckman Season 1 - Episode 8

Duckman receives a letter from the IRS. The IRS agent is tough and Duckman is given 24 hours to pay $29,587.42 in back taxes. After asking his family for help and being rejected and lectured, Duckman tries anything. When he can't raise the funds, he and Cornfed go on the run and then on the road. Bernice falls for the IRS agent who's staying at the house waiting for Duckman to call.

star 8.20
15 votes

#2 - Psyche

Duckman Season 1 - Episode 4

Feeling inadequate and hard up, Duckman gets a bill job. The detectives then get a job researching the lives of two large breasted women, but Duckman runs away from it. Seeking further help, takes him into his psyche where he confronts what has really been troubling him.

star 8.00
24 votes
Forbidden Fruit

#3 - Forbidden Fruit

Duckman Season 3 - Episode 2

Duckman is slapped with a sexual harassment charge by the French nanny that Bernice has hired to tutor the boys. It seems the nanny isn't who she appears to be. In search of solitude Duckman moves in with Fluffy and Uranus; even they reach their breaking point with him.

star 7.71
14 votes
America the Beautiful

#4 - America the Beautiful

Duckman Season 2 - Episode 5

As the disclaimer says at the beginning this episode is full ""of heavy handed and over-obvious allegory,"" when for some children, Duckman and Cornfed search for what has become of a beautiful model named America.

star 7.69
16 votes