The BEST episodes directed by Paul Cajero

Sail Away
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#1 - Sail Away

Baywatch - Season 6 - Episode 17

Stephanie wants to participate in the annual lifeguard sailing regatta. But she has no one to do it with. Therefore she is recruiting lifeguards for the job. She ends up with a crew that consists of her, Caroline, Cody, Neely and Newmie. The Baywatch team is competing against South Bay. The Captain there is Kurt Daniels, Neely's old boyfriend. In order to make the competition more exciting, Neely and Kurt make a side bet. If Baywatch wins, Kurt will be Neely's slave for one day, and if South Bay wins Neely will be Kurt's slave for one day. During the sailing race, everything works smoothly for Baywatch, but disaster strikes when they are going to make a turn. The wind suddenly picks up and the boom of the sail knocks Caroline into the water. But Neely rescues her, and the Baywatch team end up winning the race by stealing the wind for South Bay. Kurt ends up as the big loser and ends up cleaning Baywatch headquarters. Meanwhile, everything is going smoothly with Mitch's adoption of Joey

Trading Places
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#2 - Trading Places

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 21

When a man is seen drifting in the ocean, Matt and Stephanie are called in to rescue him. But as they are approaching the victim, a Coast Guard helicopter waves them away from the victim, and they rescue him instead. Later Stephanie and Matt confront one of the Coast Guard members Scott Daniels about calling the scarab off. Scott explains to them that they couldn't see it, but the scarab was about to travel across a fish net, which would have folded the scarab propellers. At first Stephanie doesn't like Scott, and she is less than thrilled when she discovers that she will work with him on the beach for a day because Chief Thorpe thinks it will be a good thing for the Coast Guard to see what a lifeguard does and the other way around. Scott is convinced that life-guarding is all about working on your tan, but when Stephanie is forced to make a rescue and Scott doesn't have a clue who the victims are, he agrees that life-guarding is a very serious job and that you have to be on your guard

Fatal Exchange
16 votes

#3 - Fatal Exchange

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 22

Kaye has returned to Los Angeles again. She has traveled a lot after the closing of her newspaper. An exchange-lifeguard from Australia named Wiley Brown is working at Baywatch. Mitch doesn't like his methods because he captures a dog in trouble with his lasso. Stephanie says he doesn't like him, just because they are exact copies of each other. But Mitch tells her there is something else. In 1983, Mitch was in Australia working as a lifeguard. Then he was forced to rescue a surfer named Sheila Gold. Then when the waves were high, Mitch made a big mistake and placed himself between the victim and the pile. He was knocked out cold and Sheila died. But apparently she was already dead when he rescued her. She had died when she fell of her surfboard. Wiley was there that time and he still remembers. Later weird things happen at headquarters. Matt finds a rattlesnake in Mitch's locker and then when Wiley has fixed Mitch's truck, the brakes doesn't work and Mitch almost dies. When Mitch find

Blast Off
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#4 - Blast Off

Thunder in Paradise - Season 1 - Episode 19

A terrorist is threatening to blow up a space rocket unless he gets paid a billion dollars. There is lots of action as Spence rides a torpedo and Bru deflects a laser beam.

14 votes

#5 - Homecoming

Baywatch - Season 8 - Episode 9

Neely returns to Baywatch after a long absence, recuperating from a terrible skiing accident. When she is getting her pills at a pharmacy, a robber comes in. An old man named Mr. O'Hara is standing next to Neely and he has a heart attack and Neely is forced to perform CPR. The robber freaks out and grabs the money and runs away. Mitch and Donna watch Neely on TV. It turns out that Neely has become hooked on painkillers. Donna figures it out but Neely denies everything. Meanwhile, Lani sees a group of Native American Indians constructing something on the beach. When she walks over to them, she finds out that they are building a Chumash Death Bed. The Chumash Death Bed is built for an old indian named Eyes That See At Night. When Mitch arrives, Craig Pomeroy makes a surprise visit as the old indian's lawyer. Craig and Mitch catch up on their lives and Craig tells Mitch that he and Gina have separated. Mitch wants him to come back to Baywatch again but Craig isn't sure he wants to do that

The Seer
215 votes

#6 - The Seer

Sliders - Season 5 - Episode 18

The Sliders arrive in the middle of a rally, surprisingly being held in their honor. They learn they are the subjects of a religion called Slidology, founded by a man with psychic abilities. He has been following their adventures and warns that on their next slide, they will all die.

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