The BEST episodes directed by Paul Abascal

Three Weeks Of the Condor
1 votes

#1 - Three Weeks Of the Condor

Silk Stalkings - Season 6 - Episode 19

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Goodbye Kiss
56 votes

#2 - Goodbye Kiss

Nash Bridges - Season 4 - Episode 24

Nash and Joe meet Lyle who tells them the secret location the SIU barge has been towed to. Joe returns Lyle's chihuahua Ginger who has been held hostage in return for the info. A truck deliberately rams into a van containing three prisoners. Nash and Joe arrive at the accident scene, with Nash figuring out that a phony paramedic van has taken the three prisoners in a successful escape attempt. Nash, Joe, Harvey and Evan arrive at the empty and disconnected SIU. The Mayor has granted a one week reprieve pending the Police Commission hearing. If Nash and company catch the three escaped prisoners, the SIU will be saved. Head of MCD Reuben Banks daughter Gina's immunity deal is also dependent upon the return of one of the escaped prisoners - Gina's former boyfriend, Jimmy ""Shank"" Brasher. The other two escapees are Darnell Galloway and Elliot Wong. Gina is kidnapped by Brasher. Jake Cage of Fugitive Recovery is already on the case, beating Nash to interview Mr. Footman, owner of the stolen

49 votes

#3 - Curveball

Nash Bridges - Season 5 - Episode 6

An embezzler with a twin, along with bumbling Rick Bettina, confound the efforts of Nash and the SIU to recover stolen city funds. Caitlin tosses Nash's baseball out the window after they miss their flight to Jamaica.

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My Two Sons
3 votes

#4 - My Two Sons

Complete Savages - Season 1 - Episode 9

Tired of Nick hanging around the house all the time, the boys decide to put him on an internet dating service. At a fancy restaurant, the boys attempt to pawn him off to the five women they thought was the best. However, Nick learns about what they have done and doesn't like it. Feeling uncomfortable being around the internet women, he goes to a nearby bar and meets a woman who he hits it off with. While getting to know her, he discovers that she is the type of woman who'd like to have a husband, house, two kids and a dog and Nick does tell her about his house, his dog, and his two kids, Sam and T.J.

Paper Trail
28 votes

#5 - Paper Trail

Viper - Season 3 - Episode 14

Cole's girlfriend becomes a prime suspect in a million-dollar robbery.

Oil's Well That Ends Well
125 votes

#6 - Oil's Well That Ends Well

Tales from the Crypt - Season 5 - Episode 11

A con artist and his girlfriend plan their next caper by tricking some southern boys into thinking there is oil underneath a cemetery. Their plans work. She makes them think she has gotten jealous and killed her boyfriend, but when she goes to dig him up, she gets a big surprise. He and the boys have been partners all along. The last laugh is on her when it turns out that there really is oil and she blows them all to kingdom come.

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The Beast
64 votes

#7 - The Beast

Special Unit 2 - Season 2 - Episode 8

A series of gruesome murders leads Nick and Kate to suspect that Jack the Ripper has returned from the grave... and is stalking victims in Chicago.

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62 votes

#8 - Veritas

Witchblade - Season 2 - Episode 9

A man named Bittner is on the run from two mysterious men who kill him after he sends a message to Gabriel. It turns out Bittner had a tape with evidence convicting the mysterious men and their organization of some major murder. Gabriel and Sara recover the tape, are forced to shoot two of the men who are government types, and go on the run while Sara has visions of a mysterious Boston-accented talking to her about politics and evil. Sara ends up captured by the conspiracy, who are a mysterious cabal who plan on taking over the U.S. She escapes but the conspiracy lets her live in return for a favor, and returns the captive Gabriel to her. At the end her mysterious ghost/man reveals himself as John F. Kennedy before disappearing.

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Spare Parts
9 votes

#9 - Spare Parts

The Sentinel - Season 2 - Episode 9

Ellison and Sandburg get a chance to hone their driving skills when car thieves set up shop on the streets of Cascade.