The BEST episodes directed by Patrick O'neill

End of Extinction: Cloning the Tasmanian Tiger
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#1 - End of Extinction: Cloning the Tasmanian Tiger

Discovery Channel Documentaries - Season 2009 - Episode 47

Hidden away in a Sydney vault is a young, pickled pup. For almost 140 years, it's remained locked in its glassy tomb. But this is no ordinary pup. In fact, it's not a pup at all. It's a fetus of an animal more closely related to an Australian kangaroo. It was a marsupial which looked like a dog had stripes like a tiger, yet carried its young in a pouch. How the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, came to be extinct is a tragedy, and how it might live again is the pursuit of a scientific miracle. Is it possible or wishful thinking? Herein find the story of one man's obsession and his quest to reverse extinction.