The BEST episodes directed by Patrick Morris

Hokkaido: Garden of the Gods
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#1 - Hokkaido: Garden of the Gods

Natural World - Season 18 - Episode 2

A look at the unique wildlife of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, and the island's few remaining members of the ancient Ainu race, who see all animals as sacred. Swept by winds from the high Arctic, Hokkaido is an island of towering volcanos and fairytale forests, where cranes perform dances in the snow, brown bears plunge for salmon in rivers and eagles plunder the spoils from winter fishing fleets. The unique wildlife of Hokkaido has long been worshipped by an ancient race of hunter-gatherers, called Ainu, a few of whom still survive among modern Japanese. Even today, they honour the natural world around them through ritualised dance and prayer.

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#2 - Primates

Life - Season 1 - Episode 10

Intelligence and adaptability allow primates to tackle the many challenges of life, and this is what makes our closest relatives so successful. This resourcefulness has enabled primates to conquer an incredible diversity of habitat. Hamadryas baboons live on the open plains of Ethiopia in groups up to 400 strong. Strength in numbers gives them some protection from potential predators. But, should their path cross with other baboon troops, it can lead to all-out battle, as males try to steal females from one another, and even settle old scores. Japanese macaques are the most northerly-dwelling primates and they experience completely different challenges. Some beat the freezing conditions by having access to a thermal spa in the middle of winter. But this privilege is only for those born of the right female bloodline. For western lowland gorillas, it's the male silverback that leads his family group in the rich forests of the Congo basin. He advertises his status to all with a powerful chest-beating display. Most primates are forest dwellers, and one of the strangest is the tarsier – the only purely carnivorous primate. As it hunts for insects the tarsier leaps from tree to tree in the dead of night, using its huge forward-facing eyes to safely judge each jump. Good communication is essential for success in primate society.

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Islands in the African Sky
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#3 - Islands in the African Sky

Natural World - Season 12 - Episode 13

An atmospheric and evocative portrayal of the wildlife in East Africa's rugged mountain ranges, Islands in the African Sky was widely acclaimed for its stunning soundtrack. The second part of an African trilogy, the production explores the extraordinary adaptations and unusual appearances that have evolved to aid survival in this extreme climate. Straddling the equator, the mountains undergo vast temperature changes as scorching days give way to arctic nights. The intriguing footage is brought to life by Gunning's powerful score, the haunting sounds emphasising both the eerie beauty and intense mystique of this hostile land.

Wings Over the Serengeti
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#4 - Wings Over the Serengeti

Natural World - Season 15 - Episode 12

Documentary on the vultures who live on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa.

People of the Sea
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#5 - People of the Sea

Natural World - Season 15 - Episode 16

Documentary about Newfoundland and the centuries-old reliance of its inhabitants on harvesting cod, whales and seals from the surrounding seas. Argues that increasing pressure from international fishing and advances in technology have had a profound effect on the marine wildlife of the area, pushing them to the edge of extinction. Considers what conservation methods have been taken or need to be implemented to retrieve the situation.