The Best Episodes Directed by Patricia Cardoso

Next Level Sh*t

#1 - Next Level Sh*t

Tales of the City Season 4 - Episode 7

Shawna digs into her history. Mary Ann helps Sam track down information on Anna's past. Ben has a change of heart about Michael's housing situation.

star 8.15
40 votes

#2 - RDZ9021

Emergence Season 1 - Episode 5

Jo is determined to prove Kindred was behind the attack on Benny and April. Meanwhile, Piper experiences intense, confusing visions.

star 7.70
774 votes
Allie's Rules

#3 - Allie's Rules

The Society Season 1 - Episode 7

Six months later, Harry sinks deeper into depression, Grizz and Sam bond, Gordie arrives at a theory about West Ham, and Elle puts a plan into action.

star 7.57
297 votes
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The Graduate

#4 - The Graduate

In the Dark (2019) Season 1 - Episode 4

Murphy discovers she may not have known Tyson as well as she thought she did. Meanwhile, it's puppy graduation day at Guiding Hope, and one of the foster's is having a hard time letting go.

star 7.53
192 votes
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