The BEST episodes directed by Oriol Ferrer

The Opportunity
85 votes

#1 - The Opportunity

I'm Alive! - Season 1 - Episode 1

Andrés Vargas is a police inspector who dies whilst chasing the Midnight Butcher, a serial killer who has already killed five women. Vargas will have the opportunity to return back to life on Earth, but five years later and in the body of another police officer, Manuel Márquez. In his effort to stop the Midnight Butcher, Vargas, who is now Márquez, is partnered with his daughter Susana.

The Shadow Zone
86 votes

#2 - The Shadow Zone

The Barrier - Season 1 - Episode 10

A Family Matter
84 votes

#3 - A Family Matter

The Barrier - Season 1 - Episode 7

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Chapter 26 - We slept awake
28 votes

#4 - Chapter 26 - We slept awake

I'm Alive! - Season 2 - Episode 13

Marquez and Iago request reinforcements to the Gateway. Faced with the unusual situation, the Director alerts them: "You must be prepared, the eternal battle between good and evil will be fought tonight ...". While Márquez, Iago and Sebas set off against the forces of evil, Laura, Susana and María (who have a very important secret to tell) seek an explanation for the strange behavior of the men they love.

Chapter 18 - Angela
38 votes

#5 - Chapter 18 - Angela

I'm Alive! - Season 2 - Episode 5

Iago is willing to discover who it was in another life. On his own, Márquez returns to the Victoria Building in search of clues and will have an unexpected encounter. Lola and Susana are also heading there. After her breakup with David, Susana has all the support of her mother and sister.

Skin Contact
95 votes

#6 - Skin Contact

The Barrier - Season 1 - Episode 4

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Chapter 21 - The box
38 votes

#7 - Chapter 21 - The box

I'm Alive! - Season 2 - Episode 8

The box found by Marquez and Iago hides a disturing mistery. Marquez and the Link discover the object hidden in the Victoria Building. It is an old box which they must open as soon as possible to continue their investigation. What hides inside turns out to be disturbing. Susana decides to forget about David and so she lets him know. Now she will try to approach Iago and get to know something more about him. But Iago can't be sincere with her, at least for now.

Chapter 29 -  The memory of oblivion
31 votes

#8 - Chapter 29 - The memory of oblivion

I'm Alive! - Season 3 - Episode 3

Márquez suspects that Laura, Susana and Bea did not die by causality and decides to deepen the investigation. But when he review the traffic accident report, make a discover of information about Susana that causes you great distress. After the failure to confuse Alicia with Susana, the desperation of Iago increases. Everyone is worried about his strange behavior. But then, Iago receives a message that looks like a communication from Susana

I have something to tell you
36 votes

#9 - I have something to tell you

I'm Alive! - Season 1 - Episode 12

The photograph discovered in the Butcher's den is the key to find the murderer. That's how Sebas thinks, who tries to find out who those women are. Meanwhile, Marquez tries to manage the complex situation of his father with Alzheimer. Laura confesses to her friend Maria that the kiss with Marquez marked her. The news that Marquez kissed Laura finds its way to Santos, who reacts requesting for the classified record of the policeman. What he discovers in it might help him get rid of his rival.

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Chapter 24 - The Starting Point
31 votes

#10 - Chapter 24 - The Starting Point

I'm Alive! - Season 2 - Episode 11

Laura discovers that her husband Andrés is in Márquez's body. Now that there are no secrets, they both feel more united than ever. But being together is not going to be as easy as it seems. Iago is aware that one day he will have to return to the Gateway and will never be able to form a couple with Susana. With all the pain in his heart, Iago decides to break up with Susana by letter. Márquez and Susana must protect Inma, the chicken widow who is about to give birth. Persecuted by Mendieta's men, they take refuge in Márquez's house where the woman goes into labor.

Chapter 15 - Shared Secrets
38 votes

#11 - Chapter 15 - Shared Secrets

I'm Alive! - Season 2 - Episode 2

Angela, the mysterious little girl who appeared on the last episode, returns to Marquez and the Link's house. The little girl will guide the Link to the Victoria building and there she will transport him to the time she lived. At the precinct, Lola will join as an agent of the anti-terrorist group. There she will interrogate the ex-militar who tried to bomb the nursery. Between her and Marquez will be a tense encounter. Laura and Santos will organize a dinner at their home. Sebsa will be reticent to go after what Marquez told him. But Maria will convince him. Will things between Santos and Sebas explode?

The Foreigner
19 votes

#12 - The Foreigner

Charles, King and Emperor - Season 1 - Episode 1

Chapter 32 - Ockham's razor
25 votes

#13 - Chapter 32 - Ockham's razor

I'm Alive! - Season 3 - Episode 6

Carlota's inexplicable escape has questioned the entire police station. Vero's team will have to face an internal investigation. Everything gets even more complicated when María, Alicia and David talk to the coroner and inform them of an amazing event that happened with the pregnant woman's body. Carlota acknowledges before Marquez and Iago that has been sent by the Gateway to end a new threat. A dangerous being has reached Earth and must eliminate it before it is too late. Carlota has a device to locate it and together they will reach an urbanization where David's ex-wife lives.

From Legend To Man
45 votes

#14 - From Legend To Man

I'm Alive! - Season 1 - Episode 3

Márquez and Susana inspect the serial killer’s new crime scene, which is depressing for both of them. The worst part for this young PC is when her superiors order her off the case. The Link is ready to develop his own plan of action to trap the Butcher.

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Don't Forget About Me
41 votes

#15 - Don't Forget About Me

I'm Alive! - Season 1 - Episode 9

The police find the buried bodies of the hostiles, which points them in Márquez’s direction, so he and the Link devise a plan to recover the bodies before it is too late.

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Closer Than Ever
42 votes

#16 - Closer Than Ever

I'm Alive! - Season 1 - Episode 5

Márquez and the Link manage to locate the Butcher in an old hostel. Since Laura’s husband died, she has not celebrated her birthday so her family and friends prepare a surprise party for her. Laura must recover the Link’s battery so she can improve her radio equipment.