The Best Episodes Directed by Oded Ruskin

Original Sin

#1 - Original Sin

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 10

Tommy makes a new discovery that puts a new light on the investigation. Emily's past faces the present when she finally meets her captor, and will be like the mouse and the cat. When Nick gets hurt, Emily has to face several situations to save the ones she wants.

star 7.67
692 votes
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Me You Him Me

#2 - Me You Him Me

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 4

The evidence against Emily is too much for the FBI and Boston Police Department to ignore, so they ask her to turn herself in. In the midst of chaos, old feelings come to the surface between Nick and Emily. Emily decides she would rather flee and try to solve the mystery that is ruining her life. Can Emily save her relationship with Flynn? Is it possible for agent Adam Radford to solve this mystery? Can Nick trust Emily anymore?

star 7.60
818 votes
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Brave Boy

#3 - Brave Boy

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 8

Alice and Flynn are abducted by a mysterious person. Nick suspects that Emily was the one who kidnapped his family and desperately tries to find them. A reporter assaults Jack every time she wants to get exclusive information. Emily tries to get answers from Charles, but has to flee when Nick tries to arrest her. How will the couple act when they meet again?

star 7.59
693 votes
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Nobody's Innocent

#4 - Nobody's Innocent

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 6

Emily avoids arrest and finds another trace of the investigation. But with the disturbing new evidence, Emily begins to suspect one of her loved ones. Unfortunately, he is the only person who can help Emily figure out the case. Could it be just a little paranoia from Emily, or does she not have anyone to turn to?

star 7.58
721 votes
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Child's Play

#5 - Child's Play

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 9

Emily is able to retrieve more information from Charles and hopes that this will be a breakthrough in her research. Will this lead to Flynn? Will she discover the identity of who is after her? Will Tommy and Nick catch Emily and end the case that consumed the former agent’s life?

star 7.57
683 votes
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Episode 7

#6 - Episode 7

False Flag Season 1 - Episode 7

The tensions in the cottage continue to grow. Asia struggles with everyone and sets off to an isolated place with Sean, without knowing his connection to her brother. Jonathan, in turn, finds the memory stick which turns out to contain unexpected evidence.

star 7.56
45 votes
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#7 - Dig

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 5

When Detective Gibbs and Nick find an FBI agent who appears to have been murdered by Emily, the hunt for her goes up to a new level. With the help of a clue given to her by Adam Radford, Emily tries to tie all the threads while evading arrest. Nick tries to reconcile with Alice's betrayal. Can Emily save herself? Can Nick keep his family together?

star 7.55
758 votes
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The Emily Show

#8 - The Emily Show

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 3

When the testifying witness against Emily is murdered, all signs suggest that the murder was committed by Emily. While Tommy Gibbs and the Boston Police Chief are accusing Emily, she and Nick look for an FBI agent who forced the witness to lie. For Emily, there is suspicion that this agent is the one responsible for her abduction.

star 7.54
892 votes
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A & B

#9 - A & B

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 7

Jack helps save Emily’s life and finds a startling connection with Emily’s childhood. Emily discovers secrets from the past that relate to a childhood friend, Charles. Meanwhile, Tommy arrests Jack for helping Emily. Alice confronts Nick, which puts both her and Flynn in danger.

star 7.49
719 votes
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#10 - Reset

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 2

Emily’s alleged serial killer, Conrad Harlow, is being released from jail, and Emily has not come close to solving the mystery of her kidnapping and time in captivity. As Emily struggles to return to normal life, a witness turns up and reinforces the suspicions of Emily. Emily denies the suspicions and is sure the witness is lying and was forced into making a false statement, maybe by someone in the FBI. Will Emily and Nick be able to find out the truth before Emily is again torn from her family?

star 7.49
981 votes
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#11 - Comeback

Absentia Season 1 - Episode 1

After years of assuming FBI Agent Emily Byrne was a possible victim of serial killer Conrad Harlow, she is miraculously returned to her family. Emily, however, has to struggle with the mysteries of her captivity and the fact that everyone has moved on without her. Investigating Emily’s disappearance, her husband Nick Durand detects a connection between Emily and a sex trafficker Robert Semerov, who has negative feelings about Emily. When the FBI traces the sex trafficker, suspicion suddenly moves to Emily. Is she still the same person they knew?

star 7.48
1130 votes
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Episode 8

#12 - Episode 8

False Flag Season 1 - Episode 8

Season finale. Yonatan is seriously injured and Benny persuades Sean to flee. The others in the gang are arrested and prepared for extradition to Russia. At the same time, Ethan realizes how all the puzzle pieces are connected and decides to act.

star 7.47
45 votes
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#13 - Offenders

Absentia Season 2 - Episode 4

Emily and Cal's investigation into the Fentanyl Killer points them toward some dangerous and highly skilled suspects. Elsewhere, Nick's manhunt for the Federal Annex attacker heats up.

star 7.45
463 votes
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#14 - Casualties

Absentia Season 2 - Episode 1

Emily Byrne struggles to make sense of her time in captivity and her tumultuous past. Meanwhile, a deadly terrorist attack rocks the heart of Boston.

star 7.35
549 votes
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Episode 6

#15 - Episode 6

False Flag Season 1 - Episode 6

Natalie's hubby Yuval helps Benny and Emma escape. They warn Asia and seek mutual protection in an abandoned cottage where Emma's neighbor Yonatan, an eccentric programming expert, joins them. At the same time, Sean manages to track down their hiding place.

star 7.35
43 votes
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#16 - Madness

Absentia Season 2 - Episode 2

Stunned by new revelations from her past, Emily intensifies her search for the truth. Tensions mount at the FBI as Nick and Julianne race to profile the Federal Annex terrorist.

star 7.34
495 votes
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#17 - Guilty

Absentia Season 2 - Episode 3

Reeling from a shocking loss, Emily returns to the FBI to get answers. Meanwhile, Nick and Julianne fear the terrorist may be ramping up for his next attack.

star 7.32
469 votes
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