The BEST episodes directed by Noriko Takao

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#1 - Teacher!

K-ON! - Season 2 - Episode 10

After Sawako gets a call on her phone from someone in the clubroom, the girls decide to follow her. There, they find her meeting up with one of her friends, and although they are easily noticed by her, she does not alert Sawako to their position. After Sawako leaves, her friend introduces herself to the others as Christy, a guitarist from the previous light music club during Sawako's punk phase, and reveals that one of their group's other members is getting married. At the wedding, Sawako is shocked to find her old death metal band on stage with Yui as the guitarist. When Yui gets off to a nervous start, Sawako sheds off her shameful pride and takes her place on stage.

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#2 - Exams

K-ON! - Season 2 - Episode 22

As the seniors prepare for their entrance exams, Azusa decides to make them a chocolate cake for Valentine's Day, getting Ui and Jun to help. When the day comes, Azusa becomes nervous about presenting the cake to them, also worried about their impending graduation. However, her friends encourage her and the cake is well received, even getting a speedy White Day gift from Yui. The next day, Azusa makes an expensive prayer at the shrine for the girls' success, and later receives word that they have all passed their entrance exams.

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An Adult Child
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#3 - An Adult Child

Wonder Egg Priority - Season 1 - Episode 11

The girls realize that there's more waiting for them at the end of missions than they bargained for. As doubts pile up and tensions rise, Ura-Acca decides to tell Ai his story.

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#4 - Mentor!

K-ON! - Season 1 - Episode 5

When Tsumugi's application to reserve the hall for the light music club is rejected due to it not officially being a club, it becomes apparent Ritsu had forgotten to fill out the required form. Yui's friend Nodoka Manabe, who is a member of the student council, offers to register them, but says they will need an advisor. The girls ask one of the teachers, Sawako Yamanaka, who rejects the offer until Yui figures out she was one of the previous light music club members, and Ritsu plans to blackmail her with the information.

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#5 - Crisis!

K-ON! - Season 1 - Episode 11

When Ritsu is reminded by Nodoka to fill in her gym-use application, the band notice they don't have a name yet. Azusa notices rust on Yui's guitar strings, and it becomes apparent that Yui has never given her guitar maintenance before. They take it to the guitar shop where Mio gets entranced by a Lefty fair. However, Yui doesn't realise she has to pay for maintenance, and when Tsumugi tries to pay, the staff refuse to take money from her. They tell her to consider it as a free service. Later, Ritsu starts to become jealous of Mio spending time with Nodoka and begins to fall out with her. She ends up with a fever, so Mio visits and smoothes things over. Afterwards, Ritsu gets in trouble for still forgetting her form, but Nodoka backs her up. Since none of the members could decide on a name for the band, Sawako chooses the name "After School Tea Time" to get it over with. However, Yui ends up catching Ritsu's cold.

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#6 - Upperclassmen!

K-ON! - Season 2 - Episode 16

When Azusa comes to the realisation that the light music club has been slacking as of late, she becomes determined to practice more. Azusa runs into Tsumugi alone in the club room and tries giving her some guitar lessons. She later is about to get a chance to practice alone with Mio, but is interrupted when Ritsu requires help from Mio and the girls end up spending the evening at Ritsu's house. The next day, Azusa runs into Yui in the club room hoping to practice, but ends up cleaning Ton's tank and helping her with understanding how to play the song Tsumugi composed, as she cannot read sheet music. Yui reminds Azusa that she is who she is, and personalizes her keychain.

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Your Thorn, My Badge
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#7 - Your Thorn, My Badge

DARLING in the FRANXX - Season 1 - Episode 5

It's time for Plantations 13 and 26 to start kissing, and the squad prepares for the huge battle this will cause. They also have to get used to Hiro being Zero Two's partner, and so does he.

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