The BEST episodes directed by Naren Shankar

The Origin of Species
99 votes

#1 - The Origin of Species

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 4 - Episode 23

In this sequel to Double Helix, Dr. Ira Nodel (RON RIFKIN) has his body altered to communicate with aliens who have seeded Earth with their genetic material. He is joined on an alien spaceship by son Paul (Ryan Reynolds), Paul's girlfriend Hope (Kathleen Duborg), and six students. But, when Dr. Nodel touches a glowing post in the ship's control room, both he and Paul are consumed by a mysterious light. This leads Hope and the students to believe that they've been lead into a trap, a suspicion that is reinforced when the ship captures two of the students and pulls them through the wall. Desperate to find out what's going on, Hope reads Dr. Nodel's journal and risks her life by touching the glowing post. Her body begins the same transformation, and a strange glowing entity speaks in the voices of Dr. Nodel and Paul, trying to communicate with her. The ship, however, continues to snatch the students two by two.

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Gambit (2)
1655 votes

#2 - Gambit (2)

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 7 - Episode 5

Picard and Riker covertly work together in an attempt to find out why the criminals are looting archaeological digs.

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Gambit (1)
1769 votes

#3 - Gambit (1)

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 7 - Episode 4

An away team investigates the apparent death of Jean-Luc Picard who was supposedly killed in a bar fight. When Riker is abducted by a band of criminals who loot archaeological digs, he is shocked to find Picard alive and well, and undercover as a renegade archaeologist.

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Preemptive Strike
1612 votes

#4 - Preemptive Strike

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 7 - Episode 24

Fresh from Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training course, Ro Laren is assigned to infiltrate the Maquis. However, over time she begins to sympathize with them, which forces her to choose between her loyalty to the Federation, and her new friends in the Maquis.

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The First Duty
1861 votes

#5 - The First Duty

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 5 - Episode 19

Stardate: 45703.9 - Wesley is involved in a cover-up at Starfleet Academy when a cadet is killed and five shuttles are destroyed during a forbidden maneuver performed by Starfleet Academy's best cadets.

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Working Stiffs
1569 votes

#6 - Working Stiffs

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 10 - Episode 3

The team investigates the murder of Jason, a troubled computer geek working at a low-level casino support industry job who lures a colleague, Paulie, into a dangerous plan to make a working stiff's dream come true.

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